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FilmoraGo PRO [MOD, Unlocked]


FilmoraGo is a video playing and editing application, which has been attracting millions of users worldwide. It uses existing technology that makes it possible to create beautiful and quality videos. Also, the app has diverse features and simple operations that are suitable for many users. Besides, FilmoraGo also ranks highly among video editing apps for Android phones. Right now, you can find out about the app’s features with our reviews and download FilmoraGo MOD APK for free on Android phones.

What can FilmoraGo do?

FilmoraGo is an outstanding application from the developer WONDERSHARE TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED. The app is free but can surprise many users with its unique features. Specifically, the app allows you to create, edit and beautify any of your videos. It works simply and easily with just drag, swipe and drops right on the phone screen. Moreover, FilmoraGo also helps you to share all the videos. It will definitely be one of the indispensable applications on your Android phone.

FilmoraGo PRO APK is an interesting video-editing application

The highlights

Quickly import photos and videos

To start FilmoraGo, users will need to import a video that you want to edit. At this point, users have two options. First, you can take the available video on your phone’s memory. Second, you can record a video directly with your phone’s camera. Also, you can use photos to create unique photo videos. The import process is quick and you can change the videos and images easily.

Simple and intuitive editing operation

Beginning to explore FilmoraGo, users will see your videos organized in an orderly layout. Each video, photo or additional effects are placed in separate places that users can interact with them easily. You just drag and drop to bring the videos to the location you want. Besides, you can see the changes in the videos with the main playing screen to see their changes.

Besides, most FilmoraGo features will be operated in one touch, which means you just need to tap on it to apply to the video. Also, some special features will require you to swipe or move your finger to bring them to the correct position. Overall, you won’t need to learn too much to get used to the app’s operation.

Diverse effects and customizations

FilmoraGo is not only an ordinary editing application, but it also offers a variety of effects to help users transform their videos in many different ways. This feature is really simple and fun for everyone. At this point, you just need to select and apply whatever you want from colors, lighting, overlays or even graphics motion.

Diverse library

FilmoraGo has an online library with a variety of editing materials for download. That is great to help users save memory space. You should only download them when you need to use them. Moreover, FilmoraGo also has a music store with many good tracks in different themes. Of course, users can still choose from the tracks available in their device to use for personalization.

Export and share videos

After completing the video editing on FilmoraGo, users will be able to export the video with a variety of resolutions, which are suitable for each device and usage needs. Moreover, you can also share those videos quickly to social networks. Another special thing is that you can change the size of the video to suit the user’s purpose.

Free to use with many languages

Surely everyone will be happy to know that FilmoraGo is a free application for mobile phones. However, it will come with ads. You can also use FilmoraGo in many popular languages, including English, German, Italian, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, French and more.

FilmoraGo MOD APK is a free version with all features unlocked

The device’s requirements

Like many other video editing apps, FilmoraGo doesn’t have any device hardware requirements but you should have at least 3GB of RAM to use. However, the better your device is, the faster your video processing and output will be. Also, your phone needs to run Android 7.0 or higher to run the app. Besides, FilmoraGo also requires you to grant some basic permissions like access to the device’s memory and camera. You should do it so that the app can work properly.

Experience FilmoraGo MOD for Android phones

If you find the ads in FilmoraGo annoying, you can upgrade to a PRO package or choose our MOD version. The PRO version requires a fee to use and you also need some payment cards. In this article, we would like to introduce to you FilmoraGo MOD for free. You just need to download the free APK file at the end of this article and install it so you can unlock all the app’s features.


FilmoraGo is a great video-editing application with many advanced features. Besides, it has an intuitive operation, making it easier for users to use. Anyone can use it to create and refresh their videos. Also, you can use FilmoraGo PRO APK for all the PRO features for free. Have fun!

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