Bed Wars MOD APK V1.7.1.1 [Unlimited Money]

  • App Name: Bed Wars
  • MOD Features: Original/Money
  • Operating system: Android
  • Developer:
  • Version:
  • Category: Action
  • Size: 140 Mb
  • Price: free
  • Requires: 4.4
  • Update: January 1, 2022 at 03:36
  • Get it from: Play Store


Bed Wars is an exciting action game from the mobile developer Blockman GO Studio. It is the ultimate PvP team game, which is attracting a large number of players. In the game, your task will be to collect resources, protect the team’s base, and find a way to destroy the opponent’s base. Although there are simple rules of play, it creates a lot of fun and stressful situations for the player. Please join us to explore the key features of this exciting game and download it right here!

About the developer Blockman GO Studio

For players who love action or adventure games on Android, Blockman GO Studio will probably be a suitable developer. Their games are built in a blocky style similar to Minecraft. In which the most popular game is Blockman GO with tens of millions of downloads and millions of positive reviews from players so far. Besides, this developer offers nearly 100 different games on the web platform. However, the number of mobile games is limited. Hopefully, they will make more exciting games on Android phones soon.

Bed Wars MOD APK is a unique action game

About the game Bed Wars

Bed Wars is an exciting new game on the Android platform. It is based on the BED WARS CLASSIC style of the legendary game Minecraft. Also, the game divides players into teams of 4 to compete against other teams. Specifically, players will collect iron bars, gold pieces, gems, and diamonds on the map. After that, you can use them to buy better equipment. Moreover, you have to upgrade your team and your teammates to fight enemies in highly tactical battles. The game will require players to work together rhythmically to gain an advantage over the enemies. After destroying all the bases of the enemy team, you will win.

The gameplay

At the start of the game, the game will take you to a gathering room with other players. After starting the game, you will be distributed and assigned to a random team with 3 other members. Then, the game will take you to a map with many separated works and suspended in the sky. At this point, players will need to build bridges to connect buildings together to find resources or attack opponents. Specifically, you need to move around every corner of the map to find the resources. However, you should be careful because your enemies will do it too. So, they can attack you at any time. If you are not strong enough for fighting, you should run away and call for more teammates. If you want to destroy the opponent, you need to destroy the team’s bed. After losing the bed, the team will not be able to revive.

Besides, the controls of Bed Wars are relatively simple and familiar to most players. On the left side of the screen, it will be the joystick to help your character move around. By dragging and holding, you can direct your character in the direction you want. On the left, there will be the actions of the character, such as running, jumping, building, and fighting. They are arranged so that you can interact with the environment and with other players easily. Also, at the bottom of the screen, it is a toolbar, which displays materials, weapons and some other items for players to follow.

The key features

  • Opening the chests: Players will have chests as rewards for victories. You can use the key in the store or achievement points to unlock chests and receive rewards inside.
  • Amulets: One of the things that help the character to increase strength are the charms. You can unlock them through different levels. Then, you can place them in unlocked slots to increase the stats for each of those charms.
  • Weapons and Fashion: Bed Wars sells a wide variety of weapons and special costumes in the store. Players can stop by to buy them and make changes in the character’s strength and appearance. Besides, the Gcubes store sells additional perks you can check out.
  • Producing resources: Iron factories will be places that can produce resources. When the resources appear, they will be suspended in the forge. You can enter the forge to receive the resources.
  • Leaderboard: In Bed Wars, players can check the seasons in the individual section. After that, players can increase their rank by winning the game. At the end of the ranking season, you can receive the rewards according to your achievements.

Bed Wars MOD APK has a familiar design

The design

The graphics of Bed Wars is similar to Minecraft. It is a style of blocky graphics, which is familiar to most players. Specifically, everything will be assembled together by square boxes. Players can easily add or destroy any box. In the map, the landscape is also designed to resemble a world in the clouds. The buildings are separate from each other and are suspended in the sky. If you fall off the building, you will die.

Download Bed Wars for Android

Bed Wars is a free-to-play game, which you can download in many ways. Here, we would like to introduce you to the game information. Besides, we provide you with a link to download the game for free at the end of the article. You can simply click on the link for a safe and automatic download.


Overall, Bed Wars is an attractive game with familiar gameplay and intuitive graphics. It is very fun in fighting and interacting with many other players. Also, it creates many interesting situations that can only be seen in PvP team battles. Right now, readers can download this game for free and let us know your review about it. Thanks and have fun!

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