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Clash Quest is a new strategy game from developer Supercell for mobile phones. It is different from their previous strategy games because it is turn-based matches that offer many exciting matches and many surprises. Please join us to find out more about the game below!

Clash Quest – An engaging puzzle and strategy game

How to play

In the beginning, players will need to know the principle of how their heroes operate. Specifically, they will be placed on a 3×4 or 4×4 square table with many different heroes. Same heroes that stand next to each other in a straight or horizontal row (except diagonal) will be able to trigger combos. The more heroes standing next to each other, the more damage will be.

Clash Quest really has very interesting gameplay but it is also difficult to get used to and understand gameplay. First, it is a turn-based game which means you attack one turn and the opponent attacks one turn. It is important for you to use your turn well to win. Next, players will need to research how to get the most effective attack combos.

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After your attacks, heroes will disappear and new ones will step forward to create a new formation. Besides, the number of heroes will be limited and you will see the number of heroes remaining at the bottom of the screen. At this point, gamers should pay attention because their heroes will lose blood under the opponent’s attacks. They may die. At this point, they cannot create damage. Furthermore, players should activate low-health heroes’ attacks before they’re meaninglessly lost.

Quests and tournaments

Clash Quest provides you with many attractive missions. They are mainly for players to practice and accumulate rewards. Players will experience battles on mysterious islands and get achievements by getting a perfect score. The more stars you get, the faster you will open tournaments. If you get 70 stars, you can open the tournament and compete with many other players. In addition, players can also join clans to chat with others for more fun.

Heroes and Squad

In Clash Quest, the heroes of the world of Clash of Clans will once again be called back. However, but only a few of them were brought in to fight. Perhaps, more heroes will be added in the next updates. The player’s task will be to try to collect the heroes to be able to create more squads.

Besides, upgrading heroes is also very necessary and important. First, you need to collect a lot of Elixir points of heroes. You can then use gold to upgrade them and gain bonus stats in attack and health. A squad consisting of thoroughly upgraded heroes will help you easily win in difficult matches later.

Equipment and additional powers

In Clash Quest, players can access some basic spells to use in matches. Some of them allow you to directly attack enemy formations. Besides, others help you to change the position of heroes. You should consider using those supports correctly in each key phase of the game to gain an advantage.

Also, Clash Quest has additional power-ups, giving players an advantage such as Rage Bomb, Fireball, etc. Players can upgrade powers to increase their range and damage. In addition, players can collect more equipment for the hero, which will help them change both appearance and strength.

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The graphics

Clash Quest inherits a lot in terms of design from Supercell’s games. Heroes are inherited from the original version including their skills. Players will certainly get a great experience in both sound and image.


Above is the basic information about the game Clash Quest. Thereby, readers can get more understanding before deciding to engage in its strategic matches. Right now, you can download the game for free at the link below. Don’t forget to share and rate it if you find this game attractive. Have fun!

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