Everdale is an interesting simulation game from the developer Supercell for mobile devices. It is inspired by the traditional farm games but has already added a lot of new ideas to create engaging gameplay. In the game, players have to build a village Grow together with the villagers to create a more prosperous development community. Enjoy entertaining gameplay and exciting building experiences in Everdale right now!

Everdale – an extremely entertaining farm game

The story

Grow village is located deep in a mysterious valley where players will begin their journey. It is surrounded by mysterious resources and lands. You will begin with the villagers to explore the story of the game in many new lands. As a leader, gamers will have a lot of work to do. Especially, there is only help and development, not war like some other Supercell games.

Everdale MOD

The relaxing gameplay

Everdale opens up a nice world where players will build peaceful villages, take care of livestock, grow crops and trade with many other players. Continuously expand the village to the surrounding lands by creating more buildings and attracting villagers. You have to reclaim land but no competition and any other war.

In Everdale, players will join farmers to collect as many resources as possible to develop. Through the talent of the farmers, you can learn how to make many objects, recipes and many other interesting things. Furthermore, most activities in Everdale have a timeout to complete, you can use diamonds to speed up the process.

Many interesting works

A peaceful village often has more rustic and simple buildings. Everdale will have many things for players to show off their construction talents. Players have to consider the necessary building for the development of the village to build them in some necessary locations. You can create jobs and houses for villagers. Moreover, you can decorate the village to make it a prosperous place. Buildings in Everdale also have their own upgrading characteristics, but you must first invest resources to upgrade them.

Special relationship

Everdale gets a twist from many previous farm games when it comes to creating a system of relationships. First, players will connect with many people in the village and learn about them. You need to know what abilities they have in order to use them in the necessary jobs for developing the village. Next, players can team up with 9 other players to create an alliance and grow together. In this relationship, players will share production areas, special works, etc.

Various items

At this point, Everdale is really a highly diverse game that requires players to learn a lot. There are hundreds of different things that players need to know, a variety of recipes, countless special potions and much more. If you want to play well, you need to learn all about their effects to be able to promote the village’s economy better. In addition, if you reach certain levels, you can build a boat to go to the sea and explore many new lands with amazing rewards waiting for you to unlock.

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High-end graphics

At present, many farm games are designed in a classic way. It makes players bored. However, Everdale will be a new breakthrough in graphics when the images and designs inside look more like a cartoon. Everything is smooth and beautiful, and the tension gives players a better experience. Moreover, the sound creates comfort and relaxation for players with a variety of activities along with soothing music.

Download Everdale for Android

While we shared this game, it was doing a limited release in a few countries including UK, Philippines, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia. If you want to play it, you can still use VPN applications. After the beta period, you can continue to visit this article to download the latest versions of Everdale. Besides, we provide you with the MOD versions or Private versions at the link below.

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