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Demons are things that always scare people because no one knows exactly what they are. Only the brave heroes stand up to hunt for such scary things. In which, Dante is the best monster hunter, who was built through the rich imagination of story writers. This character has also been featured in the famous game series Devil May Cry. The game has been released on many different platforms but it has only recently been available on mobile phones as the name Devil May Cry Mobile. Besides, the return of this game on mobile platforms will certainly make all fans of the character Dante and Devil May Cry excited. Please join us to find it out right now!

About Devil May Cry Mobile

Devil May Cry is an action-adventure game from the developer Capcom. It is set in modern times on the fictional island Mallet. The game focuses on Dante, a demon hunter. He uses his business to take revenge on the demons. In the game, Dante has to go on a long journey to defeat the demon lord Mundus.

Devil May Cry Mobile is a high-quality action game on mobile

The game originally started with the name Resident Evil 4. However, it changed and returned to its own story because the staff felt Resident Evil 4 was inappropriate. Besides, this game has received coverage on many media and received high evaluation from professional critics.

In 2019, the idea of developing Devil May Cry Mobile was started by Yunchang Games. And Capcom is playing a role in supervising its development. The game will feature classic characters, weapons, and bosses. Besides, you have to pay attention to the age of the gamers when the series will still have content for ages 18 and up.

About the developer CAPCOM

CAPCOM (Capcom Co., Ltd.) is a Japanese game developer and publisher. It is known for creating many famous franchise games, such as Darkstalkers, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry… Besides, CAPCOM has also established many subsidiaries in North America, Europe… This developer has a long development history. Formerly, it was a company in manufacturing and distributing electronic gaming consoles. Another interesting thing that many people may not know about CapCom’s name stands for “Cap sule Com putters”. This was a term of describing Arcade machines for distinguish them from the personal computers that were popular at the time.

The story

Devil May Cry began two millennia after Sparda defeated the demon lord Mundus. Sparda prevents the demon king from conquering the human world by sealing some spells with a ritual that required Sparda’s blood and the help of a powerful priestess. After that event, Sparda met Eva and gave birth to a twin named Dante and Vergil.

Devil May Cry Mobile has an attractive story

The real story began when Vergil wanted to open a portal to the demon world. Dante tried to stop his brother. But he lost in Temen-Ni-Gru. Vergil left with Arkham. But Dante did not stop and continued to chase his brother. Afterward, Arkham manipulated the ritual to open the portal, which also helped Arkham obtain the sword of Sparda: Force Edge. At this point, Dante and Vergil defeated Arkham and continued to fight each other. Also, the portal began to close and Vergil wanted to access it. Dante begged his brother not to go but Vergil had jumped into the demon world before the portal closes.

After that, Dante continued to meet Trish, who revealed that Mudus was planning to return to world domination. Only a descendant of Sparda can stop this. Dante began to explore the island of Mallet where Mudus decided to return. In this island, Dante encountered the demons that were Mudus’s minions. When he approached Mudus, he felt into a trap. At this point, he tried to save Trish because she was very similar to his mother. Then, Dante began to realize the hidden power in his body. From that, he defeated Mudus and brought him back to the world of devils.

Besides, the timeline of the game does not follow a private match. However, the content of the game Devil May Cry will still focus on exploiting the battles of the character Dante and the forces of the devil.

The gameplay

Devil May Cry Mobile is a great action game. It has many interesting and different points from the usual action games. Here, players do not need to focus too much on finding equipment or building characters. Instead, they will completely focus on the process of fighting and using skills. You will begin to explore the story and fight the bosses.

In the game, combat operations are built with fast-paced combos. Players will have more chance to show the ability and quickly use the skills, fly and jump to escape from danger or achieve the most perfect combos with the rating “SSS”.

The characters

Dante is the most famous character in this game. He has extreme features inspired by other platforms. Dante has white hair, a red coat, black and white guns and a large sword on his back. This is a stubborn character but extremely strong and brave. In Devil May Cry Mobile, Dante will continue to reveal more interesting stories during his adventures.

Dante's character in Devil May Cry Mobile

Besides Dante, Devil May Cry Mobile has other special characters. They appear in every part of the story that can help or be part of Dante’s enemies. However, the appearance of these characters will have their own meanings, making this game more attractive and diverse.

The weapons

In the game, there are not too many weapons but some typical types are for the main character in combat including:

  • Ebony and Ivory: These are two guns, one black and one white. They never run out of bullets. In the game, Dante can shoot very well even at a very far distance.
  • Rebellion: This is a long sword is from Dante’s Father. It can activate Devil Trigger to create long-range energy and destructive power.
  • Agni and Rudra: Two swords of fire and wind power. They are very effective for heavy fights and combos.
  • Coyote A: This is a Dante Shotgun. He has modified it for fighting demons. It looks more wild but very suitable for killing demons.

The monsters

In the game, players will fight with many different types of monsters and demons. They come with the original story of the game and resemble many versions on XBOX, PS4… Besides, the developer has done a great deal of research on allowing monsters to move with two legs, upright or crawling, etc. Some of the new accompanying elements like lighting effects, transfiguration are also very good so that the demons have the typicals of a beast.

Devil May Cry Mobile has a very good design

The design


Devil May Cry Mobile has with high-quality 3D graphics. Players can see fast action scenes or cool slow-motion situations. Besides, the ability to move and use the weapons of the character is extremely smooth. There is almost no delay in performing combos. Besides, such designs are an excellent overview of an action game. However, players who want to have such experiences also need to prepare a device with a good enough configuration to meet the requirements of the game.


In short, Devil May Cry Mobile is a game worth experiencing on your mobile phone. It has a lot of outstanding features, which mainly focus on the combat experience of the player. In this article, we provide you with all the information about Devil May Cry Mobile. You can download Devil May Cry Mobile APK with the link available at the end of this article. If you have any questions about the game, you can leave a comment below. Thanks and have fun!

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