Cooking Fever V12.0.0 [MOD, Unlimited Coins/Gems]


Cooking Fever is a famous cooking game in the market. It brings you closer to the world of delicious dishes from around the world. Also, players need to do a lot of tasks, such as cooking, learning recipes, or even managing their food chain. Please join us to learn about this addictive management game below!

The story

Cooking Fever is the story of Michelle’s journey to becoming a world-famous chef. You will start the game as a dedicated chef in the journey to build a culinary empire. At this point, players need to learn more about the arts of cooking, management, and sales. Specifically, gamers can try to make different foods and unique dishes. After that, you can continue to expand your restaurant chain to other locations. Your story can continue to be extended with many challenges.

Cooking Fever MOD

The gameplay

Coming to Cooking Fever, players will start working in a small shop as a cooker. You will begin to serve guests from all over the city with hot dishes. However, in this initial process, players will be able to serve very few customers because the kitchen space is small and the dishes are limited. At this point, you need to work hard to accumulate money and gain more experience. From there, you can expand the kitchen with more facilities. Besides, your customers will increase every day. Now, you need a new store to meet their needs. In the game, the levels will continue to be developed, in which players will need to be more active and show off their culinary talents to become the best chef in the world.

The key features

Discover and collect many new recipes

Cooking Fever uses hundreds of ingredients to give you cooking practice. It allows you to freely create thousands of dishes. Also, the ingredients and recipes will be continuously increased through the updates. You will be free to explore and learn about the dishes in this game.

Unlock many restaurant locations

Besides, the cool thing about Cooking Fever is that players can move to more places and open new restaurants there. You will visit them to research and unlock all the features. After that, players can start with a few restaurants in the city. When you have enough conditions, you can go further to other places such as beaches or on Alpine mountains. Moreover, the cuisine and the customers in each location are different, which will bring different gameplay for you.

Diverse levels and challenges

Cooking Fever has grown to over 1000 different levels and will continue to increase in the future. With each level, players will need to complete different missions. They won’t be too hard for you. Usually, most of them are the jobs that you do important in the cooking process. Also, you need to finish the levels one by one in a sequence.

Upgrade and customize your restaurant

In Cooking Fever, gamers not only learn how to cook, but also learn how to design. Specifically, you will have to customize your kitchen with hundreds of upgrades and enhancements. These upgrading jobs will help you to serve and attract more customers better. From there, you can get more money and will soon become a billionaire.

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The design

Cooking Fever has simple and accessible graphics. The game only offers 2D images but they will be extremely beautiful and still have varied motion effects. Besides, players can see steaming and hot dishes as well as the satisfaction of customers when enjoying the food. Also, the game is also played on a playful music background, making the game a true entertainment game.


Overall, Cooking Fever is one of the best entertaining cooking games on mobile. It offers the player full features related to kitchen operations, sales and decorations. Also, it works in a simple way and suitable for all ages. Readers can download Cooking Fever MOD for Android phones for free at the link below. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

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