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Clash Mini is a new strategy game from the developer Supercell for mobile phones. It continues to take ideas from the characters that have been built by Supercell in previous games. They will act as heroes in fresh duels in extremely special square maps. After a long time, Auto Chess games are not as hot as before. However, the appearance of Clash Mini will be a somewhat bold idea of ​​the developer Supercell. I believe that Clash Mini still has special features, enough to attract players once again to tactical matches.

Clash Mini – A very new strategy game

How to play

Clash Mini will use available Supercell heroes in some previous games as warriors. In each match, players can choose 1 hero and 5 soldiers to participate in a battle. Those 5 minions will randomly appear in 3 slots in the elixir shop. There are 8 players against each other in a game. The competition mechanism will be greatly shortened compared to other traditional Auto Chess games, helping the match in Clash Mini only last from 5 to 7 minutes.

Clash Mini mod

Besides, the mechanism of buying and arranging soldiers will be an important factor that any player needs to pay attention to. First, gamers will need the elixir points to buy soldiers, which is displayed in the purple bar at the bottom of the screen. You will start the match with 6 elixir points. They will increase after each match. The price of minions can fluctuate. If you can buy cheap minions, you are very lucky. Also, if you want to refresh the shop, you will need 2 elixirs. Next, players need to research and arrange the soldiers on the positions with the size of 4×4 cells. The formation can have a big influence on the whole game result. Therefore, you need to play a lot to gain experience.

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Fun arenas

Clash Mini refers to many attractive arenas such as Electro, Fish, Healing, Windy… Each will bring a solid box that players can use to change tactics for matches. For example, in the Electro arena, if you put a minion or hero on a special slot. That unit will immediately teleport to the enemy team’s backline or the Healing arena. Furthermore, the units on the special tile will increase their resistance and another effect. Remember your opponent’s special tiles will not be in the same position as yours, so the prediction of the special tile will not be accurate.

Game modes

Clash Mini offers two game modes, consisting of Duel and Rumble. They will also be divided into ranking and casual matches. At this point, the gameplay of the matches will basically include 8 players. 4 people will play in a circle to find a winner and fight the winner of the remaining 4 to find the champion. To play the ranking mod, you need a challenge coin which you can get every day through rewards, quests or buy in the store. Also, Clash Mini’s rank levels are from bronze 3 to legendary. The game always motivates players to earn ranking points.

Hero and upgrade system

In Clash Mini, heroes are powerful warriors for battles. The maximum level is 10. While fighting, attacking heroes will gain mana points. When the energy bar is full, the heroes will perform their skills. It can be an attack skill or a team support skill depending on the hero.

Soldiers in Clash Mini are also an equally important component when supporting heroes in battle. You will unlock minions starting with 0 stars through precious chests. After that, you can continue to open more chests to multiply for the points. I will call the spirit experience points. If that experience point hits any star milestones, your minions will immediately be upgraded to that number of stars and gain some power. In addition, if you want your minions to have additional skills, you will need to combine 2 similar minions that will help your minions to increase their fighting ability a lot.

Clash Mini mod apk

The graphics

It will not be too surprising when Clash Mini inherits almost all of the designs of previous games of Supercell. It has cute cartoon-style characters, high-quality visuals, an interesting fighting style, and extremely attractive skill effects.

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We have just given you all the necessary information about the game Clash Mini. Readers can also know what you need to prepare and do before you start playing it. There will be many more interesting things inside this game that you will learn more about during the game. Players can download the game at the link below. Have fun!

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