Fat 2 Fit V1.8.0 [MOD, Money]

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Fat 2 Fit is a new interesting entertainment game on Android phones. It exploits a unique idea about health. In which gamers have to try to overcome many difficulties to reach the finish line. Besides, the game is also simple to play and perfectly suitable for all ages. In this article, we provide you with all the necessary information about the game. Please join us to find out more about Fat 2 Fit right below!

About Fat 2 Fit!

This is a great game from the developer VOODOO, which is famous for many unique and interesting games in the market. They have dozens of exciting games from time to time and now it will be Fat 2 Fit! for Android phones. Players will be set foot in a new and creative race. You need to have a good mindset about food and health to overcome difficulties in the game. Currently, Fat 2 Fit! is free for you to download.

Fat 2 Fit MOD

Fun gameplay

In Fat 2 Fit, players will participate in a race but it is not exactly a competitive race. Players will only need to achieve the goal to finish. However, it will not be as easy as you think. The challenge for you is to adjust your weight. Specifically, the game will bring foods on the track and sell them through the foods you like. Those foods will immediately change the character’s body positively or negatively. You will lose weight if you eat fruit or gain weight if you eat fast food. Your body will really matter when you step into the challenges on the track. At this point, players have to align their bodies to get out of the game’s challenges. if you make a mistake you will have to replay the game.

Many difficult challenges

Fat 2 Fit brings you many challenges, requiring players to observe and grasp quickly to overcome. Players will need to pay attention to what obstacles are ahead to immediately change the character’s body. Usually, the challenge will require 2 things that are your weight gain or loss. If you are having challenges that involve pushing something, you will need to gain weight right away. If you encounter challenges related to agility such as jumping, running over ice, swinging bars, etc., you should try to lose weight.

Character fashion

In Fat 2 Fit, players will be able to change their appearance with a variety of characters and special fashions. You will be able to collect those characters by spending 2500 coins to randomly unlock a skin. Players can earn that amount by accumulating during play or watching ads to get more coins. Moreover, the costumes will not help players in races. Instead, they are only decorative to help you change the feeling.

Fat 2 Fit MOD APK

Change your food

This game also allows players to change the foods they love. First, gamers will need to unlock them by accumulating them during the game. Every time you win, you will increase the unlocking percentage of some new foods that will often come in pairs consisting of a weight gainer and a weight-loss food. Like the fashion feature, the foods only help your game more interesting.

The disadvantage of Fat 2 Fit

Fat 2 Fit is an entertaining game, which also has some common drawbacks. First, the game has many ads that bring a bad experience to players. Next, it will not maintain long-term updates but only provide immediate entertainment. In addition, the game still has a bit of lag but does not affect its gameplay much.

The design

Fat 2 Fit has pretty good 3D graphics, but it has also been removed many unnecessary or too colorful images so that makes the game look neat and suitable for more devices. Besides, it also has no sound making it almost silent, which can be said to help players focus more on the gameplay. However, many players do like it.


Overall, Fat 2 Fit is suitable for entertainment on Android phones. It is very simple and accessible to all players. Currently, you can download Fat 2 Fit MOD for free at the link below. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

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