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Avakin Life is a great simulation role-playing game on mobiles. It is a place to meet and connect with millions of players around the world, showing a variety of fashion styles with hundreds of items and accessories from famous fashion brands. Moreover, you can make your dream of becoming a fashion star through Avakin Life. Please join us in this article and find out more about this interesting game right now!

What is Avakin Life?

Avakin Life is a special game that simulates your second life. In which players can become a fashion star, design your home as you have ever dreamed of and express yourself to millions of people. In addition to creating looks, designing and decorating your home, you can also shop, explore high-class fashion brands, and create perfect outfits. Then, you will play the role of a completely different person. It is not you in real life. Instead, you can enjoy many great costumes, meet and make new friends. It would be a very interesting life. Besides, players can create their avatar and join many others. You can choose the perfect character, shape, hair, eye color, and more to create your personality.

Avakin Life MOD APK is a famous role-playing game

Since its launch, Avakin Life has attracted more than 50 million downloads around the world. Thanks to that, you can interact with a lot of people and entertain in dozens of interesting places, such as clubs, beaches, shopping areas… Also, players can organize and participate in exciting weekend parties. You receive comments and advice from friends to having the most attractive, trendy fashion style. Moreover, you can compete with millions of others to discover all the great brands and costumes.

The highlights of Avakin Life

This game has a vast virtual society where you can choose and design your style. You can freely shop in the world of Avakin Life, equip yourself with the most trendy styles and fashions. Also, players can keep up with the latest fashion brands with amazing new collections every day.

Although Avakin Life is just a virtual world, you can talk, communicate and laugh with friends from all over the world. Besides, you can also choose for yourself lovely pets to accompany or have fun living alone. They can follow you around the city center or take a stroll in the park.

Avakin Life MOD APK has diverse and rich features

In addition to the above activities, you can go to the beach, show off in charming bikinis, or walk in the sun. Also, you can invite friends over to your home to enjoy delicious food or drinks together. Moreover, you have a date or a perfect night out with someone.

For a dream home, you can choose your style, from choosing from the trendy furniture and combining it with some elegant vintage styles. It can be a classic, modern, or Hollywood style. More interestingly, you will organize a party with friends, listen to your favorite music, or dance to your favorite song together.

Instruction on how to play Avakin Life

How to control the character

Avakin Life is easy to control the character on your mobile phone. Specifically, you can navigate it by moving your finger on different areas, or pressing the menu. The first step in the game is to create your avatar by dressing up, wearing glasses… and getting a free apartment with basic furniture, gems and free money. You can buy the necessary items for yourself, buy drinks at the store or food for meals with that money.

How to make money and gems

You should watch ads to earn AvaCoin and gems. Besides, you should not skip watching ads because it can provide a certain amount of currency in any case without having to pay fees.

Also, players need to connect with Facebook to generate a certain amount of AvaCoins and gems. In particular, beginners are advised to do this task as soon as possible because it is a better start.

Avakin Life MOD APK has a simple and easy way to make money

Moreover, players have to complete challenges and missions to earn larger amounts of in-game currency. Note that, you get 10 to 20 AvaCoin after completing each mission. It will help you buy single items faster. Also, gamers can save extra AvaCoin and gems from this method, which will help you to progress faster without pressure.

How to add friends

At this point, players can click on the avatar of the person you want to befriend with to open the action menu. When you select the action menu, you will see a button that allows you to send a friend request.

When you choose it, there will be a request that the player needs to accept for you to become friends. Or if you know the Avakin username that you want to add as a friend, you can also search and add friends. To do this, you need to press on the profile button with which you can access the top bar menu.

After finishing, you can check the friends tab and select the searching bar. Then, you can enter your Avakin username and tap on the exact name you are looking for. Finally, you can select the Add friend button.

How to buy clothes

In the game, you can choose to buy from thousands of clothes including shoes, hats, shirts, pants. Besides, the game provides you with countless accessories, such as jewelry and cosmetics. To buy Avakin Life clothes, players can go to the store and go through the various categories available in the store and use Avacoin to buy. Remember that different types of clothes have different prices, so you can change your fashion style to refresh yourself.

Some notes when playing

Participate in the events as much as possible: When you join the events, you will receive free rewards. Events are held weekly and monthly. Within each event, different mini-tasks are available for you to do. Also, you should attend parties because you will receive free rewards and points.

The game design

Avakin Life is a very high-quality role-playing game with realistic 3D graphics. In the game, everything is built very meticulously and sophisticatedly, bringing a high-end experience for players. Also, the locations in the game are similar to the real world with perfect designs. Besides, players can customize characters as they like. Moreover, the game also brings many adorable pets for players to nurture, have fun and take care of. In the game, the sound is not very prominent. It mainly focuses on the different activities of the player that can create different types of sounds.

Avakin Life MOD APK has an impressive design

The key features

  • Avakin Life is a 3D role-playing game where you can customize your character from shape, hair, eye color, and more.
  • Players can decorate the image their way. At this point, you can choose to be cute, trendy, personality or dynamic
  • Also, Avakin Life is a virtual world but simulates reality. So, it gives you a lot of chances to express yourself to everyone.
  • Besides, players can chat, interact with millions of other people around the world. You can text to ask questions, chat, or date.
  • You can show off awesome outfits, get advice and updates on the latest, most stylish fashion trends from your friends.
  • Gamers can compete with millions of other players or explore together all the luxurious brands and outfits around the world.
  • Moreover, you can take photos of great moments and share them on Facebook or Instagram.
  • You will design and build your apartment according to many styles, such as classic, luxury, or modern.
  • Players can organize unforgettable small parties and invite friends over to enjoy your dishes or drinks, or simply dance together to a romantic song.
  • The game has countless places for you to have fun exploring with friends, such as supermarkets, restaurants, vibrant shopping centers, bakery shop, or sunny beaches.

Some questions about the game

How do I stream music?

First, you buy a radio or a disco on Avakin Life. After that, you go to your settings in the upper left corner of your screen and click on the Sound tab. On the left side of your screen, please click the edit tab. Then, at the bottom of your screen, there are plenty of options. At this point, you can click play online music. Next, the game takes you to items you can stream from, and drag and hold the item to place it where you want to play the music.

How do I get married?

Players cannot get married in Avakin Life. However, you can organize the wedding, buy wedding rings and dresses, and plan a ceremony and wedding reception. Also, gamers can invite guests to your wedding. This is also a good time for everyone to prepare their hair, makeup, and the best outfits to show off and take pictures.

Instructions on how to download and install Avakin Life MOD for Android

Avakin Life is free-to-play. It has had tens of millions of players worldwide. Due to it is free, getting it to your phone is also relatively simple and easy. However, if you want a modified version of the game, we ​​are happy to provide them at the end of this article. After downloading it you can refer to how to install with the steps below.

  • First, you can click on the Avakin Life MOD APK file and select “Install” to install it automatically.
  • Second, your phone may ask for installation from unknown sources. At this point, you can follow those requirements and activate the game to complete the process.
  • Finally, you can go back to the folder containing the APK file and do the installation again to finish.


If you are looking for a game with a unique, gentle, or non-violent style and brain tension, Avakin Life deserves a great choice. The game brings you to colorful second life with many different activities. Besides, you can enjoy the game on the sharp, multi-dimensional 3D graphics and realistic sound. Readers can download Avakin Life MOD at the link below. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

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