Days After MOD APK V8.2.2 [Immortality/Max Durability]

  • App Name: Days After
  • MOD Features: Immortality/Max Durability
  • Operating system: Android
  • Developer:
  • Version: 8.2.2
  • Category: Simulation
  • Size: 160 Mb
  • Price: free
  • Requires: 5.0
  • Update: December 30, 2021 at 02:36
  • Get it from: Play Store


Days After is a new simulation game for adventure lovers. This game continues to exploit the idea of ​​a survival game for mobile phones. It is a journey in the apocalyptic world with many dangers and challenges. Right now, readers can discover the highlights of the game below.

The story

The apocalyptic background has been used in many games. With Days After, this is reproduced realistically once again. Specifically, your world has been brutally destroyed by a type of virus. It turned all living people and animals into walking corpses. They are very bloodthirsty and dangerous. As the only survivor, you will have a mission to survive in that world and find the mysteries behind the collapse of humanity. You might be the one who discovers the antidote and saves all of humanity.

Days After MOD

Familiar gameplay

So far, there have been many survival-fighting games in the market, in which many products are the big monuments in this genre that many people are used to. Currently, games of this genre have been released less than before because the developers have to invest more carefully to attract players. Days After is a highlight. It will bring gamers many interesting features for a more exciting survival story.

In the game, players will become the last survivor of the apocalyptic world. The surrounding is ruined with many dangers. At this point, gamers need to do their best to survive. By picking things up, building a house, and keeping yourself safe from battles, you can become a winner.

Outstanding Features

Collect a lot of resources

Days After simulates your real life with a variety of common resources on earth such as wood, stone, iron, leather, etc. You can exploit the resources you need from the raw materials available on the map. Players click on them to do the mining easily. However, you sometimes need to fight to get rarer materials.

Diverse crafting

After collecting the materials, players can use them to create the necessary item. Besides, you can use some of them directly for the character such as food, water, etc. To start making, the player can view the drawings and requirements for the materials needed to create them.

Diverse construction

In Days After, survival is the most important thing for all players. To do that well, players need to focus on building some important items. A base for shelter is a must for you because creating a safe base can help you protect yourself and store the resources better. Don’t die before you put your resources in the base otherwise you will lose all of them.

Exciting quest

Life in Days After is divided into different days and has a clear day and night circle. You will explore the land step by step and spend the day with additional quests such as collecting or slaying monsters. The tasks will continuously appear on the screen for players to follow. Through completing missions, players can gain more experience and many other valuable things.

Explore mysterious lands

Also, Days After is not only a land but it is an open world with many different places. You will be able to move through other areas with more resources but they hide more challenges. Of course, you cannot move continuously between lands but have to wait for energy to be restored.

Days After MOD APK

The design

The game has a very impressive and cool 3D design about the apocalypse. In which the wild and a bit deserted images of life for all players. In contrast to many other survival games, Days After uses bright and outstanding colors to help players play better. Also, the game uses many special effects in terms of lighting and viewing angles to give players a good impression.


Overall, Days After is an interesting game for those who want to experience a survival life. It brings a lot of interesting features for the best gaming experience. Here we provide you with a free-to-play mechanic. Readers can download Days After MOD for the android phone at the link below. Having fun!

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