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Surely, for those who are using smartphones, it is no stranger to the super game Asphalt Nitro. It is a great familiar game in terms of speed. The game was developed by the famous game maker Gameloft. The game has a lot of exciting features, brings the best gaming experience for players. Please join us to find out more about Asphalt Nitro in the following article!

What is Asphalt Nitro?

Asphalt Nitro is the latest version of the famous racing game series from the famous game company Gameloft. It is also one of the most popular and best-selling racing games on the Android mobile device. This Asphalt Nitro version is pretty much perfected in terms of graphics quality, sound, and even perfect speed experience.

In the game, the car is always the main character and the focus of all attention. In particular, Asphalt Nitro has up to 80% of the 2014 model year cars (Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, Ford Focus, Cadillac ATS, Nissan 370Z …). Also, we can see many famous car brands, which attract a lot of attention, such as Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA, Lamborghini Urus and Infiniti FX50, Corvette C7…

Asphalt Nitro MOD is an attractive racing game for mobile

In particular, the game also has Mercedes-Benz Silver Lightning, Zonda R, GTA Spano, and Lamborghini Sesto… All of them are ranked from low to high (D, C, B, A, S) and make their own judgments based on individual criteria.

Besides, players can have a chance to enjoy aggressive supercars like Ferrari LaFerrari or Lamborghini Veneno. With a Nitro booster, your car now seems to have the same lever, thrust at incredible speed on the track, ready to beat any cop on the racetrack.

The key features of the game Asphalt Nitro

  • Asphalt Nitro takes the super-speed machines into the track and pushes them over the limit. Also, players can ride up the slope and take the race to a new level. Even more amazing, you launch your car into the air and perform beautiful stunts.
  • In the game, you can challenge opponents in 8 different racing modes, such as Gate Drift, Knockdown… In which, you can challenge the other racers’ ability to receive valuable rewards and get a high position on the leaderboard.
  • Besides, you may meet acquaintances in the Police Chasing Mode after a long absence or knock out your friends in asynchronous races.
  • Race through the world’s greatest landscapes faithfully recreated thanks to stunning graphics from Brazil to China. In this game, you have a whole world to explore. Moreover, players can explore many secret shortcuts to help you completely beat your opponent.
  • After you start the car, you can speed up and race to your best to beat most records and conquer new races. Also, gamers can break the quiet atmosphere with skillful throttle and swinging.

Asphalt Nitro MOD has many interesting features

The necessary information about Asphalt Nitro

The racing modes of Asphalt Nitro

  • Classic: You usually race with 6 or 8 cars in 2 laps
  • Elimination: At this point, players enter the elimination match. Every time the countdown is over, the car will be disqualified. The car that survives until the end wins.
  • Knockdown: You will compete with another AI vehicle. In which, players defeat other vehicles to reach the required number of times with limited time. Within the required time, the car has the most knockdown will win the match.
  • Infected: The vehicle at the end of 10 seconds will be poisoned. At this point, your car will be green with higher speed and infinite nitro.
  • Gate Drift: You drift through the gates to get points. When you get closer to the gate, you press the brake (without holding the brake) then tilt the car to the left, right, and repeat again.

Some necessary vehicles in the game

  • Vehicle D: Alfa Romeo Mito GTA (need upgrade).
  • Car C: Lamborghini Urus and Lotus Exige S Roadster (just upgrade Lotus).
  • Vehicle B: Citroen Survolt + Nissan GT-R (both need upgrades). Or you can buy a Ferrari Italia.
  • Car A: Ferrari + Lambo or Ferrari + pagani (both need upgrading).
  • S vehicles: Bugatti and Lambo (no upgrades required).

Instructions for doing skills in Asphalt Nitro

  • Barrel Rolls: The car turns around in the air. Instructions: Using nitro and then drive a high-speed car into the flip channel, fly 1 round in the air.
  • Flat Spins: A car that rotates in the air. Instructions: Drift before getting on the flip channel (flat).
  • Flat spins in one Jump: Number of spins performed in 1 flight.
  • No wrecks: No damage.
  • Drift Distance: Drift enough meters (during the race).
  • Knockdown: Defeat other vehicles.
  • Knockdown without wreck: Defeat other vehicles enough times without breaking down in the middle.
  • Perfect run: Drive skillfully so as not to crash.
  • Perfect Nitro: You can accumulate energy for nitro bar and press space to use it. If Nitro is falling to red, you press Space again. After that, it will be Perfect Nitro.
  • Air time: It is the time the car flies in the air.

Some tips to help you win easier in Asphalt Nitro

  • First, players should play the same track until you get used to it. Then, you will easily win.
  • Second, you should know and play before the game modes. Then, you will know the strengths and points of each mode to be easily overcome.
  • Third, gamers should practice the drift skill which is more flexible and calm. Tilting the device also needs to be done more accurately, not too much. Otherwise, your car will be crashed.
  • Fourth, the Asphalt racing game does not need and does not focus too much on the details of how to drive. Instead, players need is to drive and turn on the drift. The system will automatically accelerate and reduce the speed for each corresponding case (cornering, collision, crash…)
  • Fifth, you should make the most out of the Nitro bottle effect
  • Sixth, using nitro at the right time, in the right place to get the best effect.
  • Seventh, complete in-game missions, so you can get new cars.

Asphalt Nitro MOD APK has many tips for you to win the game

Tricks to help you increase gold coins on Asphalt Nitro

Make money by racing the money map

  • Track 5: Last map: Tokyo – Elimination – Class S – 1790C – For each No.1 position.
  • Track 6: Map Classic – Tokyo – Class S – 2385C – For each No.1 position.
  • The racetrack No. 7: Map Solo – Barcelona – Lambo vs Ferrari – 3220C – For each No.1 position.
  • Track 8: Last map: ALPS – Solo – Bugatti vs Ferrari – $ 4200 per match with No.1 position.

Change the date and time to increase gold coins faster while playing

  • First, you need to turn off all wifi and 4G networks. Then, players go to the date and time settings on the device to change the date and time. You just go 1-day head.
  • Second, you exit and log back into the game to play racing 1 match, then log out and continue increasing for another day like changing the original date and time. You do this until you reach 100% in the first match.

Some notes when playing Asphalt Nitro

  • To play well the racing game, the player needs to be on the roads and every corner on the map to be able to conquer the target and achieve the highest achievement. To do this, players need to play more games.
  • After you have downloaded the Asphalt racing game, you can choose the game mode. The simple gameplay will help you get high scores easily. Also, this will save you a small amount of money.
  • Besides, you have to be calm and perform the technique of “drift” to affirm your ability.
  • Most gamers who encounter curves tilt the screen. Over-tilting on curves that are not too tight will make you lose momentum.
  • Stand in front: if your vehicle is at a high speed with low nitro, it is best to avoid slow speed vehicle because it has a huge amount of nitro. It will most likely blow your vehicle up. So, you should drive in zigzag with maximum acceleration.
  • Stand behind: Avoid the cars blocking your nose so you cannot speed up. After that, you can press and wipe it over. Every time you did that, you will be compensated for nitro to catch up with the fastest vehicle.
  • Also, players should try to collect all the nitro on the way. When you are behind your competitor, you should not drift because your car will be slow down.
  • Go close to the edge of the corner when cornering, drift a while, and accelerate immediately.
  • To earn nitro, you can perform City Havoc continuously.
  • If you are a new player, you should follow the leader who will know the shortcut. At this point, you can be at least 0.3 seconds faster than the opponent.

The design

Asphalt Nitro is like a miniature version of Asphalt 8 with familiar interfaces. In the game, players will not feel strange with this new version. Right on the main screen of the game, there will be familiar modes with the same layout but have been greatly reduced the graphics requirements. Also, the icons are not so elegance like other Asphalt versions. The game is also minimized by eliminating many effects, such as haze, sunlight… However, it will still retain what’s mainstream to the good quality of a racing game.

Asphalt Nitro MOD APK has an extremely optimal design

Asphalt Nitro is reduced in terms of graphics but does not impair the quality of the sound. Strong and passionate music will still play every time the races begin. Moreover, this is also considered a pretty big plus point for this game.


Admittedly, Asphalt Nitro has brought a different image and concept of racing games on phones. Among Gameloft’s many high-end gaming products, The game received the most compliments because it brings players to unlimited acceleration races. Besides, the game has beautiful graphics, trendy cars. They will surely make you more and more excited. Readers can download Asphalt Nitro MOD APK at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

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