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ASR Voice Recorder MOD info?

  • Pro features unlocked.

ASR Voice Recorder Pro mod

ASR Voice Recorder is a great application that makes it possible for users to record audio on Android phones. It can help you to keep most of your desired audio files without any limitations. Besides, ASR Voice Recorder is a really useful application for users and their work. Please see the reviews about this application below!

About ASR Voice Recorder

This is a product of the UK developer NLL. It is one of the best apps to help you to replace your regular voice recorder on your phone. Also, ASR Voice Recorder has been regularly ungraded with more and more features. Furthermore, users can access the Pro version to have the best experience in your work. For now, ASR Voice Recorder is still free to download from mobile stores and many other places. However, if you need the Pro version for free, you can see more below.

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The app’s highlights

Supports high-quality audio and multiple formats

ASR Voice Recorder is great support for your audio files, which provides you with many recording formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, M4A, AMR. This will give you more options when it comes to storing and converting files to more devices. In addition, users can also get support for high-quality recording with noise, background removers…

Organize and protect your files

The process of archiving your audio files with ASR Voice Recorder will be extremely easy and convenient. Specifically, users can name, categorize, or add notes about files before saving them. Also, you can store your files on cloud storage systems like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Yandex Disk, etc. It is easy for you to download and share your files.

Control the sound

ASR Voice Recorder allows users to directly play recordings and other audio files right in the application. Thereby, you will get more features ti to adjust your play. Some operation buttons to help users turn on, off, or change the playback speed. In addition, users can also record or play recordings in the background.

Edit audio files

The application will allow users to make some edits to the audio file to make it easier to listen to. You can increase or decrease the volume of your recordings or even share your recordings. Changing the Bitrate in the app will also get you better recordings.

Access and control the app from your PC

If your phone is connected to wifi, you can use your computer to access full control of this application. You will access with an IP range on your computer browser and easily do many of the actions.

Support other external devices

ASR Voice Recorder will support users who have other accessory devices for recording, especially headphones. You can listen to audio files and record new files at the same time. With Bluetooth headsets, users can also record audio easily and conveniently.

ASR Voice Recorder Pro apk

Should we upgrade ASR Voice Recorder to the Pro version?

Currently, ASR Voice Recorder Pro will be unlocked with a separate license for just under $1. This price is quite good for the great features that users can get such as:

  • Remove ads.
  • Allow uploading to the cloud.
  • Automatically delete short recordings and more.

ASR Voice Recorder Pro is a version worth choosing for everyone who often works with audio files. Its price is also very reasonable for you to pay.

How to get ASR Voice Recorder Pro for free

To get ASR Voice Recorder Pro for free, readers can go to the bottom of this article and download the APK file easily. Then you can do the installation to get the Pro version as usual.


Overall, ASR Voice Recorder is an effective application in recording and playing audio on Android phones. It works simply with lots of cool features for everyone. Above is the information about ASR Voice Recorder. Besides, readers can download the Pro version for free at the link below. Don’t forget to leave your comments about this app in this article! Thanks and have fun!

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