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If you are a fan of JRPG, Another Eden is truly a game that you should try at least once in your life. In addition to the realistic animations, the game provides players with simple attractive gameplay, perfect movement. Please join us to learn more about this interesting game right now!

About Another Eden

Another Eden is a Japanese-style mobile game, Chrono Trigger. Also, it is built on a large scope of space, alternating between past, present, and future along with unstable time zones. In the game, players will have to go through these timelines, participate in dangerous battles. Besides, you can also meet and recruit other warriors everywhere to create a powerful army to defeat the giant bosses. The longer you play, the harder the game will be, as well as the bosses are more and more difficult.

Another Eden is a simple and engaging role-playing game

Moreover, the combat mechanism in Another Eden is turn-based from simple to complex. In which, players will choose each character to target to attack before the turn starts. Then you will perform depending on the speed index of the character you control. Besides, your team includes four main characters and two minor characters. The minor characters will be out of battle and can switch them out at any time during the battle.

After a while, you will continue to unlock new levels. This is a very special move. When the time is up, your team performs a combo attack. One of them looks like X-Strike Double Tech from Chrono Trigger.

The highlights of Another Eden

Another Eden has simple and easy to understand gameplay. In the game, players control their character and randomly encounter monsters that are extremely evil and dangerous. Also, players will participate in an arduous journey, having to travel through space and time to rescue their sister and others from a gang.

Besides, the game immerses players in the time flow, travels through generations, and explores the vast beautiful world with companions instead of taking on quests. The combat system is also quite interesting. You will first play with a simple turn. Also, the gameplay is very diverse. Players will enjoy challenging battles and emotional stories throughout their journey.

Moreover, the main task of the player is to save the lost future from the bad guys. To do this, players have to gather heroes to form a team. After that, you have to make a plan to attack. This is an engaging mobile game with the script coming to Masato Kato. Strategic gameplay, beautiful images, great content are the key factors that satisfy players.

The interesting story

Another Eden is produced based on an extremely unique and interesting story. It is the story of the tragedy of brothers, Aldo and Feene. From the moment they were born, Aldo and Feene’s parents discovered that the two brothers had special abilities. This would have been good luck for their families. However, this ability could destroy the entire world because they could open the time gate and drown anything in it. Moreover, Feene could take everyone’s lives with just the snap of her finger.

Another Eden has an engaging storyline

However, the two brothers were too young, so it was difficult for them to fully control these unique abilities. Besides, we can see Cyrus, who was a tyrant. He controlled the dark forces and had a dark intention to kidnap Feene. He intended to use her power to wipe out the entire world. At this point, Aldo was too sad and desperate to accidentally engulf half of the world in a window of time.

In the game, you will play the role of Aldo, who has to defeat Cyrus’ army to rescue his sister and save humanity from the destruction. But the army of Cyrus is extremely cruel and dangerous, making that journey very hard. You need to coordinate with your teammates and fight to the end.

How was Another Eden born and developed?

Another Eden was born and developed at the Tokyo Game in early 2015. The game is a new project of Masato Kato. In which, the soundtrack is mainly made by Shunsuke Tsuchiya and Mariam Abounnasr. Also, the game has an opening theme and a few additional songs by Yasunori Mitsuda, who previously worked with Kato on Xenogears and the Chrono series.

Besides, the goal of the game is to be released worldwide by mid-2016. However, the developer had to delay it until April 12, 2017. After the release, the game was registered for a closed beta test with 1000 participants, which was held at the end of February 2017. Following its release, the game has received massive ad support from GREE, including regular updates and newer content. The game was first available in the English language in some countries on January 28, 2019.

Some tips for playing Another Eden

While exploring the world, players can tap on anything you think you can interact with. The explanatory boxes will display on top. The worst-case scenario won’t happen so you just wasted very little time. On the other hand, you will get the item or the next hard quest.

When you pre-subscribe for a gift, you should pay attention to open your inbox and collect two bonuses whether you pre-subscribe or not. It includes one pull-turn of 10 free Gacha, and two pieces for opening four stars.

A few tips for playing Another Eden effectively

When you level up, you will receive rating points to fill in the leaderboard to unlock new skills. The leaderboard is the first place you visit when you level up because it greatly increases your strength. At this point, you should be aware that the matches are not easy, so it is essential to have all the help possible.

Besides, players need to keep an eye on the maps of secret areas, often displayed as dead ends. In that way, you will find many secret items that will make the rest of the game easier.

The key features

  • Another Eden is developed on a mobile platform with a huge amount of content.
  • Besides, it gives players an immersive role-playing game with timeless and time-traveling motifs. It is both modern and classic.
  • Epic storyline is stretching from past, present to future.
  • Another Eden has more than 60 soundtracks with orchestral and folk music.
  • Rich and diverse dashboard-quality content, which is optimized for mobile devices.
  • Also, the game graphics are simple but beautiful thanks to the anime style.
  • Modern strategy gameplay still retains the classic features, which is time and location traveling.
  • Moreover, the game allows you to explore the vast map that contains many interesting features and secrets for players to explore.
  • The character system is fully voiced by professional voice actors.

Another Eden has many interesting features

Some common questions about Another Eden

Do I need an internet connection to play Another Eden?

Yes, you do. Players need an Internet connection to log in to play online. Also, you can play offline

Does it support the multiple-players feature?

No, it does not. Unfortunately, there is no multiplayer mode in the game. However, it also helps you don’t have to worry about scores and competition.

How can I get food in Another Eden?

You can get food from any stall in town. When you wake up, the shopkeeper will bring you food in the morning.

How can I fish in Another Eden?

You first choose a spot to fish in the field. These points are always clear on the map. Then, you release the bait and start fishing.


Another Eden is a great game with familiar Anime shapes and nice colors. It gives players a relatively gentle look but does not lose the aggressive characteristics of the battle. On the other hand, all the movements and fighting operations are very smooth. They all contribute to bringing a lively fighting atmosphere for the game. Readers can download Another Eden MOD APK for free at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

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