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Billiards is known as a fascinating entertainment game. It has been more and more popular in the world. Previously, gamers can only play billiards offline. However, with the strong development of mobile technology, players can now enjoy online with the game 8 Ball Pool on mobile. So, what is 8 Ball Pool like? and how to download and play it. Please join us in this article to find it out right now!

About 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is known as an addictive online billiard game from the developer Miniclip, one of the online game publishers from Switzerland. Currently, they have released more than 45 mobile games. This game has been built and developed on many different platforms, such as Android, IOS and web browsers. It has hundreds of millions of downloads and about 70 million of regular gamers.

8 Ball Pool is the top mobile billiard game

In the game, players can participate in online experience on the phone. It is easy to play anytime anywhere. Also, the game allows you to invite friends from Facebook to join the match or play directly with other players. It is convenient and attractive.

Since the launch of 8 Ball Pool, it has created a gaming trend in the online arena. The game has made many gamers passionate. It can easily satisfy any billiards lovers. You do not need to go out or move to join the match. Instead, players only need to sit at home with an internet connection and compete with other people.

To play 8 Ball Pool, gamers can register, log in via Facebook account, or simply play it. After logging in and successfully entering the game, you only need to choose a random opponent and enjoy the match.

The gameplay of 8 Ball Pool online

8 Ball Pool is one of the most attractive online billiards games on the market today. Its gameplay is developed as follows:

The game follows the international billiard rules. In which, the task of the player will have to hit the white balls to be able to put other balls into the hole. In the case of a player bringing in at least 1 ball into the hole, they will get 1 more turn. Conversely, if the ball does not fall into the hole, the game will belong to your opponent. In general, it is not different from a real game.

Besides, this game has 5 Levels for players including, London, Sydney, Moscow, Tokyo and Las Vegas. To be able to participate in a round, players must use in-game money to place bets. Each level will correspond to a different fee. It will be increasing steadily after each round. If the player wins, they will get back double the amount of the original bet. If you lose the game, you will lose your money.

8 Ball Pool has very interesting features

The online billiard game at 8 Ball Pool offers 3 options for players to find friends: Randomly match 1vs1, play with friends via Facebook, and tournament. However, it does not have online chat features with other players. In the game, you can only greet, send some pre-programmed compliments so you can communicate with friends or rivals.

Moreover, the game has force control and smart ball shooting. Now, players can completely show off their skills through feeling the angle, direction and force of shoot. Also, the game’s graphics are not too complicated. It is friendly, easy to see and operate. Besides, the shooting angle is very realistic compared to reality for players to easily experience.

Regarding the sound, the game features a simple sound system. In the game, there is no music. Instead, it is simply the sound of a ball hitting each other when shooting, which makes gamers easily focus on the game. Besides, the game interface is very simple, eliminating redundant details and creating a professional like a real billiard match.

The key features

8 Ball Pool is one of the attractive online billiard games, which has had tens of millions of downloads on the mobile store. The game brings many outstanding features for players, as below:

  • Diverse mode: Players can choose 1vs1, or Tournament to participate in a match of 8 players. With this mode, everyone can perfect their “defensive” skills to proceed to the tournaments and get attractive prizes.
  • Friends challenge: Each player can invite his friends through Facebook easily.
  • Upgrade level: In the game, players must go through 5 different levels. With this feature, you will have to face many different challenges in each round. After overcoming the ranking matches, players will move to the next round and have the opportunity to win tickets to advance to the higher level. At this point, you can compete with other better ones for getting bigger prizes.
  • The game has a friendly interface, which is easy to use.
  • Also, it is developed honestly. The experience of shooting billiards is not different from reality.
  • At 8 Ball Pool, you can easily choose the opponent, including your friends and other players in the system.
  • Players can join billiards online without registration.
  • It has many levels to create an interesting experience for players.
  • The game completely stimulates players through the betting system. It brings excitement to gamers.
  • Besides, 8 Ball Pool develops standard billiard shooting features.

The detailed rules of 8 Ball Pool

The gameplay of the online billiard game is not too complicated for those who have experience of playing billiards in real life. The first thing that players need to pay attention to the following detailed rules:

About the break-off

In these shots, the balls and holes are complicated. Gamers can simply put any balls in the hole after one touch will violate the rules of the game and will not be played at this time. The opening shot is called the break-off

About how to shape the balls

The balls on the billiard table are arranged in a triangle shape corresponding to 8 balls. Also, the white ball (target ball) will be at the end of the table. The two corners of the table will be lined with 1 striped and 1 smooth ball. In each match, players have to make the opening shot on the white ball to the remaining balls.

8 Ball Pool has simple rules

The order of shoots

In the way of playing 8 Ball Pool, the winner will be opened first. After that, players can take turns rotating the opening shoot without the need of winning.

The correct shoot

For valid strokes, the player will receive a point with a correct shot. This ball group has been specified before putting the ball into the hole. Besides, players can fully hit the target ball on the rail before it rolls and contacts with other balls. When a white ball touches the target ball, the ball must fall into the hole to be considered valid.

How to score points

Each player has the right to continue after getting a valid hole. Players lose their turn when they cannot shot their balls in the specified hole. After you shot all your balls into the holes, you will win.

How to download 8 Ball Pool MOD APK for Android phones

To download the game 8 Ball Pool on your phone, your device must meet the following requirements:

  • Android OS: 4.1 or higher.
  • Phone must be connected to the internet: 3G, and Wifi.

Download 8 Ball Pool Mod for free on Android

After you have met the above conditions, you can follow the ways below to download 8 Ball Pool on your Android device:

  • First, go to the end of this article and click on the link.
  • Then, you can click on it and select the version you want to download.
  • Finally, you can click directly on the link for a quick download.

When downloading the 8 Ball Pool MOD app to the phone, the game file is completely safe and clean. Also, the size of the game is quite light so the download is very fast. After completing the download, players can proceed with the normal installation to enjoy the game.


8 Ball Pool is really an interesting online billiard game. Players can experience the game easily on their mobile device. If you are a fan of billiards, the game is a great choice for you. Besides, gamers can download and install the game very quickly and safely for all Android devices. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment below. Thanks and have fun!

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