3D Pool Ball MOD APK V2.2.3.4 [Long Lines]


If you love Billiards and are looking for a game that can satisfy your passion, 3D Pool Ball is a nice option for you. It is under the development of the publisher CanaryDroid. The game requires players to have good skill and calculation. Besides, beautiful 3D graphics is an emphasis of the game. Please join us to compete with players in the world and become the best!

3D Pool Ball – The most realistic Billiards game on Android

Fun gameplay

3D Pool Ball is the perfect version of the Billiards in reality. That means you will play it like the real thing with both rules and gameplay. Specifically, the game will find you an opponent based on the stake you have for each match. After that, you can operate 15 different balls numbered from 1 to 15 and a white cue ball. Gamers should watch the bar at the top of the screen to see which marbles they are assigned to hit the hole. Usually, you can have one of two choices from 1 to 7 or from 9 to 15. So what do we do with the number 8? Of course, you will also have to shoot it in the hole but it will be the last marble.

3D Pool Ball mod

Besides, if you hit your opponent’s ball into the hole, you have helped your opponent have more chances to win. In case you hit the white cue ball into the hole, you will have to pay the ball. That means you will have to pick up one of the balls you have eaten and put them on the table. Your opponent will also get the advantage of being able to place the cue ball anywhere on the table. Maybe the rules of 3D Pool Ball that I mentioned above will be familiar to everyone, but newbies may need it.

In addition, you will see two bars on the left and right sides of the phone screen. In which the left side will help you adjust the direction of the cue and the cue ball’s path along with the angles after the marbles collide. On the right side, it will be where you make the shot. The longer the stick, the stronger the force will be, and vice versa.

Exciting game mode

3D Pool Ball has two ways to play, consisting of online and offline. For online gameplay, you will place bets and find opponents in 1 Vs 1 matches against other players. Most players choose to play this mode when participating in current Billiards games. Also, players can play in tournaments with big bets and lots of matches going on continuously. If you choose to play offline it is like a practice mode, in which players can be able to create a table or choose an easy or difficult AI opponent to achieve different abilities.

Exciting quest

In 3D Pool Ball, players only focus on overcoming opponents but forget that the game also has a mission system. Many missions are given randomly on a daily or weekly with some rewards and valuable items. 3D Pool Ball will make you never get bored.

3D Pool Ball mod apk

Realistic graphics

If we compare 3D Pool Ball to other Billiards games, its graphics are the strong points. This game is designed with both 3D and 2D viewing modes. The 2D mode gives you an easy top-down view for beginners. However, if you are familiar with Billiards, you try the 3D perspective that really brings to the first person immersive Billiards matches. You can do whatever you want such as swinging the club, lifting the club and watching the balls collide in the most realistic way.

Download 3D Pool Ball MOD APK for Android

We have just shared with you the Billiards sport and more specifically the game 3D Pool Ball. For now, we will talk about the most popular version 3D Pool Ball MOD APK. It will bring you the most advanced feature, Long Lines. You can hit the distant marbles more accurately, giving you more chances of winning. Readers can download it at the link below. Having fun!

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