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Call of Mini Infinity is a fun action shooting game, which puts you in consecutive competitions between enemies from outer space. In the game, players will need to build bases, pick up weapons and unlock equipment to give an advantage in battles. Also, the game is very cute and suitable for many players. If you want to learn more about it, please see the article below.

The story

Humans have discovered a planet called Caron, which was qualified for life. They had started to assemble a group of people to prepare for an expedition. Players will take on the role of the group leader. Many aliens also wish to invade Caron, which will make your conquest more difficult. At this point, you have to perform many different missions to build bases and fight against alien attacks. After that, you can control the whole mysterious planet.

Call of Mini Infinity MOD

The gameplay

Call of Mini Infinity is a tense fight and competition in space. Here, players will have to fight many different opponents who are players around the world. By using weapons and skillful movement, you can attack and take down the enemy. Usually, the battle will last about 3 minutes, in which your goal is to kill as many opponents as possible. If you are killed, you will be revived at the base after 8 seconds and continue to fight. To fight better, players will need to develop characters by leveling up, buying more weapons and many other support items.

The key features

Many unique weapons and equipment

Call of Mini Infinity offers a great arsenal of futuristic weapons. You can buy them in the store and use them to take down enemies. Each weapon will have different strengths and usages. Besides, the fighting style will have different points forcing players to research before using it. Also, the game has a selection of useful equipment for the heroes to use. It requires the player’s skill to control everything.

Hero with many talents

In addition to equipment and weapons, the hero can also use their ability to fight. Diverse heroes will give you a variety of choices. Moreover, the accompanying skills are also very rich, requiring the player’s research and grasp to control it. Your hero can also learn new and customizable skills to change your way of fighting.

Diverse game modes

At this point, the game offers lots of engaging game modes for your maximum competition. If you want to participate in solo matches, the Duel mode will be a great choice. Also, gamers can assemble a team of 4 players for a team match. The ranking mode is also a good choice for those who want to prove themselves. Besides, you can also access some other modes, such as Fight For Cash or King of the Hill.

Create a guild to fight

In Call of Mini Infinity, you can join a guild or create yours. Then, you can make more friends chat and fight together. Also, players can join many Guild challenges to build their reputation. You can also join guild members or friends to participate in attractive co-op quests.

Special map

Call of Mini Infinity has content about alien wars. Therefore, the battle locations are also very interesting. Specifically, players can be placed in large spaceships or some other new location on the planet Caron.

Call of Mini Infinity MOD APK

The design

Call of Mini Infinity has the idea of ​​alien warfare. However, the design of the game is a bit cute. Specifically, the characters are built in a lovely chibi style. Beautiful 3D graphics and many impressive combat effects are also the plus points. Also, the game’s sound system is incredibly powerful, such as the sound of combat or environment.


Call of Mini Infinity is an entertaining shooting game. It offers interesting features in terms of gameplay, characters, and many attractive game modes. Right now, you can download various versions of the game for free at the link below. If you have any questions about it, please leave your comments in this article. Thanks and have fun!

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