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Currently, mobile games are constantly being improved with extremely diverse genres. In addition to relaxing after a stressful working day, the games also help players connect easily with friends. Also, they can make friends in four directions not only in the country but also all around the world. Those who love mobile sports games surely cannot forget the great product Carrom Pool (Carrom Disc Pool). So far, it has had more than 100 million downloads on mobile stores. Please join us to find out more about the game right now!

About Carrom Pool

The game Carrom Pool is an entertaining product with the advantage of playing both online and offline modes. In the game, there are fancy coins placed on the table. At this point, players have to use a black coin to shoot at other ones. Gamers will win when they shoot all the coins in the hole.

Carrom Pool is an attractive sports game for mobile phones

Besides, it includes many exciting matches with two simple game modes, Carrom and Disc Pool. Also, players not only can invite more friends to play with but also challenge the world’s top players in the arena.

Carrom Pool has simple gameplay, smooth control and realistic physics. It is very good to relieve stress at work for players. Also, the game helps players to freely express their style in the arena mode.

The game’s development progress

Carrom is the first table game, which was first available in India, and quickly popular with many different names in the Middle East and South Asia. Besides, the game is often played a lot in clubs, cafes or at home with different gameplays and rules. Also, it was a popular game in England and Russia in the early 20th century.

In November 2018, the game was released by international video game and entertainment company Miniclip SA. This developer was founded in 2001 with the head office in Switzerland. It has released over 1,000 different super games. After the internet and technology broke out, Carrom was developed into a video game for tablets and smartphones called Disc Pool Carrom. After that, it was Carrom Pool.

The key features of Carrom Pool

Like other hot games on the market, this game also has many outstanding features, specifically:

  • Players can still play games without the internet.
  • Carrom Pool provides a large gaming community.
  • In the game, physical rules are applied to make the game more authentic.
  • Every day, players receive a gold chest. If you were lucky enough, you would win great prizes.
  • Besides, the pieces (or Pucks) and the striker pieces will be unlocked if the player has enough gold. It helps you increase accuracy. Also, provided that you have enough gold and gems, you can upgrade Pucks and unlimited pieces of strikers.
  • Moreover, players can earn unlimited coins and gems when they are online.
  • Gamers can compete with the world’s top players in the glorious arena.

How to play Carrom Pool

Compositions: Carrom Pool game always consists of 3 pieces, chess pieces (Pucks), pieces of strikers, pieces of the queen.

  • Chess pieces: 18 pieces (excluding the queen) are the pieces surrounding the queen. Each side has 93 pieces of different colors (usually black and white). They have many names such as coins, seeds, chess pieces or pucks, which are the chess piece for counterattacking, attacking and hindering other opponent’s pieces.
  • Striker: The striker piece is usually bigger than the Pucks. Gamers can use them to push the Pucks and Queen pieces into the hole and score.
  • Queen: The queen piece is red, which is at the center of the circle. If a player places a queen in a hole, they will get x3 points.

Carrom Pool has a fun and addictive gameplay

Usually, the player will have 4 minutes. During this, you have to score as many points as possible (ie use his striker to shoot pieces of Pucks of the specified color into the hole). If you use your strikers to shoot the opponent’s Pucks piece into the hole, you will score points. Also, after the player has shot all the pieces of Pucks into the hole, it is possible to shoot the queen piece into the hole to win the game. However, the queen is the last piece to shoot or you will be punished by adding a piece of your pucks on the table. Besides, adhering to the principles of physics such as slope, zigzag lines, the effect of speed… They not only increase the difficulty but also help players to have an interesting and realistic experience.

The common questions about the game Carrom Pool

What operating systems does Carrom Pool run on?

Currently, players can download games on operating systems such as Android, iOS, even download to a PC with the Windows operating system.

Does Carrom Pool cost players the money to download?

No, it does not. Carrom Pool is completely free for gamers to download. During the game, you can also plow to accumulate gold, gems…

Does this game allow players to choose an opponent to compete with?

Currently, the game only random pairing mode no matter what mode you are playing. Hopefully, it will improve and invite friends to create rooms for players to have the highest matches.

What should we do if we cannot exit and re-enter the game?

Carrom Pool will have two issues related to game errors including:

  • Firstly, it may be due to an error from your phone like an update or a full space. At this point, you can delete other files to save the space for the game, or turn off/on the phone.
  • Secondly, it may be the fault of the game system. At this point, players may delete the game and download it again. If the error persists, please send a request to the game publisher as soon as possible.

Carrom Pool is free to download for mobile phones

Instructions to download and install Carrom Pool MOD for Android

To install the game, you make sure your Android operating system is Android 4.1+. Also, the internet connection is strong enough to be able to download the game. The game is over 30MB in size, so players can clean their phones to ensure sufficient download capacity. Players can download the game for free at the end of this article. After finishing the download, you can follow the steps to install the game below:

  • Step 1: Click on the downloaded APK file and select “Install” to begin.
  • Step 2: If your phone asks for installing the file from an unknown source, please agree with it. Then, you look in the list of games-application and activate it with this game on the right.
  • Step 3: Redo the installation and wait for the game to complete.


Above is all the information about Carrom Pool for those who are passionate about unique entertainment games. We hope to bring you useful information for you to better understand this game. Besides, if you are interested or are looking for games to entertain, do not hesitate to download Carrom Pool MOD APK to have fun and play with friends. Thanks and have fun!

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