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Dead Trigger 2 is an action shooting game from the developer MADFINGER. It is available from the first perspective that is quite attractive and impressive, making all Dead Trigger fans fidgety. Dead Trigger 2 will put you in a war of survival between humans and Zombies in a fierce world. Only the wise people with great weapons can survive and become the last survivors of the post-apocalyptic world. Please join us in this article to find out more about the game right now!

About Dead Trigger 2 – Zombie Game FPS shooter

This is an FPS shooting game that takes players to a parallel world, where you will join the fight against zombies to gain control of the earth. This game has been available since 2013. So far, it has gone through many updates and achieved incredible perfection. Also, the game is now in the Free-to-Play format instead of Pay-to-Play as the previous version. Even Dead Trigger has been converted to Free-to-Play format by the developer MADFINGER. At this point, players will play with the in-game purchases instead of paying to download. This is quite suitable for the current development direction.


The gameplay

Dead Trigger 2’s world takes place during an apocalypse. It is important to find a good hiding place. Specifically, a good shelter will help you fight dangerous zombies. Also, players will need to equip more knowledge about the types of zombies they are about to fight. The zombies will have unique strengths and weaknesses. So, you need to discover them so that you can easily win long battles. To attack the enemy, gamers will need strong firepower with a variety of weapons to choose from. Besides, the game also provides you with many other useful utilities and tools, such as pain relievers or grenades. Players need to go through diverse missions in the game to increase experience and accumulate rewards. Moreover, you can compete against two maps, consisting of the Pursuit Arena and the mortal arena. They have been designed to suit the highly competitive challenge.


In the game, the survivors are the main characters that players can use during the game. Each of them has special abilities, which can create different gameplay, specifically:
Tara Conlan: You are a Pittsburgh clinician. Besides, players know how to combine pain relievers, assemble supportive drugs and dress up those injured.
Buck Andrews: With this character, gamers will play a quiet person who never talks about his past. In the game, his purpose is to make weapons and use them.
Roberto Montero: He’s a good guy at improving things. After years of working, he becomes a tinkerer and an excellent homemaker.
Yusif Abubakar: At this point, the character is from Nigeria. His whole life has been spent dealing with shady, dangerous characters and money laundering.
Herman Adler: You are a researcher at the Max Planck Institute in Munich, who always wants to find ways to cure infected people.

Various Weapons and Items

Dead Trigger 2 offers an extremely versatile weapon system that includes many different types from melee weapons to long-range guns. Each of them will have a different introduction and usage. Also, they are used in different combat situations. Besides, the game offers some strange weapons with terrible power, such as Crossbow, Brainmill, Metal Storm, Area 51 Gun. Similar to weapons, the game provides many other items for supporting the player’s fighting process. They can also help your survive or earn more rewards.

Terrible Zombies

In Dead Trigger 2, there are 5 main types of zombies with special abilities. Some can attack from a distance like the Vomitron or others that can hit you and explode like Kamikaze, Scienfist. With each type of zombie, you will have the appropriate countermeasures. However, if you don’t know what to do, it’s best to keep your distance and shoot at them.


The graphics

Dead Trigger 2 has impressive graphics. It has various challenges and missions, which take players to new and non-repetitive locations. All landscapes are meticulously built in a modern 3D style in the ruined apocalypse world. Also, the game inherits many impressive effects from the previous version and some improvements within.


Dead Trigger 2 is an action game worth experiencing. It has great gameplay, weapons, monsters, and even visuals. Millions of players still play it every day. Of course, you should give it a try. Besides, we also have a free Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK available below with many other premium features. Have fun!

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