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Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush is an exciting adventure game for mobile phones. Certainly, many people can realize this familiar game before when it appeared on Nokia phones running the Symbian operating system. In the beginning, such phones and games would have strangely fascinated many players. Right now, Diamond Quest will be reappeared on new modern mobile phones and an operating system, which will bring many memories for players. Please join us to learn and explore this fascinating game right now!

Explore many famous places

Besides, Diamond Quest brings players many interesting adventures, which can help you enjoy the game and explore its gameplay. Initially, players will start with their characters at the relic Angkor Wat. You will explore this relic with many divided levels. Your mission will be to overcome the challenges and exit that level to go to the next part. However, to complete the game screen will not be easy.

At each level, players need to collect red stones to complete the goal of the game. These stones are very important because you will not be able to unlock the next relics without them. Besides, the danger in the levels will come from fire sparks, snakes, or some other species. However, they will work rationally so you can better avoid them. Also, there will be bushes and round stones, which will work together to challenge players in the tunnels. If you make a mistake in arranging the stones, you may be blocked.

Diamond Quest MOD APK has charismatic gameplay

In the game, players will have fixed stop points, which will allow you to replay the level at that position if you die or you cannot move. You will need to consume energy points. Most of the activities in the game will require those energy points, which you can refill by eating foods.

To be able to unlock new relics, gamers need to collect a certain number of red diamonds. In the whole game, you will need to collect 420 red diamonds in chests. You will have all 7 places to explore including Angkor Wat, Bavaria, Tibet, Angkor Wat 2, Bavaria 2, Tibet2, Pyramid. In addition to red diamonds, you can also pick up a purple diamond. It is the currency in the game, allowing you to buy many interesting items.

Collecting and crafting

In Diamond Quest, players can get many different things during the game. Specifically, you can clear grass bushes or open chests to have a chance to get amazing items for the game. After obtaining those ingredients, the next thing for you to do is start cooking to create food. There will be recipes with the number of ingredients needed to make them. At this point, you just have to click on the item you want to cook. The waiting time for dishes will depend on the complexity and energy they can bring. You can speed up the cooking process by using Gems.

Characters and equipment

Currently, Diamond Quest has 4 basic characters, including Authur, Linda, Iron Captain, Spidy. They have the lowest stats with a maximum energy level of 510 and a mana regen rate of 362 energy/h. Other characters will have higher energy levels and faster energy recovery speed. However, its price is also quite high.

Each character will have more than 80 lots to store equipment. However, those tiles are not available to the player to use from the beginning. You will need to use purple diamonds to unlock them. The more equipment boxes you unlock, the more diamonds you will have to spend. Once the equipment boxes have been unlocked, you can add the collected items to them. After that, the equipment will provide some stats for the character to help them play better.

Diamond Quest MOD APK has a beautiful design

The design

Diamond Quest has a modern and attractive design. Cartoon 2D graphics will make players feel easy to get close to the game. Besides, the images are sharp, and the quality gives you good experiences. The interface and controls are also simple towards the smoothness of the game, which is the point that players love in Diamond Quest. Also, the sound of the game includes wordless adventure music and a bit of horror that will increase the feeling as players explore ancient and mysterious places.

Download Diamond Quest MOD APK [Free Shopping] for Android

Diamond Quest MOD APK is a version that is also loved by many players. It has all the features of the original version and has also been modified for more advanced features. You may be able to freely shop with an unlimited budget to get expensive characters and items in the game. To download Diamond Quest MOD APK, you need to visit the link at the bottom of this article. We are sure that it is a secure and fast link.


Diamond Quest is a fun adventure game. It also has many attractive features and beautiful graphics, bringing an unforgettable experience for players. We have just provided you with all the information about the game. Readers can download Diamond Quest at the link below. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment in this post. Also, please let us know how you feel about this game, and do not forget to share it if you find it interesting. Thanks and have fun!

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