Dollify MOD APK V1.3.4 [Premium]

  • App Name: Dollify
  • MOD Features: Premium Unlocked
  • Operating system: Android
  • Developer:
  • Version: 1.3.4
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Size: 177 Mb
  • Price: free
  • Requires: 4.1
  • Update: December 29, 2021 at 03:03
  • Get it from: Play Store


Do you want to have cute and cool avatars? Let Dollify help you complete your top avatar and share it on social media. Through this app, users can make your avatar become anyone’s doll version. That could be a famous star like David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo,… or any other famous character that you ever admire. Please join us to explore this wonderful app on Android right now!

About Dollify

This app is a super fun application, allowing users to create avatars in one of the cutest portrait styles on the internet. Although Dollify has only been out for a while, it has received a lot of positive feedback and more than 10 million downloads. Unlike other apps that only allow you to create a full-body avatar, this one will only get you a portrait.

Besides, this entertainment app is under the development of Dave XP. It is available for free for Android and iOS. Also, users can customize skin color, eye shapes and color, eyebrows, hair, clothes, and add accessories to their portrait photos. With many different items to choose from and customize on the app, you can create thousands of unique combinations for your avatar. After editing, you can save the image to the phone memory or share it on any social network you want.

Dollify is easy to use. You will get the best results just by choosing their favorites among 14 different categories in the app. However, it has only some free items. If you want to add more quality, you have to pay a cost of 7 dollars – 26 dollars indirect.

Dollify Premium apk mod

The key features of Dollify

Create your doll figure

This app brings users as many cute dummies and dolls as possible. After choosing the gender of the character, you can choose your skin color. Besides, you have diverse choices with different styles. Users can customize many different facial details, such as eyes, nose, or lips. With the eyes alone, there are more than 20 different styles. Thanks to that, the character characteristics in your photos are as close as possible.

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Also, you can express your personality with countless small details, such as accessories, and trendy hairstyles. The user is not only a portrait artist but also a top stylist for your photos with trendy fashion models.

Show yourself

Dollify not only helps you unleash your passion but you can also share them on any social network you like. Users can show your personality in your fashion style. At this point, the app allows you to save and share them with your friends or other people with the same passion.

Also, users can tag your portrait photos with the hashtag #dollifyapp. There are many unique avatars selected by the publisher Dave XP every week. Then, the selected work will be posted on their Instagram page. If you are a person with the chosen photo, more people will know you. And maybe your fashion style can become a new trend.

Free release

The app is now available for free and contains no ads, which helps users to have the perfect entertainment time without interrupting inspiration. This is one of the best features that make this app popular and have had more than 10 million downloads worldwide.

The in-app options

Dollify includes many editing options to make sure your avatar looks as perfect and unique as possible. First, users can open the app and you will need to choose whether you want to create a girl or a guy. Then, you will get more options in this app. Those options include:

Customizable variety

The app makes sure your avatar is as realistic as possible, so you will find more options for colors and designs from eyes, lashes to eyebrows, hair, or outfits. With your eyes, there are 20 options to choose from, showing that Dollifiy’s resource is extremely pleasing to users. Also, you can add glasses, necklaces or earrings, making the photo more unique.

Besides, you can perfectly create your avatar with the free default features in the app. However, there are other premium features that you can only use after unlocking.

The app also expands detail so you can even create moles or add freckles to your photos. Also, it allows you to choose the position, size, intensity of the colors and even the shape of the facial mole. This will help you create the most distinctive character for your avatar.

Customize backgrounds with diverse filters

After finishing the photo editing process, you can change the background of your photos with many filters. Also, users can adjust the rabbit ears mode and add psychedelic glasses to create a cool picture. Once you are happy with the new avatar, all you need to do is give it a name and save it in your gallery. Then, you can share the photo on social networks or send it to your friends.

The choice of male or female gender doesn’t make much difference in the Dollify app’s options. Resources are the same in the app whether you are creating a girl or a guy. The custom only differs mainly on the face to create basic features between men and women, such as thicker eyebrows for men, long eyelashes for women.

Dollify Premium apk

How to use Dollify

After opening the app, you press “New” to create the drawing. Then, you can start choosing the skin colors.

In the next tab, users can choose to customize the eye color and shape of the eyelashes. Diamond-marked items are part of the premium version, which you’ll need to unlock. If you want to change the color of the eyebrows, users can touch the button in the roulette format in the upper right corner of the drawing.

Besides, users can choose clothes styles in the next steps. You can change the colors of the costumes by tapping on the color icon in the lower right corner of the image.

Players can customize the shape of the mouth and add an emoji to the face. In the customizations, you add accessories like glasses, necklaces, and earrings. Also, users can completely change the color of the jewelry or accessories by touching the icon in the lower right corner of the picture. Finally, you can add background to your photos and Instagram filters.

After making the satisfactory edits, you touch the floppy disk icon in the upper right corner of the screen to save the picture. Also, you can go back to the app’s home screen, tap the cartoon you have created to open options. Then, you can use the buttons below the image to edit, save photos to your phone or share on social networking sites as well as delete them.

Dollify PREMIUM version

In addition to the free version, the app also provides a premium version. You can access it by using the home screen of the app. If you decide to pay for this premium version, you need a one-time payment of $ 6.99.

By clicking Get Premium version on the main screen, you will be subscribed to the premium version. After that, you can unlock the rest of its features. Moreover, users can share their creations without worrying about a watermark, and you can save as many avatars as you like.

However, the free version also has huge resources. So, you can take advantage of those free options and create your best photo.

How to download Dollify MOD APK [Premium] for free?

The PREMIUM version is the best for users. However, not everyone can have enough conditions to make a payment. Therefore, we would like to bring you a premium version of the app with another name called Dollify MOD APK, for free. You can download this version with the link at the end of this article.


Are you ready to enjoy the comfort Dollify brings? This is an amazing application that helps users to create countless cute and unique avatars. It would be a super cool app that will keep you entertained and creative. Moreover, the app provides you with many customizations to create a variety of unique avatars. We wish you get your favorite photos. Do not forget to share this app if you find it interesting! Thanks and have fun!

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