BusyBox Pro APK V71 [Final] [Paid]

  • App Name: BusyBox Pro
  • MOD Features: Final/Paid
  • Operating system: Android
  • Developer:
  • Version: 71
  • Category: Tools
  • Size: 4 Mb
  • Price: free
  • Requires: Varies with device
  • Update: January 2, 2022 at 08:00
  • Get it from: Play Store


BusyBox Pro is an app and enhancement tool for Android phones. It will users get more powerful features on rooted devices. Some advanced and complex features are supported as well, but you will need to learn how to master them. Please join us in exploring this great app with quick reviews below!

About BusyBox Pro

BusyBox Pro combines small versions of many UNIX utilities into a single application. It provides a replacement for most of the utilities you would normally see in GNU files, shellutils… In BusyBox Pro, the utilities are usually less than those of GNU. However, its functionality is expected to work very well. It provides a complete environment for any small or embedded system. Also, BusyBox Pro aims at optimizing the device’s size and resources, which also makes it easy to manage the entire system.

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BusyBox Pro

The key features

Access to UNIX tools

UNIX is a long development platform on Android. It is very secure. UNIX systems have many permissions on your phone but you won’t be able to use them. Through rooting your phone and combining it with BusyBox Pro, you can master many UNIX tools in the system.

Manage Applet

Mobile Applets are the interesting parts that a lot of users are interested in. Specifically, BusyBox Pro will allow you to uninstall or install these applets easily. Also, you can check lots of information about them by clicking them directly. Some applets on the phone will not require the user to maintain the BusyBox Pro installation. You can uninstall the app, but the applets can still function properly.

Phone control

BusyBox Pro is designed for saving by using the RAM. The developer has used special techniques in writing the source code to optimize the application’s source code. For users, it doesn’t take much work to optimize these savings. The app will almost automatically do it to make your programs work better.

Supports multiple phones

Many people only know Android phones in general without knowing that they are also divided into different models with different hardware. Some Android phones run ARM, ARM64, or X86, each of which will require apps to use different controls. At this point, BusyBox Pro will fully support almost all types of Android phones on the market. Shortly, it will also support mips to make things even more convenient.

No advertisements

BusyBox Pro has no ads. It not only enhances the user experience but also ensures the security of your rooted devices. Third-party advertising won’t track your activity and it’s safe to use it.

BusyBox Pro apk

The request

For this application to work on your Android phone, you need to root the phone. Currently, many apps do a good job of rooting such as SuperSU, Lucky Patcher, Root Booster… After you get the root phone, you can install and use it without asking for any permissions. Moreover, everything will be almost free but there will be intrusions and failures caused by malfunctioning the system. Be careful what you are doing!

Download BusyBox Pro APK MOD for free on Android

BusyBox Pro is a paid app for Android. Currently, its price is around 2 US dollars. However, many people have not enough conditions to pay for this or simply cannot download it on Google Play. At this point, we provide a link to download it for free at the bottom of this article.


BusyBox Pro is a powerful tool for Android phones that knowledgeable users will love. It helps to optimize the system of Android devices quickly and according to your preferences. More importantly, if you want to get BusyBox Pro for free, we also share it in this artilce.

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