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Dancing Bullet is an entertaining game with attractive music content for Android phones. The game combines music and shooting with many interesting experiences. This casual music game is sure to please music enthusiasts. Please join us to find out more about the game right now!

Dancing Bullet: Dancing, shooting, and enjoying music

Dancing Bullet is a new product from developer Amanotes for mobile platforms. This is also the game maker of the famous games Magic Tiles 3 and Tiles Hop, which have been attracting tens of millions of players worldwide. Although the shooting music game is not a strange topic, the developer has continued to add dancing elements to make it more and more interesting. In addition to the attractive content elements, the game also has rather difficult gameplay. It requires players to improve their ability to complete the challenge from the songs.

Dancing Bullet MOD

Choose your favorite song to play

Like many other games of the same genre, players will start Dancing Bullet by choosing a song. Then you will be controlling a character holding a gun, which will stand at a position on the track and wait for the blocks to run. There will be three different paths for the blocks to move to. At this point, the player’s task is to shoot all the blocks and the bonus.

To shoot at blocks, gamers use their fingers and control the center of the gun towards the blocks. Your character will automatically shoot to break blocks and create unique visual and sound effects. The most difficult point of the tuning game is that you have to quickly move the gun focus towards the direction of the blocks. It’s really hard to control for beginners. You will only have 3 lives corresponding to 3 hearts for characters. If you let the blocks escape, you will lose one life.

The game will end when you run out of lives or your song ends. After finishing a level, gamers will receive rewards. Moreover, players should try to complete the song with 3 stars to get more achievements.

Buy special guns to shoot

Try to collect diamonds to enter the store and start shopping. Dancing Bullet has two types of guns including pistols and rifles. Each will be designed in a very beautiful and attractive way. However, the gun will not bring any advantage to your music but only supports the creation of melodies during play. Besides, each type of gun will have a different sound. Every time you play, your character will carry both a pistol and a rifle. The shotgun will fire at times when there are few blocks or the song’s melody is slow. Until the tune is faster, the character will automatically change the long gun to fire.

Unlock beautiful characters

In Dancing Bullet, some beautiful guys and girls are modeled in Japanese Anime style. These characters also won’t give you any more chances to win. Two characters will help you add lives that are sold at a rather expensive price. However, most players choose to unlock the character because of the beauty factor. The character will have a more beautiful appearance and dance to help attract players to each tune of the song.

Dancing Bullet MOD APK

High-quality music

Besides, there is not much to say about the music of Dancing Bullet because songs are inherited from the previously famous music games of developer Amanotes. Specifically, they are in a variety of topics such as EDM, K-POP, C-POP. Moreover, they are constantly updated and delivered to you with the best sound quality.

Modern design

Dancing Bullet has high-quality design with many beautiful 3D images. Players will enjoy brilliant Neon lighting effects with shooting effects. Also, you can enjoy beautiful dances with nice characters that are meticulously designed in Anime style. Furthermore, the game’s operation is smooth, which is a plus point.


Above are our reviews of the music game Dancing Bullet for Android phones. Readers can download and enjoy it for free at the link below. Please let us know what you think about this game! Thanks and have fun!

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