CamScanner V6.0.0.20210907 [MOD, PREMIUM]

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Camscanner is a modern productivity app. It helps users improve their working efficiency by making your phone’s camera a scanner. Besides, the app will convert and turn documents into PDF format for convenient storage and sharing. Moreover, Camscanner also works simply and stably on many different types of devices. If you are interested in this app, please follow our reviews below.

About Camscanner – Scanner to scan PDF

Today, digital documents have become an indispensable need for daily work. It requires users to have a variety of tools to create and edit their documents. At this point, Camscanner is one of the best applications, which is developed by INTSIG Information Co., Ltd. It allows you to scan any document and convert them to PDF. In simple and effective ways, this application always satisfies the needs of all users.

CamScanner Premium APK

Salient features

Easily scanning any document in high quality

Camscanner uses your phone’s default camera to scan all kinds of documents. You can do it simply by pointing the camera towards your document to scan and click start. Also, the app uses intelligent crop and enhancement technology to help you have a higher quality picture before using it for other jobs.

Extract text and print documents easily

At this point, Camscanner uses a visual signature recognition feature, which helps users recognize the text in the document. From there, you can easily extract those documents for searching or editing. Moreover, it will also support printing documents via printer or even Fax to more than 30 different countries instantly.

Share and synchronize documents on multiple platforms

Camscanner’s document scanning will help you create PDF or JPEG files easily. Those files will be extremely convenient to share with other users via messages, emails, or anything else. Besides, users can also use the sync feature by logging in with an account in this app.

Easily searching

Once you have too many documents on your computer, finding what you need becomes a lot more difficult. At this point, Camscanner will help you in sorting documents into tags so you can easily find them. Besides, the ORC technology will also be great for you to search within images and notes.

Advanced document editing

In Camscanner, users can create annotations in documents with the available editing tools. Besides, users can also personalize the documents by adding custom watermarks. There will be many more editing operations that can be used whenever you want.

Secure your document

If you want to protect your content, Camscanner also supports this very well. By adding a passcode to documents that you consider important. What’s more, you can also protect the document as soon as you send the document download links so that others won’t see it.

CamScanner Premium APK MOD

What’s more in Camscanner Premium?

Camscanner Premium is a premium version. It will offer more advanced features, including:

  • Unlocked the ORC feature.
  • Download PDF files in web application.
  • Secure the shared link.
  • Add 10 Gb of cloud storage.
  • Add ID scan mode.
  • Remove ads and watermarks.
  • Collage documents.
  • Digital Signature.

To get Camscanner Premium, users will need to pay $ 4.99 a month and $ 49.99 a year. If you are not ready to upgrade to a premium package, please see the following section.

Get Camscanner Premium for free

To download Camscanner Premium for free, readers can refer the link at the end of this article. After that, you just need to install this app on your Android phone as usual.


Overall, Camscanner is a useful application for everyone to scan, store, and share your documents. It has many great features to satisfy all users. If you want the latest version of Camscanner Premium, please see the link at the end of this post. Don’t forget to follow and rate this app if you find it useful. Thanks and have fun!

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