Banana Kong V1.9.7.3 [MOD, Bananas/Hearts]


Banana Kong is a fun action game for Android phones. It was released very early in 2013. So far, there have been many different versions. However, all players agree that the latest version the most interesting one. The game is developed and provided by FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG. Also, it is completely free for mobile phones and tablets. The player will control the gorilla running through the beautiful forest and overcome many challenges. After that, you can win many valuable rewards. Please join us to find out more about the game with the detail below!

The story

Banana Kong has a fun story when the Kong was having trouble with the banana peels that he threw out. They were too much and now the monkey has to flee to escape from them. During the run, the monkey will face many dangers from the creatures in the forest and other obstacles. In the game, players can enjoy many endless races that have dominated the mobile ranking.

Banana Kong MOD

The gameplay

Banana Kong is the funniest endless-running game that you have ever got. In the game, players will transform into a monkey to join an exciting journey. Here, you need to learn to control the character with many special actions to get out of danger. By swiping and touching the instructions, you can easily do it. Besides, gamers will start your race to collect bananas, which are also the currency of the game. You will only collide once with objects on the way. If you touch the second time, you will fall then the game is over. You can use the yellow hearts to continue the race or run again if you want. Also, players can get help from other animals, such as a bird, a wild boar, or a sea turtle. You should take advantage of all to go the furthest.

Diverse power-ups

To help players have more activities and go further, the game brings special powers for players to upgrade and use. At this point, you can use the magnet to suck bananas, the good parachutes for flying further or get more life for more chances to run. Besides, gamers can also use the help of other animals as a kind of strength. They can grab the bird flying through the difficult passage or ride a boar to scoop everything up. You can even pay real money to receive Lucky Charm or Golden Banana.

Many decorative items

Not only does Banana Kong have boring power upgrades but it also offers a lot of decorative items. In the store, there are dozens of unique hats with many different designs, such as a pot, cowboy hat, crocodile… Besides, you can also change your parachute’s style to make them more impressive.

Missions and rankings

The game provides players many special missions. You can complete them or choose to skip to find a quest easier. When you complete many quests, you can receive many rewards according to your score. Thereby, players will put their name higher on the leaderboard.

Banana Kong MOD APK

The design

Banana Kong has attractive 2D graphics. Players will enjoy smooth gameplay. Specifically, the characters are built in a fun and exciting style that makes your gameplay more fun. Also, it offers many special maps from forests to vast oceans. Besides, players will also have the opportunity to listen to exciting music and sounds.


Banana Kong is an attractive game for those who love to race. It offers many advanced features and fun designs for all players. If you are looking for the MOD version of Banana Kong, we are also available here. After that, you will receive a lot of money and hearts right from the start to boost your gameplay. Don’t forget to rate and share the game if you find it interesting. Thanks and have fun!

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