Beat Shooter V1.6.3 [MOD, Unlocked]


Beat Shooter MOD is a unique music game for mobile phones. It gives a great idea for developing melodies. In the game, players will use modern guns to shoot and create beautiful sounds. If you want to discover more about Beat Shooter, please see our reviews in this article.

Beat Shooter: an exciting rhythm shooting game on mobile

This game is a new product from the developer Badsnowball Limited for mobile phones. The developer also has many music games on the mobile store. They are interesting and receiving a lot of attention from the gaming community. Beat Shooter continues to be an idea that combines guns and addictive music tunes. The fun is also reflected in the simple gameplay and the joy of releasing bullets freely. Currently, the game is free to all players with full features. It will continue to be updated to improve gameplay and add more top songs to the game.


Unique music experience

Music games for mobile phones are now much richer. Many great ideas make mixing music even more special for players. Even a combination of shooting and music has been developed. Coming to Beat Shooter, you will once again experience this great gameplay. By hitting the target, gamers will hear the sound, the bullet change combined with the melodies of the songs to create a new musical style.

For Beat Shooter, players will aim at targets dropped from the top of the screen. At this point, they just need to move their finger to aim the barrel at those targets or can slide their finger to get a faster tempo. Your gun will automatically fire dynamically. Besides, each level will be like a song and your achievements will be evaluated with stars. With a maximum of 3 stars, you will achieve the absolute score when passing the game screen. The game can also fail if you miss 3 times in a row, causing gamers to lose 3 hearts.

In Beat Shooter, players can customize the difficulty of the levels by upgrading the melody and tempo of the song. After that, the song will run faster, making objects drop faster. Then, you will need to focus intensely to get the best performance.

Special gun to shoot

In the game, the gun is not only a type of weapon but also a thing that makes the rhythm of the song. Gamers can collect various guns to shoot. Each type of gun will have a different attack and sound that makes your song more special. Also, players can upgrade those guns to extend the gun’s attack range. That will make it easier for you to hit the difficult tracks. In addition, players can unlock more blocks, which fall in special ways.

Many top songs

Moreover, the song’s diversity is a plus point of the game. there are estimated to have more than 100 different songs with all genres of music for you to choose from. You only need to unlock songs with coins only once to play them forever. Besides, the sound quality is unquestionable because it is always at the highest level. What you need now is to prepare a good pair of headphones to enjoy their tunes.

Beat Shooter MOD APK

Nice graphics

Beat Shooter uses a very modern design that is mixed with animated maps, simulation worlds and a few other unique elements. Specifically, you can customize your weapons with attractive skins. The blocks also have a variety of shapes and colors, as well as the way they fall also changes with each scene. Therefore, players will not feel bored. When the player breaks the blocks, there are also many beautiful effects. They will make the game more attractive. In addition, Beat Shooter also uses some beautiful background images for the game screens, which can be a fantasy world or some other interesting animations. You surely like them.

Download Beat Shooter MOD APK for Android

Above are our reviews of the music game Beat Shooter for Android. If you love music and shooting, it is definitely a perfect option for you. To download Beat Shooter MOD with unlocked features for free, readers can see the link below. Don’t forget to leave your review about this game. Having fun!

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