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Animal Warfare is a unique strategy game from the developer PlaySide Studios. It revolves around the content of the war of the wildlife animals. What’s even more surprising is that you can get even the gentle herbivores involved in this exciting battle. In the game, players can check the strength of the animals and upgrade them for more unique abilities to make your battle even more exciting. Please join us in this article to find out more about the game right now!

The gameplay

Animal Warfare has pretty simple and fun gameplay. In which players will collect many animals to fight other teams, which are simulated simply. Besides, the matches will take place between the two sides and stop until either side dies. It sounds heavy but it is just a simulation. Before starting to fight, players can use the coins to randomly unlock an additional animal species to add to the squad. It will significantly increase your combat power. Besides, players can also increase their star by pairing two identical animals.

Animal Warfare MOD has a simple gameplay

In this game, the matches will take place according to each game screen. After passing the previous level, you can continue to unlock the new ones. Every 5 to 10 levels, there will be a boss or chest. If you win those levels, you can get even more rewards. Also, players can use the collected rewards to continue unlocking and collecting more new animals.

In Animal Warfare, the venue will be changed by different levels. Every time the venue changes, the corresponding animals of that area are unlocked. Also, when the levels increase, players will unlock more new limited game features.

Many animals

Currently, Animal Warfare has 41 different animal species including those in the wild and those raised by humans. Each animal will have its own power. You can click on it to see the detail. Besides, players can enhance the animals’ power by merging them. When the movement is increased, they will gain strength and additional skills. Depending on the different species, you can unlock their skills at 2 stars, 3 stars, or 4 stars. A maximum of animals you can upgrade to 10 stars.

Mission and challenge

Animal Warfare has many quests that provide valuable rewards for players. You will fulfill the requirements in the game to be able to complete those tasks. Also, the mission will be refreshed automatically every 24 hours. If you don’t know what your quests are about, you just click on the green “Go” next to the tasks so the system takes you to where you can complete them. When you complete a mission, you will receive the mission ticket. At three different quest ticket points, gamers will gain additional rewards including:

  • 25 tickets: You will have a chance to get a purple animal card.
  • 60 tickets: You will receive a basic chest.
  • 100 tickets: Players will have a chance to get a yellow animal card.

In Animal Warfare, the challenge is the battles in some special locations. Currently, the gamer provides you with three locations with increasing difficulty are Forest Frenzy, Desert Disaster, Mountain Madness. After winning these challenges, you will receive Coins, Gems, and seeds.

Tree of Life

The seeds that players collect during challenges are for feeding the trees in the game. At this point, you can use those seeds to unlock rewards on the tree. Also, the tree will be divided into many different layers. The higher the tier is, the larger the number of seeds you will need to unlock the reward. Besides, some floors will have different branches, requiring the player to select only a reward for one of the two branches.

Animal Warfare has many attractive features

The VIP benefits in Animal Warfare

If you become a VIP, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Crowns for all the animals in your kingdom.
  • All perks unlocked.
  • Receiving 4500 coins and 100 Gem every day.
  • 50% faster chest-opening speed.

Currently, the game is offering VIP packages by week, by month, and by year. The more you buy, the more discounts you will get.

Download Animal Warfare MOD [Free Shopping] for Android

Animal Warfare MOD is a modified version of the original version. It will unlock the more advanced features for players. However, Animal Warfare MOD will not be available on mobile stores, so you have to download it from the sharing site. We provide you with the link to download it securely and for free at the end of this article.


Overall, Animal Warfare is an innovative and entertaining game. It is popular for its simple gameplay and the appearance of many fun animals. Readers can download the game at the link below. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment in this post. Thanks and have fun!

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