Block Warriors V0.8 [MOD, Coins/Diamonds]


Block Warriors is a great strategy game for mobile phones. In which players will have the opportunity to meet Block warriors who are summoned from a special world. You will create special defensive and offensive tactics to win competitive matches. In this article, we would like to provide you with all information about the game before you download and play it! Please join us to find them out right now!

About Block Warriors

This is a gaming product of the developer AniBox for Android phones. It has defensive and successful strategy gameplay that is quite popular today. Besides, the game has a similar blocky design to Minecraft. The great combinations in Block Warriors have made it even more interesting for everyone. Currently, this game is available for free on all mobile stores.

Block Warriors MOD

The gameplay

Block Warriors has simple gameplay when the player’s task is to build an army and attack to break the enemy’s main house. It sounds easy, but it takes a long process and a lot of tactics. Initially, players will be given a base with some diamonds. You will have to buy a few more farmers to further enhance diamond mining. Besides, gamers will also have to build an army consisting of various random warriors, which will stand to defend in front of the main house or attack at your command. At this point, you should try to earn more diamonds and buy more warriors. You can match the same warriors to form another random warrior with a higher level and more power. The fight will go on until one of the two sides is defeated. After that, the winner will receive the full reward.

Various warriors

Block Warriors has many unique warriors to make battles interesting. The warriors are diverse in different types such as archery, melee, magic, or many more. You will recognize your warriors by their appearance or see detailed information in the management section. Also, your warriors are diversified with different power levels. The more advanced warriors are, the stronger your squad will be.

Exciting game mode

This game has diverse game modes. First, you can play with campaigns. In which each level will bring you a different opponent. Usually, these opponents will be slightly weaker than you. After completing a series of campaigns, you will have the opportunity to receive many valuable rewards. After reaching level 8 and level 10, you can unlock more game modes with powerful bosses or arenas to compete with other players. Besides, gamers should fight for a higher ranking for more bonuses.

Block Warriors MOD APK

Unique upgrade

Block Warriors has many special upgrades. First, you can upgrade the heroes in the management section to strengthen your team. By collecting the necessary hero cards, you will be able to increase the hero’s rank. During the battle, players can match 2 of the same heroes to create another random hero with a higher level although this is not always good. You can also level up the main houses to strengthen your defense in the game.

The game’s graphics

Block Warriors has an extremely impressive and beautiful design. The block-style design will be the first highlight of the player’s attention. Also, it has a very sharp image and smooth character movement, providing a good experience of the war. The game’s music is also very vibrant with the action soundtrack. It is various during the fight.


Overall, Block Warriors is a fun strategy game with simple gameplay and diverse attractive features. Readers can download it for free at the link below. Don’t forget to rate and share this game if you find it interesting!

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