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Autosync mod apk

Autosync is a helpful application containing data synchronization and backup tools for Android phones. It is extremely simple and easy to operate and also supports many popular cloud services. If you are looking for a good data synchronization application, Autosync will definitely be the most effective choice. Readers can refer to our reviews in this article before deciding to use it.

About Autosync

At this point, users can automatically share data between devices. You can easily backup your custom folders from your phone to the cloud service. In addition, data transmission between devices with cloud services will be securely encrypted. Also, it is not possible for other people and the application developer to decode the document. Therefore, users can completely trust Autosync to do their work. Currently, the app is free for anyone to download, but it’s only a trial and you’ll need to purchase the app after it expires. However, we share with Autosync MOD for you to use unlimitedly.

The key features

Easy sync

Autosync provides automatic and easy synchronization. It can connect to more than 10 leading cloud drives in the world today such as Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Dropbox and many more. With only a mobile or wifi connection, you can upload or download files unlimitedly. Besides, users will also have settings related to synchronization to ensure their phone working properly including auto retry when sync fails, syncing when the battery level is over 50% or charging, syncing on the allowable devices or limits data.

Data security

With Autosync, the user’s data transmission will be secure by third parties and even the developers of this application. Besides, you can also increase security by setting a separate password for this app. The fingerprint password feature can also be enabled for supported devices.

API control support

Each user on each device will be given an API code, which is like a secret code. You can use it to import API controls and drivers on other systems and devices to control the synchronization of your data.

Notifications and status

At this point, Autosync has different messages related to synchronizing and changing your data. You just have to enable them in the settings so they can show up your way. Furthermore, users can also turn off the notifications to avoid interruption.

Memory card support

If you permit your memory card, Autosync will be able to access the memory card. It allows the app to write to the memory of the device or synchronize your documents in it. Users can follow the installation manuals to solve problems that they may encounter during use.

Autosync mod

The Paid version

Autosync offers users a paid package, allowing buyers to unlock all the features with full synchronization and a full range of cloud services. The price will be around $3 per month. However, the app also offers a lifetime license package, which allows you to activate sync only with the cloud services you use. Moreover, the paid versions will be linked directly to your Google account and it is not shareable. However, you can sign in on all your Android devices.

How to download Autosync MOD for free?

If you are not ready to pay for the premium versions of Autosync, we are happy to share with everyone a modified version that provides you with everything unlocked for free. You just have to go to the end of this article and click on the link to download it. After that, you can install it as usual.


Autosync is an efficient application for synchronizing and storing your data. It works efficiently and almost automatically, making it easy for everyone to use. If you are interested in this application, you can follow the information above and visit often to update the latest versions. Have fun!

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