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Edjing Mix – Free Music DJ app is ​​a great music app, which helps users to refine and refresh the song into a DJ style. It has professionally improved tools that anyone can use and enjoy right from the Android phone. Please join us in this article to find out more about the app and download edjing Mix PRO for free!

About edjing Mix – Free Music DJ app

edjing Mix is ​​an application provided and developed by MWM developer. It is the work of an enthusiastic technical team and leading DJs in the world. Specifically, the app helps users perfectly simulate the process of making the DJ music. Also, it provides a full range of features for users to create exciting music themselves. However, to start using edjing Mix, you need to learn and get used to it for a while.

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edjing Mix pro apk

The key features

Massive music collection

To start becoming a DJ, users will need source songs. At this point, edjing Mix will have enough for your creativity. Specifically, the app will offer over 50 million songs from many quality sources like Soundcloud or Deezer. Besides, it also has a smart music finder by song titles or popular folders. Moreover, the application also supports users to add songs available on the device’s memory. However, it has a small limit when you use music on Deezer is that you need a premium version to download. This is not required. Therefore, you can still find music from other sources and download it to your phone and add it to the app easily.

Intuitive user interface

edjing Mix provides a pretty cool interface for the users. It is somewhat similar to actual DJ equipment with visual tools next to it. The music waves will appear at the top of the phone screen for users to easily follow. Besides, many support tools are also available with one-touch manipulation to make your music more exciting. edjing Mix will definitely be a modern application suitable for any DJ who wants to try making music.

Full DJ tool

At this point, edjing Mix is ​​a mobile application, but the developer has not overlooked any of the smallest features. They are using the BPM detection feature to easily see how songs are made. Also, users can use the available tools to correct rhythms and navigate other parts of the mix. Besides, they can edit more with changing loops (1/64 to 1/128), change hot signals or customize EQ for a more immersive sound experience. Moreover, the “Slip” mode will be a special mode that you will rarely see in any application. Specifically, it adds great sounds, professional FX effects and much more.

The diverse sound patterns

Edjing Mix has a lot of free sound patterns for users to choose from, such as sirens, gunshots, traps … Besides, the app combines with some famous DJs to collaborate with Future Loops to provide more quality samples such as EDM, Hip-Hop, Dubstep and many more. They allow users to experience high-end sound simply.

Hardware integration with multiple devices

This is one of the best features of edjing Mix. At this point, you can use it with multiple external devices to enjoy better editing features. Through Mixfader, users can use their fingers more intuitively. However, the price to buy a Mixfader is not cheap. You can also use the MIDI controller that allows you to connect with the Pioneer DDJ-200 to discover additional features as on the professional DJ machine. Besides, Android Wear can easily connect and sync with edjing Mix for easy management and discovery.

edjing Mix pro mod

Download edjing Mix MOD APK (Pro) free for Android

If you love this application and for any reason cannot pay for it to get its PRO version, we provide you with edjing Mix PRO for free in this article. After that, you can install the APK file on your Android phone and use and unlock all PRO features.


For anyone passionate about making music, especially in DJ music creation, edjing Mix is a perfect choice. It contains full professional tools. More importantly, we bring you the mod version of the app named edjing Mix PRO at the link below. Readers can download and experience these features on any Android phone.

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