Body Race V0.4.0 [MOD, No-Ads]

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  • Version: 0.4.0
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  • Update: August 11, 2021 at 15:06
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Body Race is a fun entertainment game for mobile phones. It is quite a new game and is gradually gaining popularity among many players in recent times. The game offers simple gameplay but requires players to be delicate and meticulous in the playing process to be able to win. If you are interested in an entertaining game on your Android phone, please follow our reviews of the game below.


Body Race is a free game from the developer Gismart. It is suitable for any mobile device without requiring any advanced settings and configuration. At first sight, many players will think that Body Race is a racing game, but the truth is not the case. The game does not force players to compete to get to the finish line early, but it requires more tactical elements. Specifically, its content is highly entertaining and does not require the player to have many complexities in terms of manipulation and skills, making it much more relatable.

Body Race MOD

Clever to win

In Body Race, players will control a lady on a journey to change her body. It will take quite a while in reality but will change almost immediately in this game. To change the body, gamers only need to go through the appropriate foods. Some foods will make you gain weight; some will make you lose weight. Besides, some gym tools will also help you lose weight. The players’ goal is to achieve the necessary amount of weight when moving to the finish line. If the character’s weight is within the allowable range, you can complete the level. It’s even better with the standard weights. At this point, gamers can unlock some more beautiful costumes. Furthermore, the game will support players to convert their goals from Kg to Lbs so that players who are familiar with any weight indicators can estimate their goals. The goal should be achieved through the character’s physique.

The food details in Body Race

Weight gain foods: In Body Race, fast foods will represent weight gain and specifically cakes, ice cream, or soft drinks. The more you get, the faster you will gain weight.

Weight loss foods: Most weight loss foods will be green vegetables and fruits. In addition, players can also use fitness equipment to lose weight such as weights or skates.

Special costumes

The only thing that players can care about in Body Race is changing the character’s fashion, which will help you have a little motivation in passing the levels. While fashion won’t give the character any abilities, it’s a lot of fun if you have a lot of outfits to wear. In addition to getting skins through winning, players can also unlock them by watching ads.


Although Body Race is an interesting game, it also has a limited point through the feedback from players. You will have to play with quite many ads appearing during. They will show up when you complete a level and interrupt your experience. At this point, you just need to turn off the network connection. Then the game will be completely clean and have the best experience for you.

Body Race MOD APK

The design

Body Race has a modern 3D design with beautiful visuals. However, to fit more devices, the game has removed many unnecessary elements related to the image, making it lighter and smoother. In addition, the game also has no sound, which will help players focus more on playing. However, some players will not like the silent gameplay.


Body Race is a game worth experiencing with many attractive levels. It offers pure entertainment for all ages. Players can use math and science to win in the game. Currently, readers can download Body Race MOD for Android phones for free at the link below. Having fun!

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