Audio Evolution Mobile Studio V5.0.5.0 [Full APK]

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Audio Evolution Mobile Studio is an interesting application for music enthusiasts on Android phones. Specifically, it allows you to make full use of its cool features to customize any track. Now, you can make great soundtracks anytime and enjoy even more advanced features in the premium version. Please join us to find out about Audio Evolution Mobile Studio in this article right now!

About Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

This is a great application from the producer eXtream Software Development for recording the sounds around you or the songs from the studio. Besides, this app will help you edit those recordings with professional and excellent features comparable to many other famous applications like FL Studio Mobile. Also, the app has a friendly interface, which is easy for you to understand. You can import your documents to edit and back them up easily on cloud platforms.

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio APK

The key features

Compatible with many audio formats

With Audio Evolution Mobile Studio, users can easily add any audio files they want. Specifically, the app will support most of the popular audio formats like MP3, WAV, FLAC and more. You can even use your phone’s microphone to record your sound. Thereby, this app can assist all users to edit their audio easily.

Intuitive controls with many interesting features

At this point, Audio Evolution Mobile Studio uses a MIDI sequence editor and drum templates so you can easily edit selected tracks. Users can use and explore sample rate conversion, allowing you to edit easily. Besides, the app also has metronome effects, making audio parts much more intuitive. Also, it provides supported monitoring software for low latency Android devices. The app has an intense interface with a variety of music tracks and sounds for users.

Quality sound effects to edit your music

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio has sound effects to improve the overall look of your audio files. It has lots of real-time effects like chorus, delay, reverb and more. Furthermore, the app has many offline effects, making it easy to normalize, reverse or stretch certain audio files. Besides, users can adjust the input and output with the pitch to change as you like. Also, you can add the sounds and tunes of the virtual instruments for free.

Powerful editing tools

Moreover, the app also has many tools to help users move, cut, merge, copy or delete some parts of the audio file. Also, users can take advantage of repeat patterns for more looping options. Besides, you can also precisely adjust your patterns with the tempo and duration of the music. Finally, you can also use the playback option to make it easy to listen to your productions again.

Maximum control and support

At this point, Audio Evolution Mobile Studio has excellent user control and hardware support. The MIDI remote control will help you import the correct audio files. If you are using other digital audio stations, the app also offers quick and simple export of available tracks. Moreover, it supports modern USB audio drivers. Here, you can customize to overcome the limits of sound when Android connects to the Micro.

Protect your data

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio has a memory and online storage. Therefore, any user can connect and synchronize their work progress with selected Google Drive accounts. The feature will be extremely helpful for people who work in groups and compose classic works together.

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio APK Full

Download Audio Evolution Mobile Studio APK Full for free on Android

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio requires users to pay to download. Also, it has a separate free version but the features are very limited. Now, if you have reached our article, you can download it for free. Here, we provide an APK file at the link at the end of this article. You can download and install it completely free for your Android phone.


Audio Evolution Mobile Studio helps everyone edit music in a very professional way. It has diverse features that we have not covered in this post. You can experience the unlocked version at our website and let us know your review about it. Thanks and have fun!

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