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                    is a great application that supports users in connecting to the internet faster and more privately. Specifically, the app uses modern technology with many servers around the world, which makes it easy for users to access the blocked content. Also, you will never be tracked. Please join us to find out more about this interesting application in the article below!

About Faster & Safer Internet

This is a VPN application from Cloudflare, which is one of the leading companies in the world in providing cloud computing services and many other similar services. So far, is the only product for mobile devices from this company. However, it is a great tool for people to have better internet access. Besides, the app also makes very good use of technologies that Cloudflare has built before for other platforms.


What is a VPN?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) may be a familiar concept. Specifically, it is a modern technology that helps users to create a secure network connection when joining public networks. The VPN user’s connection will be securely sent to the server. Thereby, you can connect to any destination on the internet. Also, changing your connection will help you get rid of blocking access from internet providers and ensure your safe browsing.

The salient features


At this point, is simple and easy for all users. With intuitive one-touch operation, you can instantly connect to a good server to browse the web. Besides, users also have their options related to the connection, such as suspending the connection temporarily for 15 minutes, 1 hour…

Powerful connection tools

The developer Cloudflare has a lot of experience in building cloud computing systems, DNS systems, DDoS… Therefore, when creating the app, it will inherit all those technologies. You can use good and stable connection speeds. Moreover, users can apply them to many different activities on their phone like playing games, downloading files are all very smooth.

Better security will protect your phone from threats like malware or bad websites. You will receive warnings about dangerous issues on the internet. Also, the app has a home option from DNS settings within the app. Besides, it prevents anyone and any system from tracking you by encrypting the traffic on your phone. The application will never sell or share user data with any third party.

Multiple servers

At this point, inherits Cloudflare’s great success with a large server system. The application is based on the available server system from Cloudflare for content servers and many websites around the world. Thereby, you can freely access and connect without worrying about blocked connections.

What’s more in Unlimited?

The app is free for everyone. However, the free version comes with internal limitations on data and speed. To solve that, you can use version Unlimited but it will require you to pay. You only have to pay a fee of around $ 1 per month, which is good for such an advanced VPN application. MOD APK

Get Unlimited for free on Android

If you are interested in the Unlimited version but cannot pay to use it, you can download MOD APK at the end of this article. This is a modified version, which also brings all the advanced features as an original Premium version. You can rest assured because it is very safe.


Overall, is one of the best VPN apps available on the market today. It has many advanced features and works well on most mobile devices. We have just provided you with all the necessary information about Readers can download its modified version at the link below for free. Don’t forget to rate it if you find it interesting! Thanks and have fun!

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