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Coin Master is a traditional Casual game, which is one of the most outstanding games on Android phones and other mobile platforms. In the game, players will have the opportunity to participate in a gambling game when they are spinning a slot machine. Thereby, you can do many interesting activities to interact with other players in different ways. Coin Master will be the most unique game that you should try.

About Coin Master

This is a popular game that is not familiar to many people. So far, it has achieved over 100 million downloads from the Google Play store. The actual number that users download it on other platforms will probably be even more and more. Besides, Coin Master is developed and distributed by Moon Active. However, this is still their only game on the mobile store. This game has been successful when it comes to huge global sales, bringing in huge profits for its developers. Up to now, the developer has constantly updated and upgraded its features to attract more players.

Coin Master is an attractive game for everyone

Addictive gameplay

Coin Master is an innovative and highly addictive game. It exploits every player’s competition. By using a lucky spin with three different lines, the game helps players make their lucky spins. You will receive items on those 3 rounds. Moreover, it will be best when all three spins achieve the same symbol. To spin, players will need to use energy points, which are very difficult to find. At this point, you will have to wait for them to recover after long periods or buy them in the store.

Coin Master has many interesting points

In Coin Master, you have to build a base on the provided islands. Players will develop their islands but players can also join other people’s island raids to occupy resources. This will be the most attractive when players keep taking revenge and attacking each other. Sometimes, you will be very disappointed when their island is collapsed.

Pros and cons of Coin Master

Coin Master has achieved many sale milestones in the market. So we cannot help but mention the outstanding advantages as follows:

  • Unique feature of the game attracts players of all ages.
  • Besides, the game allows users to link with friends to play together.
  • Coin Master has a unique image and image of an unprecedentedly interesting character.
  • Besides, the game features are clear and easy to understand for new players.

Along with the outstanding advantages, we also need to pay attention to a few disadvantages of the game, such as:

  • Sometimes, players get out of the game because of a problem, which causes players uncomfortable.
  • The internet connection of the game still has some minor problems.

The outstanding features

Coin Master was developed with many outstanding features. This helps the game attract a large number of players. Please see the section below for more detail:

  • Players can connect with friends by using Facebook links.
  • The game is popular worldwide.
  • Also, its story of pirates is portrayed honestly in the game.
  • The image of the pirate Pig is very cute, which attracts players a lot.
  • Players will receive lucky spins immediately and have the opportunity to earn super awesome gifts.

Meaning and usage of items in Coin Master

Bag of gold coins

In the game, the bag of gold coins is called The Bag of Coin. It produces many pieces of coins for players. Besides, you can get coin bags without getting the same horizontal items. Instead, you can get coin when it appears on one of the three horizontal boxes. When you spin all three boxes of The Bag of Coin, you will get 4 times coin number.

The attacking hammer

In the game, you can use “The Hammer” to attack someone. It looks very similar to Thor’s stuff – the Mjollnir thunder hammer. When players connect with friends around, they can choose areas to attack in the opponent’s village. In the game, you may get attacked by the system if you are using the guest account.

Also, every time gamers enter an opponent’s village to attack, they will receive random gifts, which will depend on the area the player is attacking. Meanwhile, the work’s stars of the opponent will be reduced.

The bandit Pig

In the game, the bandit pig is called The Pig Bandit. They are in the shape of grinning pig. The Coin Master, the pig wear a mask inspired by the thieve design.

The Pig in Coin Master is so mischievous and cute

When spinning, if a player spins 3 robotic pigs simultaneously, he can “jump” to another village to steal gold. This interesting feature enhances the player’s experience than other games.

After the player “sneaks” to the opponent’s village to steal items, they have three times stealing. But players will see here there are four boxes and a big red X. So what’s in those 4 big X’s? In 4X, there is 1 empty cell, 1 cell has the largest amount of gold; the other 2 cells are normal. The gold that the player steals will be taken from the account of the opponent.

Defensive shield

The defense shield is called The Shield. Whenever the player’s home is attacked, this shield will help them to block attacks. The shields will corresponds to an attack. At this point, the maximum number of shields the player can accumulate is three. So, the value of the shield gives players is to preserve the full value of the works in each shield.

However, every time you block the opponent’s attack, your opponent still has to lose 50,000 gold coins. But you cannot defend with shields when your opponent uses the bandit pig to steal your goal.

Energy capsule

The energy capsule is called Capsule. If the player spins 3 Capsule boxes, he will receive 10 free spins by Coin Master.

Coin Master has many common questions from players

The common questions about Coin Master

Which operating system can download the game Coin Master?

The game is a constantly improving game. Players can download the application on both iOS and Android operating systems.

Is Coin Master free or paid for?

The game is created completely free of charge by Moon Active. However, players may have to pay to buy something in the game with real money.

How can we get free spins?

In the game, there are many different ways to get free spins. You can follow the tasks, view ads, invite friends, join events and more.

How many levels does Coin Master have?

As of June 2020, Coin Master has 266 villages corresponding to 266 levels. They will continue to increase in the future with upcoming updates.

In Coin Master, what do stars mean?

In the game Coin Master, the stars show the player’s rank. As you build villages and collect things, you will get more stars.

What is the card in Coin Master?

The in-game card collection will consist of 9 cards. To complete it, gamers need to collect tags with the same topic. If you collect all the cards, you will receive free spins and gifts on each completion.


The above is all the necessary information about the great game Coin Master. We hope that it will help gamers better understand the game. If gamers like Coin Master, do not hesitate to download it to “spin, attack, loot and build a pirate empire”. Please see the download link at the end of this article. Do not forget to send us your idea about the game. Thanks and have fun!

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