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  • App Name: Critical Ops: Reloaded
  • MOD Features: Original
  • Operating system: Android
  • Developer:
  • Version: 1.1.7.f179-60e82a1
  • Category: Action
  • Size: 617 Mb
  • Price: free
  • Requires: 4.2
  • Update: January 7, 2022 at 06:24
  • Get it from: Play Store


The 21st century is considered an era of technological booming. During this time, the world has come up with a lot of new technologies. Also, the old technics are developed and improved to suit the actual situation. You can see the development of technology on a historical scale. If you wanted to play video games in the 19th century, you had to use a big computer. But in the 21st century, you just need to use a compact laptop or a smartphone. Everything is optimized for the user. Moreover, the value of technology is more and more enhanced. In particular, the video game industry has emerged. In this article, we would like to introduce to you an exciting game, Critical Ops: Reloaded. Please join us to find out more about it right now!

About Critical Ops: Reloaded

This is a great shooting action game type with a first-person perspective and many outstanding features. Critical Ops: Reloaded has a video mode, helping players have a multi-dimensional perspective. Besides, another game, Counter-Strike, has a great influence on Critical Ops: Reloaded, making it have a first-person perspective with many people and targets.

Critical Ops is a great mobile shooting game

The game is developed by NHN Entertainment Corporation and Critical Force. This version is completely different from the previous one. Currently, it is popular in Korea and Asian countries.

Also, the game was developed in the form of a fighting game. In which players can join one of the two teams to fight each other. In the two teams, there is the League team and the Crime team. There will be goals that the two teams need to achieve. To complete the game, the two teams need to have certain strategies. Besides, the game is free.

The development and construction process of Critical Ops: Reloaded

Critical Ops appeared for the first time in September 2015 by Open Alpha. In the first phase of testing, Critical Ops was available on Google Play. In November 2018, the game was available with full features. You can easily find it on Google Play, App Store, or Amazon. Also, this game appears on the PC platform. Gamers could have played it through social networks like Facebook Gameroom in October 2017.

In September 2018, the game with widespread popularity had more than 34 million downloads. The version released in November is also the hottest version of Critical Ops: Reloaded. Because this is a fully-featured version with over 80 million downloads. Besides, it has global popularity and a strong explosion. So, it attracts a large number of gamers and has no less than 700,000 average daily users. This is a really impressive number that few games have achieved.

The game has a sophisticated development process

Besides, the first version of the game has the first version in Korea. However, it limited the users in this version. Although this is a game available on mobile phones, few players can download and play it.

2020 is a year to look forward to for Critical Ops: Reloaded. The game is optimized for user features. You can freely download games on different technology platforms. In August 2020, it was a golden time for Critical Ops: Reloaded to launch a new version, which promised many interesting and attractive things. Also, this time is when the game exploded.

Moreover, gaming experts said that it was the most promising game in 2020. The return of the game gives users unique features.

Advantages and disadvantages of Critical Ops: Reloaded

Critical Ops: Reloaded is an attractive fighting game, which has been attracting a large number of players because of its outstanding advantages such as:

  • User-optimized features
  • The experience in each game screen has a difference that does not cause boredom
  • Besides, the game combines with the social network so that players can easily connect with friends
  • This version is popular worldwide.
  • The game has improved the interface to become lively and attractive.
  • Also, it is an escape from the form of the previous version

In addition to the above advantages, the game still has some disadvantages, specifically:

  • The game has no offline mode.
  • Sometimes, players are suddenly out.

How to play the game

Critical Ops: Reloaded is a potential game with many outstanding features. Also, it has a huge fan base. Please refer to the section below to find out more about its gameplay:

Map and quests

In the old version, the game has 13 different maps. This feature is superior to other games of the same genre. In the new version, there are even more maps for you to enjoy. Depending on the type of map, you will be participating in different missions. Also, the game will put you in different fighting modes.

Game modes

The game provides you with diverse game modes. They are suitable for each mission and different maps. Players need to quickly adapt to the types of terrain on the map. However, the modes limited to 3 main modes. Players all over the world can easily get acquainted with the game.

The features of the guns

Critical Ops: Reloaded is a fighting game, in which the ultimate weapon is a gun. The developer has also given the gun special features. Also, they change the ADS mode in using guns. You should pay attention to set this mode to avoid jerky while playing. Besides, most guns are suitable for this mode. This skill can help you with some of the gameplay.

Critical Ops: Reloaded has many special guns

Chat with other players

The game allows you to chat with other players. Each of them can coordinate more smoothly with this mode. Also, players can share with each other during the battle. This is the new global version, which helps convey your voice to other people more effectively. Also, the communication efficiency is better.


The developer has upgraded the game and improved the interface. You can update it easily with the appropriate user interface. The game model will not disappoint.

The design

Critical Ops: Reloaded has modern technology with 3D graphics. It is impressive and beautiful. In the game, the maps are also in detail with a dense system of locations. Players can unleash many surprises inside it. Besides, in-game effects are also great for you to enjoy it. Gun battles with epic fire effects will make players passionate. Also, the sound is carefully invested with the gun system which takes the sound from real guns, throbbing footsteps, and many other sounds.

Critical Ops: Reloaded has high-quality graphics

Instructions to download and install Critical Ops: Reloaded APK for Android

Players need an Android 4.4 or higher to install the game because it has a high configuration, a lively interface, a huge amount of maps. Besides, the game is popular all over the world. The following section will guide you on how to download and install Critical Ops: Reloaded on the Android operating system.

  • Step 1: First, you go to the end of this article and find a link to download Critical Ops: Reloaded APK and OBB data.
  • Step 2: After successfully downloading, you move the OBB file to the folder “Phone/Android/obb” and extract it there. After opening the unzipped folder, you will see a small folder named “com.nhnent.cops”. At this point, you can move that folder to the path “Phone/Android /obb”.
  • Step 3: Go to the APK file and click on it to install the game.


Critical Ops: Reloaded is the new game, which is the return of Critical Ops. The game has many unique features, helping it become more and more attractive to players. They excite players by engaging quests. Besides, the challenges are difficult but not boring for players. Depending on the level of the game, the features will be promoted. Also, the mission and maps are diverse. We hope the above information can help you understand better about this game. Readers can download Critical Ops: Reloaded APK at the link below. If you have any questions about it, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

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