Candy Crush Saga MOD APK V1.219.0.6 [Unlimited Life/Moves]

  • App Name: Candy Crush Saga
  • MOD Features: Unlimited Life/Moves
  • Operating system: Android
  • Developer:
  • Version:
  • Category: Casual
  • Size: 124 Mb
  • Price: free
  • Requires: 4.4
  • Update: January 25, 2022 at 15:03
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Candy Crush Saga is the most attractive and famous Match-3 game in the world. Players can join the great journey to discover, arrange and destroy the cute candy. For those who love the multicolored sweet candy, you will find this game extremely interesting, even addictive. Please join us to learn about this game right now!

Candy Crush Saga – an addictive sweet candies game

Candy Crush Saga is an interesting game that has been marketed since 2012. At first glance, it has similarities with many traditional match-3 games. But the main difference is that the sweet candies bring the unexpected appeal. Besides, the vivid images make gamers cannot give up this game.

What is Candy Crush Saga

Also, the game is rated as a very attractive game for every player. It has a beautiful game interface, lively sound and sweet candy, which is suitable for all ages. You can quickly immerse yourself into the game and want to quickly pass the levels.

In addition, the game is also integrated into smartphone applications. It can easily be linked to Facebook. So, players can easily invite friends to play and have more.

How many levels does Candy Crush Saga have?

By the end of 2019, Candy Crush Saga has provided players on mobile and Facebook with 5735 levels. On Win10, it is 5825 levels. This number is really huge. Currently, there are very few games that have this number of game levels. Of course, the game will continue to update many more levels in the future.

However, for those who like Candy, this is a great thing. Players can comfortably play without interruption. Also, the game helps players satisfy their passion for conquering.

How many levels does Candy Crush Saga have

Players will be immersed in a colorful space with vibrant sounds. Hardly anyone can escape these sweet candies’ attraction. Candy Crush Saga will have some special points, such as:

  • The game has had over 1 trillion playing times since its launch.
  • On average, there will be about 18 billion different games each month.
  • Currently, the game has the biggest number of levels in the gaming community.
  • Sunday is the day that gamers play Candy Crush Saga the most.
  • This game is popular worldwide. Even there are players in Antarctica.
  • This is the most favorite game of puzzle game enthusiasts.

Along with its unique features, Candy Crush Saga has received great attention from smart mobile users and especially Android.

How to play Candy Crush Saga with unlimited lives

Candy Crush Saga is an addictive game but it only gives players 5 turns, which makes many players feel uncomfortable. When gamers use up all the turns, it takes 30 minutes for each turn recovery. However, there is one trick to help you get unlimited game turns.

Playing Candy Crush Saga unlimited live

It is to change the time on the phone with the following:

  1. Go to settings, navigate to time settings.
  2. After that, you can set the time to increase to about 1 hour or 1 day. This step is like you are setting a normal time.
  3. Go back into the game. Then, you can check to see if the lives have been added or not.
  4. Go to settings to reset the phone time.

The procedure is so simple that you will not worry about being blocked. Gamers can play freely as long as you like.

The game rules of Candy Crush Saga

If you have ever played Match-3 games, you will definitely find Candy Crush Saga very familiar, specifically:

  • The screen has many boxes with candy of different colors. There are about 6 colors in the game.
  • Swap 2 candies to match a set of 3 of the same color with the other candies. After that, the set will explode and new candies will immediately appear.
  • When you match 4 or 5 candies at the same time, you will create special candy with greater power.

Besides, Candy Crush Saga has new improvements in gameplay, which makes the game more tactical and intensive:

  • Each stage will have a fixed number of lives according to the level of the game.
  • Swapping 2 special candies together will create a special effect such as exploding vertically or horizontally.
  • Many game modes and play styles are placed alternately.
  • If you use all of your turns but still not get a goal, you must play again.

For the Match-3 game genre, gamers will need to play it again to increase the score. Sometimes, it is not possible to overcome the highest point, so it is easy to cause boredom.

How to play Candy Crush Saga

However, the game is different because the player does not play to get high scores. Instead, you just play to complete the level. After finishing each level, you can unlock the next. It will not make you bored at all.

Besides, the turn-based gameplay does not force the player to focus entirely on the game screen. Even if you are playing and have anything you need to do. You can stop the game immediately without losing it. This is great for those who require fast gameplay.

The tips for beginners

  • Players can be taken to a stage without going through the map. The game will guild you on how to do it.
  • The first game mode is quite simple. You just need to get to the required score is okay.
  • Also, the first map stages are easy so players can finish the first part in about 1 hour without any problems.
  • The game is very simple, with detailed instructions for the player.
  • Besides, the time of the first stage is long, making a strong impression on the player.

When playing a game, many factors help the player return to the game, including:


Each time you play the game, you will have 5 hearts. During the game, you will lose a heart if you lose a game. When you finish all the hearts, you have to wait for the heart to recover and continue playing. Besides, you can buy them with money.

Besides, this factor helps players play again. If the heart is out, it will be in a state of losing. At this point, gamers have to wait until it is full of heart to play.

Receiving a heart in Candy Crush Saga

When you win a game, the new player continues to the next one. Also, you can have 1 heart by watching 1 ad. The heart is also a factor in making money in Candy Crush Saga.

Lucky spin

Every day, you can join a lucky spin to get free rewards, such as free hart, free move or some supporting items.

Treat Calendar

Players need to return to the game continuously to receive higher rewards. If the player takes a day off, the reward will reset from the beginning.

Some ways of making money in the game

Not simply a game with sweet candy, you can also make money in Candy Crush Saga. Here are some ways to make money for players:

Treasure Ahead

Gift boxes will be scattered on the maps and have different time limits. Players should not play so fast to be able to gain gift boxes. This is a psychological phenomenon that people often do everything to avoid loss.

How to make money and gifts in Candy Crush Saga

If players open the gift box, they will have the opportunity to try the great items inside the gift box.

In-Game Currency

The currency in Candy Crush Saga is Gold, which can be used even offline. You can use Gold to buy more turns or hearts. Some particularly difficult levels will give players a small amount of gold.

The events in the game

This section will encourage players to play faster to gain the gifts of the event. If you want to play faster, players need to play more times a day or have to use money, power-up available to speed up the game.

Ways of promotion in Candy Crush Saga

In the game, there are some very popular ways to promote the game, specifically:

For heart

When you are out of life and don’t want to wait passively, you can ask your friend’s help via Facebook request. Also, this feature helps old players to return to the game. When anyone accepts your invitation, you will get a heart.

Pop-up add friend daily

This formula is like a form of luring the player to click the button accidentally. Sometimes, players are very excited about the game then they just press all the buttons without thinking. This feature will now take effect, send notifications to all friends of the player.


Candy Crush Saga is a simple but addictive game. It has lots of advanced features for players to enjoy one of the best games in the world. Each level has many different interesting things to learn. The higher you go, the more colorful candies you will see. If you require an entertaining game with a beautiful image and a little calculation, the game is a perfect choice for you. Also, we share a special version of the game named Candy Crush Saga MOD, which will provide you with better features (unlocked) for players. Readers can download and install the game at the link below.

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