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If you are a fan of the game Angry Birds, you cannot ignore its version 2 – Angry Birds 2. Not only is it successful in the cinematic side but this version also leads players into the drag and drop gameplay. Also, the game provides players with playful images and nice colors. Within half a day after its launch, the game became a “gaming storm” with 1 million downloads. Please join us to find out more about Angry Birds 2 right now!

About Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 is the sequel to the fun game Angry Birds. This game must be too famous and attractive to players of all ages because of the bird image associated with symbols, stuffed animals, stickers, pictures,… That is the reason why part 2 is still will recreate the cute characters. They are crazy birds and green pigs that are trying to steal eggs from the birds.

Besides, the game is still familiar and engaging in shooting gameplay. In this Angry Birds 2 game, you have to align the shot angle accurately to get the bird to the position of the pigs. Besides, we can also ally with other players to together destroy those large green pigs. Especially in the game, you can choose bird cards for each shot, corresponding to the use of each bird in different tables.

Angry Birds 2 MOD APK is a famous Casual game

In this part 2, the game will take players to a faraway island where the green pigs live. This island is beautifully built by the green pig and that is also certain challenges for crazy birds. So, before you shoot, you need to be really careful to not waste bullets. After each door, the difficulty level will increase gradually because the green pigs have become clever and cunning. This requires players to also upgrade their ability to shoot.

The release of Angry Birds 2

Angry bird 2 is released by Clickgamer and Rovio. The game was exclusively available through the GetJar server. However, before the huge download, Rovio had to bring this game to the Android Market earlier than expected. With 2 game supplies, fans can experience it on Android devices.

Oskar Burman, head of the developing studio of Angry Birds 2 has extensive experience in console game development, such as just Cause 2 and Battlefield. Coming to the world of mobile games, he has used his capital very well, and players can see it through the graphics of the game. They are as smooth as console games.

After Angry Birds 2 was available, it immediately attracted enthusiastic attention from users. But the truth is that Rovio needs 25 people and takes 2 years to produce the ‘super game’ like today.

The highlights

Angry Birds begins to recreate the evil green pigs stealing the eggs of colorful birds, so the birds decide to attack to get them back. Players will use the slingshot to shoot the pigs. When you kill all the pigs with the number of birds, you will win that level and move to a more difficult level.

Angry Birds 2 MOD APK has many attractive features

Besides, the game includes a variety of birds with different colors and “special” abilities. However, the game will have a red bird with strong power but no special abilities at the beginning of the game. Then, other birds will appear with unique abilities. Each level will only have a certain number of birds. Also, the score will be added if the player kills a pig or breaks parts of the building. After each winning level, you will receive one, two, or three stars depending on your performance.

Angry Birds 2 has funny graphics and gentle sounds. The special skill effects of the birds are extremely beautiful. Moreover, the game’s colors are fresh, highly entertaining. It can be said that thanks to these designs, the interface of the game is easy to see, attracting the players of all ages.

How to play Angry Birds 2

First, you will need to open the game and you will get the basic instructions on how to play it right away. Then, you need to select the levers to start the game. Besides, the interface takes players to the stages marked by numbers. At this point, you can choose to continue to pass the current stage or choose to replay the previous stages.

To successfully overcome, your task is to destroy all the “green pigs” by controlling the birds to attack and shoot bullets. Each card is an attack and has a limited number.

Angry Birds 2 MOD APK has simple and fun gameplay

To perform the attack, players need to skillfully use their fingers to shoot. The key point is that you have to choose the angles and power properly. While pulling the strap, players can change the direction and the force of the shot.

Also, to use the special powers of the birds, specifically after shooting the crazy bird, gamers can touch the screen at the position where you want the bird to trig their skill.

Some notes when playing

  • You need to have a good understanding of the birds, their characteristics and abilities. Besides, this is the first and most important secret, which helps gamers win the game. There are 7 types of birds with distinct skills, including Red, Blues, Chuck, Matilda, Silver, Terence, and Bomb.
  • Besides, the weather is also one of the points that you need to pay attention to in Angry Birds 2. You need to understand the characteristics of the weather and combine it with the skills of the birds. For example, when it rains, wild plants like carnivorous flowers will bloom and disturb you. At this point, if your bird flies under the control of a carnivorous plant, your bird will surely become good prey for that damn tree. Also, when there are storms or strong winds, flying can be difficult or the shot may be inaccurate.
  • Also, the Spell is a card feature, which supports players to pass difficult levels. If you want to have them, you have to perform tasks at each level or use the money to buy. So, you need to use cards appropriately and avoid wastes.
  • Destructionmeter (or known as the ‘destructiveness’ scale): You can quickly destroy the golden pigs hiding in the corners or destroy lots of buildings and obnoxious green pigs.

Some common questions about Angry Bird 2

How can I change bird types in Angry Bird 2?

At this point, players can use up to three birds in any battle. After you start engaging in battle, you can choose which bird you want to deploy. A blue ring will appear below the selected birds on the pre-battle screen. You can click on each bird to select and deselect them.

What is the ability of each bird in Angry Birds?

Please see the answer below:

  • Yellow (Chuck): This type of bird can accelerate
  •  Blue can divide into three birds (The Blues)
  •  Black (Bomb) can explode.
  •  White (Matilda) can drop an egg bomb
  •  Pink (Stella) can trap objects in bubbles.
  •  Silver (Silver) can tumble over buildings.
  •  Giant red bird (Terence) is capable of bulldozing obstacles.

Special birds in Angry Birds 2 MOD APK

What does the star-rating mean in Angry Birds 2?

The stars are used to rank players in the Star Cup Tiers. You can receive a star for each win. Besides, you can get a maximum of 3 stars when you achieve high scores.

Can I buy black pearls in Angry Birds 2?

Black pearls are a very valuable currency to buy hats for your birds. You can collect black pearls through in-game rewards.


Angry Birds 2 is an interesting game. It has a great storyline, unique gameplay that is almost unchanged from the previous version. However, there are some changes such as the appearance of the pig king, magic cards as well as the interaction between Players. They will make you extremely excited and not bored by the familiar form. The game promises to be a “classic” game when returning with super impressive graphics. Readers can download Angry Birds 2 MOD APK at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

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