Boom Karts V1.4.0 [MOD, Unlocked/No-Ads]

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Boom Karts is an online multiplayer action racing game. It offers a fast-paced gameplay and extreme PVP competition. You will stay behind the wheel and race around multiple tracks with your favorite cars. Also, Boom Karts will have many unique features, helping players have the best racing experience. Please join us to explore the game’s highlights in our reviews below.

About Boom Karts – Multiplayer Kart Racing

The game is a follow-up product from developer Fingersoft for mobile phones. The popularity of the two versions of Hill Climb Racing has made this developer even more famous in the gaming community. Until April 2021, Boom Karts was officially available on Google Play. The idea of ​​​​the game is from the classic racing games on old Console devices. It is a frantic race around the racetrack with various weapons for players to freely attack each other. Moreover, players will feel free to create playstyles to win in the game.

Boom Karts MOD

The gameplay

Boom Karts is the simplest racing game you have ever seen. It does not require the player to have super skills or anything difficult. Besides, the game directs players to the fun control of the cars. You can click left or right to drive, activate energy to launch fast and choose ways to crash your opponent off the track. Sometimes, there are things that players can collect and use. Some of them can make you stronger or some can help you attack others. To win this race, players will need to be the first to finish. After that, you will receive rewards and your achievements will also be ranked. Use what you collect to unlock your favorite characters or vehicles.

The highlights

Multiplayer online game

Boom Karts is an online multiplayer game in PvP mode. You can easily create a room to invite friends to play with or wait for other online players to join. In addition, gamers can adjust the rule or mode to increase the difficulty of the race.

Collect and upgrade the car

In Boom Kart, the vehicle is called a Kart. There are many different cars, each of which has unique characteristics. Besides, players can upgrade them to improve their stats. Those things will greatly determine the racing style of the player. You will need to find the right vehicles for your playstyle to unlock them and take them to intense races.

Various kinds of special powers

Furthermore, Boom Karts is not only an ordinary racing game but also allows characters to drive the car with special powers. Someone helps gamers to accelerate the car or perform Drift situations to turn the situation around. Others will give the ability to attack opponents by shooting, throwing, or trapping. A few more power-ups provide very magical defenses that keep your vehicle and character out of danger. Players will need to learn how to use power types flexibly to increase their chances of winning.

Create your character

Boom Karts allows gamers to style their racer with combinations of Karts outfits, accessories, or looks. Also, helmets, jerseys, stickers will make your racer stand out. In addition, players can choose unique avatars to highlight themselves.

Diverse game modes and missions

In addition to playing online, players can also practice more with adventure modes. You can challenge the driving skill with limited time and many other things. Also, players can receive many fascinating quests. After completing them, you will get rewards.

Boom Karts MOD APK

The design

Boom Karts features a lovely cartoon style. In which the characters are novel but do not compromise the quality of the image. The whole game is also in impressive 3D graphics with many different viewing angles to make the race more epic. Furthermore, the game also offers various beautiful effects, such as skill or crashing effects. Besides, the sound is extremely vibrant. You can hear the roar of the engine and many other activities.


Overall, Boom Karts is an attractive racing game on mobile. It offers many advanced features that are mainly focused on helping gamers have the best racing experience. Besides, readers can download Boom Karts MOD for free at the link below. Having fun!

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