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Referring to the software Alight Motion, we all know about a professional motion design application for smartphones. You will create videos with vivid, colorful motion effects. Also, users will experience advanced editing features such as images, colors, audio… Please join us to find out about the app right now!

What is Alight Motion?

Alight Motion is a multifunctional video editing application that supports vector and bitmap. Also, it provides users with blur effects, video color adjustment, videos exporting with popular formats or animation. Besides, there are many graphic layers and frames for you to choose from. Users can customize the videos as they like.

Besides, the app will help users to change video parameters, such as contrast, color, opacity, brightness… You can download this editing app on your smartphone with the best quality.

Moreover, Alight Motion allows users to edit vector graphics right on their phones, adding more effects to your images. Many frames are available in your settings. You can remove unnecessary details or emphasize on specifics.

Alight Motion mod

In this software, there are available effects on colors, borders and shadows for your videos. Also, users can add text on photos and videos with over 2000 font types. With the PC platform, you can combine the emulation software and perform editing operations more easily. Although there are many editing applications in the market today, Alight Motion is still popular and affirms its position. With many unique features, this software always creates a great attraction for users. You can refer to the features below:

  • Edit videos on the phone
  • Color and blur effects
  • Add frames to videos
  • Add text for videos
  • Export MP4 video or animated GIF

Following the evolution of video editing technology, Alight Motion is a professional motion graphics application for smartphones. It gives users the experience of motion graphics, visual effects, video image editing, video aggregation with excellent quality.

This software will provide you with:

  • Many layers of graphics, video and audio
  • Support vector and bitmap. It means you can edit vector graphics right on your phone
  • Has visual effects and color correction
  • Animation frame is available for all settings
  • Acceleration of animation for motion is more flexible. Users can choose from the available settings or set their timeline
  • Dim motion based on velocity
  • Export videos in MP4 or animated GIF format
  • Highlight color and fill effect
  • Border and shadow effects
  • Put layers together
  • Save your favorite details for easy reuse in future projects.

Besides, Alight Motion has basic features completely free of charge and with copyright marks on videos. Also, users can register as a paid member of the app to remove this copyright and access to advanced features. Besides, there is an option to automatically renew the package until you cancel it. Subscriptions will be done by Google, which you can cancel through Google Play.

The specific features of Alight Motion you need to know

When using Alight Motion, you will experience many interesting features, specifically:

Create customizable animations

Alight Motion possesses extremely powerful features, helping users to display beautiful effects. Among the effects, the most typical is Keyframe animation.
This special feature will help users turn static objects into more vivid things. Besides, users can customize the position of the object and make them move in an orbit. You can combine Keyframe and timeline bar to create a more beautiful effect.

Impressive effect

In this app, there are different effects for you to choose from. Also, the developer regularly updates new effects to keep users from getting bored.

Also, the effects are divided into topics such as Text, Drawing, Color & Light, Blur, Procedural … Users can easily find them to handle the corresponding object. If you want to add motion to the text, please look for them in Effect -> Text.

Enter your favorite font

If you like to test with different fonts, Alight Motion will give you thousands of fonts to choose from. However, not all can be found in this application. The feature to import fonts from an external source will help you be able to use any font you love.

To be able to enter fonts, you need to create is a project. At this point, users can click the plus icon at the bottom of the screen to select Text -> View All Fonts to open a list of available fonts. Next, please select Import Fonts in the menu on the left corner of the screen.

You select the font you need to enter is in internal memory. Also, most font files that you download from shared websites will be saved as compressed files. This app is not capable of recognizing this file format so you do not need to extract before importing.

Export files into multiple formats

For mobile devices, convenience is always an advantage for users. You can edit and share your work anywhere, anytime you want. This software is no exception. It integrates a lot of helpful features for users to share videos with friends or upload to social networks. Besides, you can export your work as MP4 video, animated GIFs, PNG images and many other popular formats.

Moreover, users need to choose the resolution and frame rate appropriate for their using purpose. Videos that have a high resolution and frame rate will require a lot of time to be processed. Also, it will consume a lot of resources on your device.

For example, if you want to process a 4K video, you will need to convert it to a lower resolution. The processing of large video files is really not necessary in some cases. Even high-end smartphones will have problems processing high-resolution and high frame rates video.

However, mobile devices will not be able to handle video as powerful as desktop computers. Therefore, you can customize the quality of your video to match your purpose.

Alight Motion mod apk

Some detailed instructions about Alight Motion

Unlike some of the other popular image and video editors, Alight Motion is relatively difficult to use. This software is often aimed at experienced people of technology and graphic design.

However, you do not need too worried about using it. If you do not know how to use it, you also have the most accurate instructions. The developers have provided detailed instructions about the features to use.

You just need to select Tab “Tutorials” to have access to all the tutorials of the app. Also, users can visit the support website from the developer or the official YouTube channel for instructions on how to use it.

Besides, you will also have sample projects for you to download for analysis or trial application. Overall, the way to use this software is a bit more complicated. However, if you master it, the results will be great.

About Membership

Alight Motion is free to use, but there are some advanced features that you need to register and pay to use. Also, the free version will come with Watermark as a watermarking application. The option to remove it is only available to paid accounts.

Some of the advanced features that users will enjoy when registering as a member are: permanent removal of Watermark; Adding some exclusive features are Keyframes and Easing, Bright Contrast, Blending, Vector Graphics…


Alight Motion is a very popular mobile application that helps users create short videos. It will provide users many interesting and professional effects. Users can download the app for free on the app store to experience almost all the features. However, if you want to experience more advanced features and remove the watermark, you can sign up for VIP membership. Besides, we provide you with the MOD version of the app at the end of this article. You can still use all the advanced features for free. This software can be considered completely new to users. Also, it is guaranteed to work on many mobile devices. If you have any questions about how to download and use it, please leave a review in the comment section below. Thanks and have fun!

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