Bully: Anniversary Edition V1.0.0.19 [MOD, Money]

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  • MOD Features: Money
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  • Category: Action
  • Size: 2 Gb
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  • Requires: 8.0
  • Update: January 6, 2022 at 16:44
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If you are a person who always worries about social issues or injustices, you will probably be very upset when seeing thugs in school. Bully: Anniversary Edition is strongly influenced by GTA because of its action gameplay, open-world and sassy style. Also, the special thing here is not the battle in the underworld but directly in the school. What will happen here? Please join us to find it out right now.

About Bully: Anniversary Edition

If you are passionate about the world of Grand Theft Auto, you have probably heard of the name Bully: Anniversary Edition. This is an extremely unique game from the developer Rockstar Vancouver. Because it was the same publisher, Bully was heavily influenced by GTA.

Besides, the game also has an open-world action game, in which players will see the clumsy character style. But there is a special feature that Bully is not a story around the underworld. Instead, it is directed at the students.

Bully: Anniversary Edition brings a new color to the school game

With a completely new environment, unique and creative gameplay, this game always puts players in wrenching situations and gives you the tools to solve the problem. Besides, gamers can hit their bullies, appear on the front page of the school newspaper. Also, it’s a famous but rebellious way.

In addition, Bully seems to allow players to experience one of the iconic titles. You have to control well the character Jimmy Hopkins and work the way you want. Also, gamers can do a lot of tricks with the teacher and rebel as you like.

The highlights of Bully: Anniversary Edition

With Bully: Anniversary Edition, you will feel a lot of new things. These experiences will surely make you satisfied, specifically:

Iconic characteristics

With Bully, gamers will experience the unique gameplay, new features but still based on the original control mechanisms. Also, the game will bring you back to Bullworth Academy with enhanced graphics and a new touch control system.

Besides, there are many small games based on the school context to complete. For example, word games in English classes or practicing surgery frogs in the biology subject. However, that is not all that you experience, and things are not so simple.

You may find yourself constantly being chased and those who bully you. There are many different social classes, especially at American High Schools.
All you need to do now is trying to reach the top position. The new features are mostly online issues. In which, you can compete with your friends in multiplayer mode.

A great game that attracts everyone

Bully: Anniversary Edition is very appealing to gamers, even those who have played the original version from the beginning. Also, the graphics have been upgraded for better quality. The overall interface of the game is also more polished. You will enjoy great gaming experience when placed in the school system of the US model.

Interesting story

In Bully: Anniversary Edition, gamers will surely be caught up in an extremely novel and fascinating story. Its content is creative, in which players will play the role of Jimmy Hopkins – a 15 years old disturbing boy.  He lacked care when his parent devoted then his mother went to marry a rich guy.

In one incident, he went to a juvenile detention center because he has no guarantee person. His mother was traveling the seas for a year with her lover. Bullworth Academy is under the control of incompetent management. Most of the children who come here will be turned into homeless guys.

You will quickly get acquainted with the “crazy” Gary. In school, gamers will have to compete with other guys and gangs. Besides, you will fight against the powerful gangsters. Moreover, some girls were ready to kiss and make a relationship with you at any time.

Jimmy - an individual student in Bully

This game has a very attractive and vivid description thanks to the strange story and plot. Also, it is full of caricatures and insinuations. The words have different characteristics of each character, which are shown very clearly from the troublemakers, the principal, the fans … Even the character Jimmy is clearly described. This is a smart street child through the character’s very personal lines. However, the school has not been fully exploited. It does not show all for a new game like this. Moreover, the conflicts, fighting in Bully are also authentic and clear because this game is for teenagers.

Besides, Bully: Anniversary Edition is a type of non-linear game, with an interesting open story. Most of the life in the game is no different from real life. In which, you can do everything you want. For example, gamers can wake up at 8 am, go to school at 9 am and 1 pm. If you have free time, you can go to work until 11 pm. This is a completely normal life of a student in this game.
If you don’t like it, you can tear it down on your own. Whatever you do, as long as you do not get in contact with the wanderers in the yard or patrol police, you can hang out comfortably until 2 am.

However, gamers need to pay attention to the tiredness of the body. At this point, you need to go to bed early to be able to wake up at 8 am the next morning. In the game, the time is usually quite fast, so gamers can hardly feel the sense of time when they have been working.

So, while the game texture is clear, it can make gamers difficult to realize if they have enough time to do it. Therefore, you need to calculate carefully what needs to be done to make all the things to do in a day.

The key features of Bully: Anniversary Edition

Bully: Anniversary Edition includes Bully: Scholarship Edition, which is the main game version with extended content packages. The game will have more upgrades in terms of graphics, images and much more care. Also, it redesigned the control system and added new features.

Please see the key features below:

  • Bully’s gameplay is a representation of Bully’s main storyline – a student along with other characters. Also, players need to perform side quests, mini-games in the classroom, find unlockable items from the Bully: Scholarship Edition.
  • The graphics are optimized with high resolution, quality, and dynamic light. In which, it has the maximum supported effects for the best experience.
  • Gamers can complete with friends anywhere. You can select the Multiplayer section “Friend Challenges”.
  • There is an intelligent touch control system that works appropriately for each player’s situation.
  • You can freely Save-Load anytime and anywhere with a cloud storage system through Rockstar Games Social Club.
  • This game has dedicated controller support.
  • It has specializing support for the highest quality screen resolution.
  • Smart touch control helps players direct the character away easily, perform tasks quickly.
  • Has physical controller support
  • This game is usually only supported on the following common devices: iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6s, 6 Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, iPod Touch 4th Gen, iPad Mini 2, 3 & 4, iPad 4th Gen, iPad Air 1 & 2 and iPad Pro.

Experience a vivid and high-quality screen

There is much information that this version will also be re-released as a PS2 Classic game on PS4. Also, the graphics of the game has a higher quality standard, which will fully support the Trophy title system. Everything you want and search for will definitely be in Bully: Anniversary Edition.

A few notes of Bully: Anniversary Edition

In Bully: Anniversary Edition, you need to pay attention to many things to be able to play the game well. The most important thing is that you still need to practice your skills to deal with many unexpected situations in the game.

Also, Bully provided all of that for the player. This is like a great attraction, a great breather after the stressful school time. There are many small games for you to easily get more points.
If you learn well during the physic subject, you will get new attacks through wrestling. After that, you will be able to increase reflexes through the handball sports game. This may be slightly different from the games that require you to work hard to level up.

Besides, in English class, gamers will cultivate more words, great knowledge to use skillfully. The goal is to cleverly avoid unnecessary fights or apologize to the strong guys. Also, you can make missile or rotten bombs in chemistry class.

At your workshop, you can build yourself a BMX by repeatedly pressing the keys on the screen, which is similar to the game Audition. In the art class, if you study well, your reward will be to be more admired by girls and even reward you with passionate kisses.

Completing these sessions will help you have a better resume, achieve a higher level. After that, you can do other more difficult tasks. This game has many different sections. In which, you will need to confront different factions in the school. Your task is to overcome them by complying with their requirements.

Some kids just love boxing more in the house than on the street, so you can give up your character and play at home alone. If you win, it means that there will be more opponents to challenge you. Also, you will protect the weaker who are bullied by the bad guys; Help teachers when they are wrong. The missions in the game are usually not too difficult or too long. Sometimes, it gives you very interesting details.

Interaction between characters

You can unlock the skill for Jimmy when you have new rumors or news. The implementation of locking, greeting, interacting with other characters are very simple that you can do all with the convenient buttons. During a fight, the first thing you need to consider is to lock your target.

Besides, the number of weapons in the game is quite diverse. You can choose cannon, baseball bats, slingshot, fireworks, firecrackers, skateboards… They are really simple but highly effective.
Also, punching and kicking are the most effective fighting ways. In which, gamers have no knives, no guns or anything that can be related to death in the game. You will also learn creative ways such as grabbing enemies, falling objects, knocking heads … to high, low range, powerful shots.

In addition, Bully does not encourage the group to fight one, even if you have more. Also, the extra shots will never be too strong at all. Before the game was released, there were also many objections, banning releases due to school violence. However, there is no scene of death nor obscene words. In the game, players just help the weak so the game has many lovers in the world.

In terms of graphics, Bully: Anniversary Edition will have nothing for players to complain about. Sometimes, the characters are quite similar to those in real life. Also, the voiceover and music are very appropriate, constantly updated. There’s a little bit more of the Clavio sound, making Bully more cinematic.

With about 15 hours to play, you will probably fully understand the plot of this game. Bully is not entirely a difficult game. You will probably realize which part of the game ends. If you try to explore, you will have many interesting things hidden inside. The above is enough to show that Bully is the best game ever that you should not miss.

Download Bully: Anniversary Edition MOD for Android

For everyone, school is the best time where you will be able to keep the funniest memories. Students will often have extremely naughty, crazy games that teachers and parents never think of. If you miss it or have never experienced, you should try Bully: Anniversary Edition. It is a great game for you. This game will bring you great student memories. Basically, the game is an extended version for mobile devices. The developer has revised from the original game with many new features. Also, the game content is very diverse, such as fighting, teasing girls, jubilant games, teasing teachers… In the game, there are many things for players to explore. Readers can download and install Bully: Anniversary Edition APK OBB at the link below!

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