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Nowadays, playing games on mobile phones for entertaining has become a trend for everyone. Mobile games also follow the same trend to develop more and more games to meet the needs of users. Playing games on your phone not only keeps people entertained, but you can also help them connect with friends around the world. In particular, strategy games are one of the most interesting genres that most people respond to and participate in because of the diverse features. In which, the strategy card game AFK Arena is one of the best games that gives players many emotions because of being immersed in an exciting virtual world. Please join us to find out more about AFK Arena below.

Introduction of AFK Arena

AFK Arena is a card role-playing game. Its background is set in the ancient kingdom of Esperia, emphasizes the Celtic mythology. In the game, players will play the role of a medieval hero. You will embark on the journey to destroy the demons. Players will have the companions of different classes. True to the name AFK Arena, you just need to hang up and your squad is still fighting hard, destroying monsters and bringing many rewards, even new champions for you.

Besides, AFK Arena is another interesting addition for those who love the card strategy game on mobile. With beautiful graphics, the game will take you into the inspiring world of Esperia, where many heroes are waiting for you to discover.

AFK Arena is a very attractive role-playing game

In the game, the game world is divided into 4 different factions, including Graveborn, Lightbearer, Mauler, and Wilder. Players will form teams from countless heroes and character classes with many unique skills. You have to train them and start an adventurous journey in the kingdom of Esperia.

Moreover, the game allows players to kill monsters and earn loot to upgrade, as well as enjoy the spoils of battle even when you are not logged in to the game. Also, AFK Arena offers gamers various missions. Players can make friends and form guilds with other players around the world. After that, you can together explore the maze, which automatically changes over a certain period.

The advantages and disadvantages of AFK Arena

For each mobile game, there are advantages and disadvantages. The same goes for AFK Arena, let’s find out its advantages and disadvantages below:


  • The game is a game that you can play in both online and offline.
  • Also, it has 2D graphics with fascinating ancient features that you may meet in myths.
  • The game has a diverse character shape with many different factions, each of which has a unique feature that makes it easy for players to identify and arrange the squad quickly.
  • Besides, it features nice graphics with diverse landscapes, such as ancient castles, snowy lands, plains or dangerous haunted areas.
  • The game has spectacular, wide-area skill effects and powerful offensive movements that create extremely beautiful combat scenes.
  • Moreover, AFK Arena has an authentic soundtrack system, including horns, drum, and especially the climax of the warriors when winning the battle. They create a majestic atmosphere.
  • In particular, each hero possesses a few funny private conversations, helping players not be bored during the game.
  • Players can still receive rewards and upgrades even when not logged into the game.
  • When you finish daily tasks, you will receive diamonds and items to upgrade your battle squad.


  • AFK Arena is still difficult for players to upgrade the character.
  • The game features some violence, so it should limit the age of gamers.
  • When you join the fighting room, you must make sure your network is strong enough to not to be interrupted.

AFK Arena has many unique features

The outstanding features

  • AFK Arena collects a series of legendary hero cards: Players can explore the heroes and factions. Each of them possesses unique characteristics from the Celtic legends.
  • Besides, the game features exploring hidden treasures in the maze through fascinating gameplay.
  • In the game, you can cooperate with other players and fight in the friend mode.
  • The game has diverse heroes and different strategies, which help you rule your empire.
  • Also, AFK Arena provides a city where players can rest and explore many other interesting activities, events, shops…
  • Diverse and extended mission modes throughout the game provide many attractive and valuable rewards. It helps to stimulate players to return daily without getting bored.

Instructions on how to play AFK Arena for new gamers

AFK Arena consists of 65 generals belonging to 7 factions. They are Celestials – Divine, Hypogeans – Hell, Lightbringer – Light carrier, Maulers – Beast man, Wilders – Forest man, Graveborn – Mummy, and Dimensionals – Dimension heroes.

First, after having successfully downloaded and installed this game on their device, players can start it.

For the first time access this game, the system will ask you to agree to the terms. At this point, you can click “Accept”. After that, players will be transferred to the interface to learn the story of the game. (You can select Skip to skip this section).

AFK Arena has a simple gameplay that suits everyone

After the player accesses the game, the AFK Arena system will take them to the main interface. Here, you will participate in conquests by clicking the “Start”. At this time, players will choose which generals will join the donation.

While selecting a formation, you can move the champion to the desired position and press confirm to “Start” the battle. With the familiar card gameplay, the heroes will automatically attack. When the energy bar is full, players will click on each hero to activate the skill. In particular, players can equip their generals through the “Hero” section. Besides, when you are still online, this game will continue to train the level automatically.

The graphics and sound

AFK Arena is built with a classic 2D animation style. The game’s visualization is in an ancient background when warriors were using rudimentary weapons and mysterious magic. Also, the game features many beautiful skills and transformation effects to make the battles more exciting.

Moreover, the sound is a special element that makes the game more attractive. Whenever the player enters the game or participates in battles, the game will play the magnificent tracks. Moreover, the heroes will also have their own voices. They will speak out when the player has interactions, upgrades or battles with that hero.

Instructions for downloading and installing AFK Arena for Android

To download and install games for Android phones, you should first make sure your Android operating system is Android 4.1+ and a strong enough Wifi to be able to download the game fastest. Second, the strategy card game AFK Arena has a size of over 104MB so players should prepare their phones to ensure enough download and play games easily without lag or out. Afterward, you can perform the installation in the following steps:

Option 1: Players can access Google Play directly. You just click the download button so that the download and installation process can take place automatically.

AFK Arena is a free game for everyone

Option 2: If you are in countries where the game does not support or encounter errors when installing the game from Google Play, you can choose to download AFK Arena APK with the link at the end of this article. You just need to click on that link to let the download take place automatically. Then, you can perform the installation as usual.


Above is all the information about strategy card game AFK Arena for those who love strategy games and heroes. We hope to bring you useful information that has helped you to understand this game. If you are looking for a game for entertainment, do not hesitate to download AFK Arena APK right now. Thanks and have a fun game!

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