Auto Clicker – Automatic tap MOD APK V1.6.1 [Unlocked]


Auto Clicker Automatic Tap MOD info?

  • Ad Free Unlock.
  • Action Bar Remove.

Auto Clicker Automatic tap mod

If you are using apps or playing mobile games that require repetitive clicking, you will definitely need an application to do it for you. At this point, there is no better application than Auto Clicker Automatic Tap. It is a useful tool for users to repeat clicks on mobile phones infinitely and easily. The application is an intuitive interface and simple usage. Please join us to find it out right now!

Auto Clicker Automatic Tap – A professional Auto Clicker Tool for Android

Simple click simulation

Auto Clicker can simulate users’ clicks on the phone screen in the simplest way. Specifically, you only need to select a fixed point to perform the click or multiple points with numbered orders. In addition, Auto Clicker also provides a toolbar that locates next to the phone screen. It will support users to change clicks on the fly even when the application is closed.

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Do everything automatically

Aside from a few simple initial settings, almost all Auto Clicker operations will happen automatically. Besides, the app also requires an accessibility service to be able to press for you in most actions on the phone screen (Except for hard buttons on the screen). Once the application is active, users will have almost no further action on the phone screen unless they stop it. However, users will have more hands-free to do other work.


While you are using Auto Clicker and have to go somewhere, you can set the time for the application to automatically turn off. Thereby, your work will be guaranteed to perform at the allowable threshold. This feature is really great that anyone can use Auto Clicker without worrying about time.

Save or upload installed profiles

When you install Auto Clicker for your phone, the app will create operation memo files. Those are the basic files that users can name or use for the next time. Of course, you can save these files and share them with others. The file receivers can import documents into the app and use it with available settings. This feature is convenient to help users save a lot of time.

Auto Clicker Automatic tap mod apk

Requirements to use Auto Clicker Automatic Tap

Auto Clicker is not a demanding application in terms of phone configuration, but it does have some notes that users need to know to ensure it works properly. First, you won’t need to root your phone but a rooted phone can still use this app. Second, Auto Clicker only supports Android 7.0 and above operating system. The lower Android versions can still run but may not be stable.

The key features of Auto Clicker Automatic Tap Pro MOD

Auto Clicker Pro is a premium version that requires users to pay to use. You will get a more advanced feature of removing annoying ads. However, the Auto Clicker Pro MOD version will be a little better when modified to add a few other special resources such as:

  • Remove the taskbar.
  • Empty folders and files that don’t need the device to be deleted.
  • Optimized graphics.
  • Libraries, images… are compressed to reduce application size

Download Auto Clicker Pro MOD for Android

We have just given readers all the information about the Auto Clicker application and its Pro version. Right now, you can download Auto clicker Pro MOD APK for your Android phone at the bottom of this article. You can click it directly to have the download happen automatically. If you have any questions and reviews, please leave them below. Thanks and have fun!

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