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BeautyPlus is the world’s leading photography application with hundreds of millions of users. It is under the development of PIXOCIAL for mobile devices. Up to now, BeautyPlus is still one of the most trusted image capture and editing applications. It offers many professional, reliable and easy-to-use features. Please join us to find it out right now!

BeautyPlus – Taking and editing beautiful photos on the mobile

Take a nice picture

BeautyPlus integrates with your device’s camera appropriately. It changes the basic camera by adding and removing some features to make a camera more advanced. Users can freely adjust the aspect ratio, take photos to remove fonts, add effects and stickers directly to their photos.

BeautyPlus has a strong focus on improving users’ face and body shots. Specifically, the app will help you retouch your look with slimming face or body parts. Also, users can also smooth the skin or refine each shot. You can reshape certain parts of your face by pulling gently.

BeautyPlus mod

Simple editing

Like many other applications of the same genre, photographers can also use BeautyPlus to edit images on the device. Users can perform many simple operations with the features on the toolbar. They are good for editing the user’s face and body. If you take a photo of your face, you can use the makeup feature to beautify yourself without having to spend too much energy.

Various effects, filters, and backgrounds

Each photo will be able to look more impressive by adding a variety of effects. You can also change the emotions of your viewers by applying impressive filters of different styles such as classic, natural, artistic, etc. If you don’t have an interesting Backgroud, you should use the background feature to be able to easily change the general look of the photos. After that, you will see value changes in your selfies that many other users want to have.

Add cool text, stickers, and brushes

Adding text and stickers to photos is not a strange feature for everyone. However, it is surprisingly popular with many people. BeautyPlus allows users to write anything on their photos and place them anywhere. It also has thousands of stickers with different styles for you to apply and adjust. Besides, the Doodle feature will also give users brushes, which you can use to select available shapes and paint them in long streaks on your photos.

Interesting little App

Small App is an exclusive feature of BeautyPlus that you can hardly find anywhere else. This feature will list a variety of other small features such as photo editing, group photography, Handover mode, Background removal, night photos, Abandon people, etc. They can be used by cloud server technology Mietu to do the job in a simple way.

BeautyPlus mod apk

Advantage of BeautyPlus Premium?

Additional Features

BeautyPlus is a free app and its internal features are also very good to be able to use. However, BeautyPlus Premium is an upgraded version for professional users. It adds many advanced features, including:

  • Provides more advanced filters, fonts, stickers, brushes, and backgrounds.
  • HD mode.
  • Highlight 3D.
  • Lifting muscles.
  • Body alignment.
  • Teeth Correction.
  • Improved AI, Uninstaller, and Scatter.
  • No advertising.

Special price

BeautyPlus Premium is available with the price of around $6 per month and around $41 per year. However, the app constantly offers discount packages for everyone so you will be able to get a much better price. In addition to upgrading to BeautyPlus Premium, we also have another way for people to use the Premium version for free. Please see the next section!

Download BeautyPlus MOD Premium for Android

The information that we share above about BeautyPlus is for your reference only. The most important part that many people are interested in is how to download BeautyPlus Premium APK for free on Android phones. Readers can see a link to download at the end of this article. It is free and safe without any additional requirements. Don’t forget to share and rate this app if you find it interesting. Thanks and have fun!

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