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Dig Out is a great adventure game that brings you to an underground world full of treasures and dangers. In the game, you will play the role of a hero who joins the gold and diamond fever. You will try to overcome the mazes and dangers to earn valuable rewards. Let’s start an exciting journey with many unexpected elements waiting for you in Dig Out right now.

About Dig Out

ZiMAD is the creator of some exciting cards and puzzle games. Dig Out is their great product. However, it brings an element of adventure and discovery to your mobile phone. This game has received a lot of attention from many players because of its diverse advanced features and unique gameplay. Moreover, Dig Out really attracts players with unexpected challenges and stimulates players’ curiosity. Try to join the game and see if you are the best miner.

Dig Out MOD

The gameplay

Dig Out is an adventure game but it needs the player’s very meticulous calculation to be able to win. Specifically, you will control a miner with super digging ability. He will start digging into the ground to find precious gems. However, this miner will only have a limited number of mines. This will seem to prevent you from digging underground, but now you will need to calculate to get more digging in the ground with the pickaxe icon.

Difficulties will come when your character has to deal with monsters underground. They can knock you down after a single attack. You will have two options when you see monsters: avoiding them by digging through another path or fighting against them with traps. If you choose to destroy them with traps, you will have to calculate them very carefully. Otherwise, you will die. In addition, Dig Out will also be more dangerous because of traps, weapons, or some other types of mines that players need to watch out.

Missions and challenges

In Dig Out, players will gradually be involved in many different chapters of the story. You have to solve puzzles and complete construction or repair some constructions. Furthermore, the game also has dozens of daily tasks such as killing monsters, opening chests, etc. You will also receive accumulated points or bonuses when completing tasks or reaching certain milestones. Besides, Dig Out also offers a variety of challenges for players with King’s Road mode, in which there are nearly 70 bosses arranged in increasing levels.

Various upgrades

Dig Out has many interesting parts for players to upgrade to increase efficiency. By collecting a variety of materials, the player can use them to upgrade. Some upgrades that players should be interested in include: Smithy, Lift, Alchemy, Throne Hall, Arsenal. They are all elements that enhance your character’s digging ability.

Unique character

At this point, the game will feature many special characters ranked in ascending order from common, rare, epic, legendary to special. To unlock them, you need to collect enough cards of the character during the game. The rarer the character is, the more difficult it will be to earn cards. Besides, characters will bring a lot of fun during your game with special abilities, which will be great for your strategies at different levels.


Beautiful design

Dig Out has a modern design with sharp images. It is like a fairy world with ancient buildings and strange magic. But the game also has many more modern weapons such as guns, bombs, etc. Also, the characters are lovingly shaped with hundreds of appearance types to make your experience more interesting. In addition, Dig Out also uses vibrant medieval-style background music, making more excited.


In general, Dig Out is one of the most creative adventure games in the market. It brings a multitude of features and mysteries to digging underground. It has been making a fever. Besides, readers can enjoy Dig Out MOD by downloading the link below. Thanks and have fun!

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