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Shooting is always one of the top choices for gamers when looking for a game to play. In particular, shooting games always bring a special feeling for those who love thrills as well as dramatic action. It is not only fun but also a place for you to perform your critical shooting skills. With the increasingly diverse needs of players today, game makers have been trying to produce great shooters to attract players. Mobile games are not just for entertainment, but it is also a place for friends to reconnect and play. Today, we would like to introduce to you a great shooting game, Cover Fire. This is the most attractive choice with many advanced features. Please join us in this article to find out more about this interesting game right now!

About Cover Fire

Cover Fire is a shooter with stunning 3D graphics. It was developed exclusively for mobile platforms. It promises to give players great experiences with intense and fierce gun battles.

Besides, Cover Fire has a story about an evil force called Tetracorp who wants to dominate the planet. At this point, players will be in the role of the resistance force, who tries to fight and regain peace for humanity. By using the three main characters alternately, each of which can use different weapons suitable for each mission.

Cover Fire MOD APK is an action shooting game on mobile

Cover Fire puts players on fast-paced storyline missions and uses fighting styles like Assault, Sniper, Heavy, or Support. Also, the modern control mechanism will give you a unique FPS game experience. Specifically, your missions include blasting the jeep, controlling the drone, controlling and killing other drones, or even killing zombies. Besides, the game has an HD graphics background with a sharp and detailed environment, bringing a sense of realism and life. Everything interacts with you and your army.

In Cover Fire, players will have the opportunity to become a true soldier in online combat mode, putting yourself on an adventurous adventure with non-stop action against other players. Moreover, the game will provide you with a huge arsenal of high-fidelity weapons including pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, grenades… Also, you can form a squad with interesting soldiers, such as hackers, snipers… Besides, you can unlock new characters. You can challenge your best friend in a story mode, Fight against Tetracorp, and lead your army of mercenaries to win all missions.

The gameplay

Cover Fire focuses on action shooting gameplay. It has familiar motifs for all players. In the game, you will transform into a special character with a unique weapon. Specifically, the game will take you through different locations with given missions. You will be in a certain position to confront the enemies. Cover Fire ignores the player’s ability to move but focuses more on bloody shooting and firing effects. You will complete the missions when you destroy all enemies at the requested location. After that, you will receive rewards corresponding to your performance.

Cover Fire MOD APK has attractive gameplay

In Cover Fire, players cannot miss the most exciting and attractive thing that is the purchase and upgrade of weapons. You can use the rewards you earned to do that. Also, various special weapons and equipment are waiting for you to upgrade. The more powerful weapons you have, the more interesting your battle will be.

Notes when playing the game Cover Fire

  • Cover Fire is a shooting game. In which, you have to join a fight with others so it is violent that is not suitable for kids. At this point,, players must be sure to be over 18 years old to participate in downloading and playing the game.
  • Besides, the game is completely free to download and play. But some items and quests require you to spend real money to buy to be able to complete and continue playing.
  • Cover Fire is very heavy with realistic graphics. Therefore, players have to make sure your phone has enough capacity and configuration before downloading and using it.
  • Also, all mobile games contain advertisements. It is given by the application developer. At this point, you can wait until all the ads are finished then continue playing.

The outstanding features of Cover Fire

  • The game helps players experience a new 3D FPS shooting game, join the resistance and take command like a professional sniper. In the game, you have to take action and survive on the frontlines, shoot to take down your enemies in special battles, and survive in this 3D sniper game.
  • Besides, the modern gameplay and intuitive controls give you a fun and addictive fight. In the battle, players can shoot to take down the enemy and unleash the ferocity of this war. That is when you have received the call to save lives
  • Players become the best sniper in online tournament mode with non-stop fighting with other players. Don’t stop shooting during offline missions with this multiplayer fps sniper and commando game.
  • Players provide themselves with a huge arsenal of weapons. You have never seen such realistic guns in shooters: pistols, pistols, rifles, snipers, etc., you will feel like a real frontline commando.
  • Also, players will face the battlefield from different perspectives. In which, you have to change your mercenaries in real-time, find the last combo to win the final battle.
  • Players set up a team with unique roles, including hacker, sniper, killers… Besides, you can unlock new shooters and snipers. Specifically, you can get some new extreme characters like bazooka or sniper.

The design

Cover Fire owns a high-quality 3D design. Players can experience the match with a 3rd perspective. Besides, the game also provides a lot of realistic and impressive explosion effects. The missions seem to be getting more interesting. Besides, it also has a unique Slow Motion effect when finishing enemies that will delight all players.

Cover Fire MOD APK with quality design

Also, the sound of Cover Fire will certainly make players feel more excited. In addition to gunshots, players will experience many screaming sounds and lively environments that make battles more dramatic.


Above is all the information about the offline shooter Cover Fire for fans of sniper games, adventure, and the thrills of action games. We hope to bring you useful information for a better understanding of this game. This game will be a great choice for you. Readers can download the game at the link below. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

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