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Basketball Arena is a new sports game on Android phones. This game bases on the classic basketball game concept. Players can compete with other online opponents in a fun match. Basketball Arena is definitely an attractive choice for those who are passionate about sports games. Please join us to find out more about this interesting game in this article!

About the game Basketball Arena

Basketball Arena is a new game from the developer Masomo Gaming. This is also the creator of the popular game Head Ball 2. Also, Basketball Arena uses the old idea of ​​Head Ball 2 when there are two players in each match. In which, you will try to win against your opponent by throwing the ball into the opponent’s basket in unexpected ways. Besides, the game is developed in a Pay-to-Win format. Specifically, players who pay a lot will have more advantages of winning the game. However, you can still get stronger by taking the time to play a lot and get a good skill.

Basketball Arena MOD is an interesting basketball game on mobile

Attractive gameplay

Other factors aside, Basketball Arena is a great game with really good gameplay. Specifically, players will transform into a basketball player and go on a journey to glory through top solo matches. The player’s goal will be to score as many points as possible by throwing a ball in his opponent’s basket during a short game. Especially, players will not see these enemies acting in the usual ways. Instead, they have strange actions and skills that make the game much better.

Besides, the job of throwing the ball into the opponent’s basket will not be as simple as you think. Your opponent will always find a way to stop you. At this point, gamers need the tactics, skills of the character, and sometimes even luck. Initially, your character will have some energy points, you can use it for strong and accurate throws. However, energy points will drain very quickly. At this point, you can only perform close-range shots. Also, players can make a substitution so your player can restore energy. In the game, characters can use some special abilities, such as running fast, jumping high, or freezing opponents.

The controls require players to be agile and precise. You need to combine multiple actions to attack or stop the opponent. With only a miss, you will be able to lose your chance.

Unique character

In Basketball Arena, players can build a squad in matches with up to 4 characters. You will have two characters available at the beginning. After that, you can unlock more during the game. Besides, the character system of the game is divided into 5 different rows, each of which includes 6 characters. Their strength will be from low to high, including Rookie, Pro, and Superstar. To unlock the characters, gamers will need to collect a sufficient number of that character’s cards. The more advanced the characters are, the more the number of cards will be. Of course, you can also upgrade characters with the available cards. After upgrading the character, their stats will be better and newly unlocked, such as Usable Energy, Backup Energy, Character Size, Character Speed… Besides, the player can also collect one of the special trainers to make your team more powerful.

Special skill

In the game, there are also some special powers that all players can use. These skills will be equipped with skill boxes for the character to use during the game. Specifically, you can bring along 9 different skills, but it requires you to unlock the boxes containing the skills first. Besides, you can use in-game currency to upgrade skills that increase the duration of skills.

Basketball Arena MOD has a unique design

Impressive design

Basketball Arena is a modern game with a quality design. In which, the images are sharp, trending of fun and humor. Some scenes are in a new style that is not available in other games. Besides, it also has beautiful effects from the character’s skills, such as freezing, bomb explosions… The game’s music is also well-invested with the street style. The matches were also played in the cheers of the cheers, bringing excitement to all players.

Download and install Basketball Arena MOD for free on Android

There are many different ways to download Basketball Arena. At this point, you can download it through Google Play, or simply download it with a link at the end of this article. Besides, we will provide you with the Mod version of Basketball Arena when it is available. Please visit the link at the bottom of this article to be able to download the APK file of the game. Then, you can follow the installation steps below.

  • Click on the APK file and select “Install” to install it automatically
  • If the device requires installation from unknown sources, please agree with that request. You can turn on the “unknown source”.
  • Go back to the folder containing the APK file and do the installation again to finish.


Overall, Basketball Arena is an engaging game in terms of gameplay and diverse features. But it does get some mixed reviews about having to pay too much money to win. However, paying or not is still up to you. Gamers can still choose it for entertainment. In this article, we will summarize all the information and features about the game. If you are interested in the game, you can download it at the link below. Have a fun game!

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  • Basketball Arena APK
  • Basketball Arena MOD (Updating…)
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