Archero V3.3.2 [MOD, High Damage/High HP]

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Have you ever tried to play the role of an archer with top archery skills with the task of destroying monsters? If not yet, you should try the game Archero right away. The game has simple but extremely attractive gameplay. Specifically, Archero is an archery action game that takes players to dramatic and engaging combat. In which, players will control the character to destroy monsters and giant bosses with a bow and arrow. However, your weapons are not available from the beginning of the game. Instead, you have to play, collect, unlock and upgrade them during the game. It is a very interesting journey. Please join us in this article to find out more about Archero right now!

What is Archero?

This game is a story about an archer hero who possesses the power of a brave and powerful arrow. You have to use your arrows to kill monsters and protect the world. The story seems extremely simple. However, not all gamers are confident in their power to control the power of arrows and win the game.

Archero MOD is a fast-paced mobile action game

In the game, the character will pass through the gates with their arrows and the features after each successful escape. However, escaping will not be simply because monsters will be more and more intelligent and powerful. Also, to increase the experience and challenge in the game, monsters appear unexpectedly without warning.

Why does Archero attract players?

This game is different from other archery games where you shoot archery at targets and try to get the highest score possible. In Archero, you will fight a large number of monsters and dangerous challenge. The task of gamers is to create countless unique skill combinations to be able to survive as long as possible. At this point, you have to be wise and skillful in using your archery skills and pass many different worlds by eliminating monsters and overcoming all obstacles.

When killing monsters successfully, you will receive coins to unlock new skills or upgrade existing skills. Also, players can use coins to buy new bows in the store. When you level up, gamers will face a bigger challenge. At the end of each level, there will be a giant and mighty boss that challenges your abilities. Besides focusing on attack, you also need to focus on your defense. Specifically, players need to move flexibly to dodge enemy attacks. Also, you can use obstacles or walls on the map as a shield.

The game has many interesting features

The key features of Archero


  • Archero has simple and light graphics, so it is suitable for all models from low to high configuration. Besides, its gameplay requires a smooth combination of finger movement and flexible thinking. Moreover, the arrangement of stages is very logical when taking players from simple initial gates to challenging levels later on. They make players have to consider for a while before they can pass.
  • Especially, you can play the game both online and offline. Therefore, you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere, as long as you are free. Moreover, the game also allows you to continue the stop-point level. Even if you completely quit the game from the multitasking process, you can resume it easily.
  • Besides, the skills and equipment systems are diverse and attractive. Players can flexibly combine skills to create your power in each game.
  • In addition to the simple but nice visuals, Archero also has a very vivid sound, such as a sound of an arrow hitting a monster, or the sound after you kill a monster and the tinkling of coins. Even the sounds of the attacks and the cries of monsters are very authentic. Besides, the sound in Archero is considered to be a great point that attracts players a lot.


  • Although the game allows you to play offline, you need an internet connection to upgrade things. Besides, without the Internet, you cannot revive. Instead, you have to give up and play the game again.
  • Also, players need a long time to reach the master level. Each map has about 20 – 50 stages for you to try and pass. So, you will need a lot of time to be able to practice to become a professional player.

How to play the game

First, you have to use the virtual joystick in the middle of the screen to move the character. Archero has a running and shooting mechanism, you move the joystick to control the character to run or stand still to shoot archery.

Second, the game has obstacles in different maps so you have to go around to shoot monsters. After each level, you will receive a corresponding amount of experience. Every time you level up, you will unlock a random ability to have more power.

Archero has a simple but addictive gameplay

The game will have angels to support players after a certain number of rounds. Also, Angels can help you increase your maximum health or heal you. At each end of the gate, you will have to fight the Boss. After overcoming the Boss, you will move to the next chapter. During the game, you can collect skill pieces. After finishing the game, you can go to the Abilities section to permanently increase your power.

The notes and tips

  • When performing Hit & Run, you will maximize the damage done to monsters, especially when facing melee characters. With the ability to move continuously, Hit & Run helps you to orient your skills very well and capture the moment when the opponent attacks. Besides, Hit & Run also helps you eliminate redundant movements and waiting time between attacks.
  • On some levels, at the end of the match, a devil will appear and challenge you with some skills or you will lose the maximum amount of health. Also, you should agree to change with one of three skills including adding a life, multiple arrows, and parallel arrows.
  • In each move, your attack will be refreshed. So, you can exploit this to increase your attack speed actively and attack monsters.
  • When you exit the game, it will allow you to return to the previous level with the same amount of health as when you exited the game. Besides, players will use multitasking on and off to exit the game. After that, you can go back to the game and destroy all the monsters. Until you have enough items, you can continue.
  • You should note that when you still have energy but you don’t want to continue playing, you can go to the next level and exit the game.

Getting more fun with Archero MOD

Archero for Android will come in a lot of different variants. In addition to the original version from the developer, you can find many modified versions. The purpose of this modification is to help players unlock many features or sometimes enhance the character’s power. They will make players more interested.

Archero MOD is always free for everyone

In this article, we provide an Archero MOD version for players to download for free. Your gaming experience will be greatly multiplied as you can gain new features, new powers, and more.


Although Archero has some limitations, it worths playing and highly entertaining for gamers who like to play “archery”. You can both relieve stress and train your reaction. The above are our reviews of Archero after a while of experience. Readers can download the game at the link below. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

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