Box Skin Injector APK V5.8 [New 2021]

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Box Skin Injector is a cool application for lovers of the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). It is under the development of BOXSKIN87. The app is for anyone who wants to get free outfits. Box Skin Injector has simple usage with just a few clicks. Moreover, it is less banned which will be a good choice for players who love MLBB on Android phones.

Box Skin Injector – Provides free skins for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

What is Box Skin Injector?

This app is developed by BOXSKIN87 for MLBB players. If you want to get beautiful skins, avatars and skins without spending any money, Box Skin Injector is a perfect choice. However, Box Skin Injector still cannot be popular and trusted by many users because it comes with some risks of account security. But Box Skin Injector is still an interesting application where every user can experience precious things for free.

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About Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

MLBB is a MOBA game with multiplayer. This game has tens of millions of players worldwide. Each match will have 10 players divided into 2 teams, each of which will choose heroes representing players in the team to fight the opponent. You and your teammates will defeat the enemy base to win the matches.

Besides, to get new heroes, players need to win many matches and get the rewards inside. After that, they can use them to unlock heroes. Of course, gamers will need to spend time and effort to do that. Box Skin Injector will help you shorten that period as short as possible.

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Unlock effects and skins

Box Skin Injector will make it possible for users to unlock almost every skin in the MLBB game. Also, it provides dozens of background effects and combat effects during the game. Unlocking these effects and skins will help players quickly get the complete experience.

Unlock many beautiful costumes

The best feature of Box Skin Injector is the skins unlock. This will help your heroes change their appearance. You will enjoy the new look of the hero in the matches. Usually, this will require you to pay to be able to own the skins. However, Box Skin Injector will bring you almost everything for free.

box skin injector apk

Change the viewing mechanism

Normally, players will be able to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with a sufficient viewing angle, but Box Skin Injector will support the Drone View feature to change the perspective. Specifically, you can look from a higher position. Thereby, you can also gain advantages in viewing the map. Sometimes, having too large a field of view will cause you problems.


Although Box Skin Injector has a lot of good and effective features, you have to restart it whenever you use it. Also, the app is not available on mobile stores, making it a bit difficult to find. The use of Box Skin Injector also depends on the developer of BOXSKIN87 a lot and users may be at risk of having information stolen. However, you will have to decide between the lack of security or getting quality skins and effects for free. However, many users have been believing Box Skin Injector so far.

Download Box Skin Injector APK for Android

We have just provided you with all the initial information about Box Skin Injector. Right now, the most important part will be downloading Box Skin Injector APK for Android. We have a free link right at the bottom to quickly download and install for your device. With just a few clicks, you can enjoy this amazing app for free. Don’t forget to share and rate this app if you find it useful.

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