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Facetune2 VIP apk

Today, the young generation considers photo editing a common trend. So, photo editing apps are also more and more popular. To bring the most naturally edited picture, the app provides users with the most modern features. In this article, we would like to introduce to you Facetune2 and its key features. Please join us to check it right now!

About Facetune2

With a simple design, it is easy to download the app on the Android/IOS operating system quickly. After that, users can take photos wherever they are. It will be never cool down with young people. Therefore, using Facetune2 is a perfect option.

Besides, the app is a portrait photo-editing application that helps you deal well with your skin, whitening your teeth, correcting your eyes and nose,… It has the best-suited color filters for portrait photo editing. At the moment, users can download it for free on the App Store and Google Play.

With simple operations, users just need to open the Camera and select the filters. After that, you can adjust the image as you like, such as the correction effect to smooth the skin, shape the nose body, whitening the teeth,… Then, you can press the capture button to immediately get a satisfactory picture.

If you are still not satisfied with the picture, you can edit it later by touching the function buttons such as Smooth, Sharpen, Heal… With the feature of adding a smile to the face, it makes the picture more lively and attractive, bringing the great feeling to users.

The highlights of Facetune2

To bring beauty to your picture, the app has many attractive features specifically:

  • Help your smile and eyes perfect: This app adds the effects to make the eyes more sparkling, eye color changes; Fresh smile and white teeth, big eyes.
  • Smooth, fresh skin is an advantage when using Facetune2. At this point, you can remove wrinkles, dark acne on your face, make your skin white and smooth. Besides, it can remove bruises. Then, pores are no longer difficult for you, giving you a new look in photos, naturally with your colors.
  • Facetune2 gives you a lot of professional photography tools. You can now easy to zoom in and out of images or adjust the lighting to match the photo.
  • Easily move glossiness or glare in poor lighting conditions. With detailed HD shooting mode, it will be brighter and clear. Users have complete control over the temperature and saturation of the image.
  • With intensive photo editing tools, the app will provide you with magical, artistic wallpapers, diverse light with fresh colors. Also, Facetune2 uses smart and gorgeous filters.

How to edit a beautiful picture

First, you go to Facetune2 to open the image. After that, you can select the image and proceed with image editing. With a variety of filters to choose from, such as create accents, blur, remove fonts,… you will need to learn a bit on how to use them. Please refer to the steps below:

  • To turn your mouth into a small smile, you can use a slider and change your wallpaper by swiping to the area you want. When you use a slider to expand or narrow, the result will be very natural for you.
  • With a simple swipe, users can easily move the light source, control light and darkness. It gives the photo a new look, which will be brighter than the original.
  • Besides, users can edit their faces before taking a photo by whitening teeth, changing the size of the nose and eyes. Apply filters to refresh your face in more natural and fresh.
  • To sharpen photos, you can go to the toolbar with video instructions on how to sharpen. Enlarge the part of the image to be sharpened and hand-paint it into the part to be edited. Then, you can use the Save Photo bar.
  • Also, the app can show you how to clear acne. Same as above, you go to the software tool, adjust to acne-prone skin, zoom out, adjust acne-colored area and save to Save Photo.
  • The way to whiten teeth is similar to the steps of removing acne.

The app has great portrait photo editing tools, diverse effects, filters of colors, and features. Today, the use of the Facetune2 application is improved and is being sought by many young people. If you are a photographer, Facetune2 is a perfect app for you.

Facetune2 VIP mod

Facetune2 is indispensable for mobile phones

The app brings users a fresh portrait with a perfect smile. You can expand or refine the smile. With the teeth-whitening tool, smooth skin, you can cover up the imperfections on your face. Also, it is the highlight with natural-color eyes. Defects by the hair (styling, removing tangled hair, adding more to bald holes).

Besides, you can apply makeup with Facetune2, such as refining face with the raised jaw; cheekbone is balanced with eyebrows; retouch the shape of the nose; adding blush and eyeshadow; the color of natural lips. By blurring backgrounds, custom filters will be easy to rotate the image with different reflection angles. Add artistic touches to create your distinct, sophisticated touch.

Also, the developer Lightricks gives you great portraits and unique selfies. Users can easily share them via social media, send photos via email, introduce your friends, family, or relatives.

How to download Facetune2 VIP MOD for mobile phones?

The app launches to inherit the previous version of Facetune. It is the most beautiful face editing application and used popular on Google Play over the years. You can download it for free or register the subscription package monthly. Surely, users will be completely satisfied with the money they spent. The app provides you with full features and exclusive color filters. Moreover, you can download it easily and quickly to your phone.

Here are the steps to download Facetune2 APK to your Android phone:

  • First, you need to download the APK file of this application at the end of the article.
  • Next, install this APK file on your Android phone. You just need to click on it and select “Install” to start the installation.
  • Finally, users wait for the installation to complete to enjoy the app.

Besides, the app combines with virtual reality technology and takes advantage of artificial intelligence in face editing. You can edit the face before taking a selfie to best suit your face by the smart features from the application. Everything is almost perfect without any extra details. The application automatically adjusts the best effects for bringing you the most beautiful pictures and satisfying your passion.

Note: Although this app is free, it will have some limited features. You have to pay to use these features, such as Healing Brush. If you want to use every feature for free, you can use Facetune2 MOD VIP Unlocked version. You will use that without paying.


Facetune2 can be downloaded for free and easily with just a few clicks. It gives users good image quality and meets almost all your requirements. The app is always available for you to download on Android. Please join us and download the app at the link below!

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