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FaceApp Pro apk

If you are looking for an interesting photo editing app, you should try FaceApp. This app allows users to change their appearance into old or young. Although it has had huge attention and installers from users, it also has many dangerous warnings. In this article, we provide you with all the information about the app. Besides, we guide you on how to download the Pro version of the app for free on Android. Please join us to find out FaceApp right now!

What is FaceApp?

Currently, FaceApp is one of the most popular applications in the market today. It is extremely interesting and funny. Also, it is appreciated by many people. In the apps, the most outstanding feature is the ability to recognize users’ faces and change their faces in many different directions. It will make you cannot stop laughing. After being edited, your appearance may be 10 years younger or older. Even, it will change the gender of the face. In simple terms, you make your face in an experiment.

To get this extremely special feature, the app team has focused a lot on AI technology (Artificial Intelligence). Thanks to this, the app itself can “copy” human perceptions and make predictions about the past – the future. So, the app goes back in time or goes ahead to the future to see what your face will look like and then respond with an image. Compared to other photo editing applications, FaceApp is “old”. It has been listed in the ranks of “seniors” because it was born in 2017. Also, the technology is somewhat old.

At the moment, the developer is facing many young teams with thousands of competing applications. They want to put the app on the top of the entertainment application rankings. So, they are trying to work and update the app for making it better and better. Through multiple versions, improvements in technology, upgrade “sophistication” in the artificial intelligence platform, FaecApp gradually gets more and more attention from the community.

By the end of 2019 – early 2020, the image of the user after editing looks a lot more realistic, more natural, sharper and more beautiful. These are the positive feedback for the app so far. Moreover, the app has caused a worldwide user craze, even on any social networking site. According to current statistics, FaceApp has more than 100 million downloads on Google Play, and is the leading app on App Store in more than 100 countries.

About the developer

Now, let’s take a look at the founder and developer of the FaceApp application. This is the most-mentioned name, Yaroslav Goncharov. Initially, a group of Russian students in Saint-Petersburg undertook application development. In which, Goncharov is considered the founder.

We can take a look at some of Goncharov’s information, specifically:

  • He used to work for the world’s largest image search engine – Yandex.
  • Leading engineering for big office applications – Microsoft.
  • Being C.E.O of FaceApp since 2014.

There is some information saying that Goncharov is related to the Russian government, and the FaceApp application is used as a government information collecting tool. However, this information has been rejected by the founder. But, it still raises certain doubts.

What is FaceApp’s impression?

We can take a look at some of the impressions that the FaceApp application has achieved:

  • The app uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze – evaluate and re-sketch a portrait image up to 50 years later.
  • Has over 2 million comments and rated nearly 5 stars on Google Store.
  • Help users change appearance older or younger. However, according to many evaluations, this mode is not very “real”.
  • After each update, the images are more realistic. Improved features are significantly more effective.

How to use FaceApp

The interface of the application is very friendly. Using FaceApp is similar to how you take photos as usual. How you get your photos in the library for editing using an existing tool, then FaceApp is used the same way. Moreover, this app is almost compatible with most mobile devices.

It’s easy to do from the main FaceApp screen. You can select photos by pressing ‘All photos’ along the bottom of the screen or take photos with the app’s camera.

Besides, users can take a personal photo by using the front camera as the default of the application. Also, they can take a photo for someone by clicking the “Switch” icon to change to the Rear Camera. After taking a photo, this app will provide you with editing tools at the bottom of the screen. Especially, users can create animations (GIFs) or insert titles for photos.

FaceApp Pro mod

Common functions of the app

In short, FaceApp allows users to edit photos on their devices. Besides, you can take photos and edit them right away. Also, you can take photos from a long time ago to test the application’s modes. We can take a look at a few modes below:

  • Smile: your face will turn into a happy state with a big smile. Even if you are crying, the picture will show you are smiling.
  • Spark: this is the mode used by those who like Selfie the most. In which Glitter and shimmer are what you can imagine.
  • Old and Young: as the name of this mode, you will look younger or older. Also, this mode is considered to be the most unique experience of the app.
  • Female – Male: if you want to know your hidden male beauty, as well as not knowing if you are a girl, how beautiful you will be … You should try this mode. You will experience transsexuals for free.
  • Dou: This mode can be a double image mode. In which you will witness the difference between 2 images at the same time.
  • Collage: this is the mode to compare multiple images at the same time. Simply, it is the advanced mode of the Dou mode.

However, users should note that your device has an internet connection while using the application. Your image will be edited through the technology and data from the server, so it is essential to have the network for the application to work properly.

Some common questions when using FaceApp for users?

Should I use FaceApp?

“Is there a better application than FaceApp?” Or more precisely, there are still many people who need a reason to be able to use FaceApp peace of mind.

Like people, each software/application has its own characteristics that other software/applications cannot have. It means that every application has its own pros and cons, and the app is no exception. So you should experience yourself to know whether to use it or not.

In addition, if you are afraid of being exposed to personal information, you will need to think back when using Facebook, Zalo, Skype, Twitter… It takes your personal data, but it is just photos you take by FaceApp. So, don’t worry about your personal information being exposed when using FaceApp!

Can I lose my account when using FaceApp?

Currently, there is a common concern affecting the psychology of users for all applications. It is “Do not know if using this application will lose your Facebook account, Gmail or bank account” This concern stems from software created with the purpose of stealing information on the user’s Smartphone account. It is worth mentioning that these applications are often difficult to detect. Also, they look very harmless and do not cause any negative impact on mobile devices. It is described as spyware. The app is no exception, especially when there are more than 100 million users. However, it has a unique logo and information that ensures the user is not mistakenly downloaded.

According to the community verification and the statement of the publisher, FaceApp absolutely does not take any information about any type of account available on the user’s device.

Moreover, the most advanced technology in the app is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Its function is to capture your face, analyze the face and give out Interesting options to customize faces.

Besides, the publisher may require the development team to insert additional commands to display investor advertisements. This is normal because you can use this app for free.

In addition, these ads are completely harmless. You can completely wait for the ads to run completely to continue using the app. They will usually be advertisements related to beauty, cosmetics, health and technology items. So, you do not need to worry about losing any account when using FaceApp.

What do you pay for using FaceApp PRO?

In fact, every publisher wants to make more profit from their app. That money is for sustaining the app in the market, invest further in the product. It is considered as the support from users.

So, FaceApp and its developer are the same. In addition to the free version, there is a paid version. You can choose to support the publisher and the development team by purchasing the Pro version instead of the free version.

During the early development period, the Pro version did not have many breakthroughs in features compared to the free version. However, you absolutely can experience completely new and exciting technologies that are not available on the free version. The highlight of the Pro version is in the face style filter and the face beauty editor.

This set of tools will allow users to completely smooth their faces, no matter how much freckles or wrinkles they have. Moreover, the app also has the ability to synchronize skin tones, adjust hairstyles to suit the face to create an impression for the viewer.

You should experience new options, admire the results by the Pro version. Surely, you will feel satisfied with the money you have spent. For just $ 20, users have a powerful photo editing tool. Moreover, you will no longer be bothered by the ad.

How to share photos with the FaceApp application

With every image you created, the app will allow you to share it with social networking sites. The corresponding sharing icons will appear, usually with a link directly to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

However, if your screen is small, the down arrow (usually at the corner of the screen) is the sharing option instead of the link. In addition to the specific social networks above, you can choose to share through any platform with image links.

How to download FaceApp PRO APK for Android

FaceApp has now occupied the top of the list of applications on both Android and iOS platforms. You can download the app to your device via Google Store or App Store.

There are 2 versions for you to choose from. First, the free version will contain ads and does not have advanced photo editing tools. Second, the paid version gives you more options for editing photos and no ads.

On our website, everyone can download FaceApp Pro APK easily and simply with a shared link. You just need to go to the end of this article and download it easily.


FaceApp is one of the most interesting software today. If you also like the novelty of taking photos and want to create impressive photos, It is a perfect choice. However, you should also find out before using this app. Hopefully, the above information will help you better understand this photography application. Thanks and have fun!

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