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In 2016, a game appeared and was known as the most played game on Facebook and mobile. That game is called Gardenscapes – an intellectual game. It brings great curiosity to the player. After the formation period, it now provides gamers with the mobile version on Android. It allows players to download and play without logging in. In this article, we would like to give you all the information about this interesting game. Please join us to find it out right now!

About Gardenscapes

Coming to Gardenscapes, players will inherit an abundant villa behind a garden. It was once very beautiful and splendid, but it is now severely degraded. In the game, the player’s task is to overcome the challenges to restore the garden as well as the beautiful mansion. This game is built on a match-3 puzzle game platform. You can match the same elements to form a row, column, or group with at least 3 units.

Gardenscapes is an attractive entertaining game for mobile phones

The game is also divided into many different levels, each of which has different goals. Besides, the player has to collect a certain number of elements (eg: glasses of water, berries, fishing float …).

By completing levels, players will earn coins and stars to be able to complete the quests as well as follow the storyline to open new areas in their garden. For example, tree house, fountain, maze area … Coming to the game, players will complete different quests and get items to create scenes with different styles.

During the game, there will be a character accompanying and helping you, which is Austin the Butler. With gentle gameplay, beautiful graphics, Gardenscapes is a perfect choice for you to relax.

Playrix – the most famous game publisher

Gardenscapes is a free brain game from the famous game developer Playrix. It was available in August 2016. Besides, the title of the best game on Facebook also belongs to Gardenscapes.

It can be said that this is also a completely deserved win for the most influential game publisher in Europe today, which is Playrix.

Playrix is ​​in the top 10 grossing companies in Google Play and Appstore. In April 2019, the founders of that company, Igor and Dimitry Bukhman, became billionaires according to Bloomberg, with personal assets of around $ 2.8 billion and $ 1.4 billion. Not only Gardenscapes but Playrix also owns many other extremely prominent names such as Homescapes, Township, Fishdom…

The advantages and disadvantages of Gardenscapes

Gardenscapes is one of the most popular simulation games today. Many advantages make the player feel more interesting and attractive than ever. Besides that, there are still quite a few disadvantages that users have discovered.

Gardenscapes has many great features


  • Gardenscapes is a casual entertaining game. It has many outstanding features. The variety of games included in it makes them even more diverse and attractive than ever.
  • Besides, the game has a lot of in-game missions that need to be completed and one of them takes a lot of time to complete. However, we can be able to shorten this progress thanks to the use of premium currency.
  • In the game, there are some gardens for you to unlock. Players must complete the assigned quest as well as combine 3 games to complete it. Also, this means that you will have to play a lot if you want to level up and play it whenever you want. The game is also constantly updated, in which new challenges and areas are opened up for players.
  • Gardenscapes is completely free to download. However, it will come with ads. Depending on the game level, it will have different challenges that bring extremely attractive and thrilling curiosity to players. Moreover, there will be some levels including many challenges such as breaking the ice, collecting lemonade, and other challenges.
  • The graphics are extremely amazing. In the game, the locations are set up very large with many areas and different themes. The small details like plants, fountains, statues, gates … all are beautiful.


  • The beauty of this game is that it creates the interaction between the player and the character of the storyline. However, many players have commented that the actions of the plot characters are not “realistic” at all.
  • Besides, the higher the level is, the more challenging the in-game challenges will be, which can cause depression during gameplay. Therefore, you have to persevere and concentrate before you can reach a high level.

The gameplay and outstanding features

Gardenscapes does not stop at just an ordinary entertainment game. It is also an intellectual playground for those who love puzzle games. Below are the extremely outstanding features of the game as well as instructions on how to play it.

The outstanding features

  • In Gardenscapes, players will be transformed into a character, who inherited a beautiful castle but seriously degraded. From there, you have to try to overcome the challenges to be able to restore the castle and garden to the original status. Also, it is the unique gameplay, exchange and combination as well as restore and redecorates the garden. Everything can help players enjoy a fascinating and extremely unique storyline.
  • Besides, the game has hundreds of unique Match – 3 levels, which stimulate absolute curiosity for users. It also can integrate diverse and nice characters. In addition to Austin the Butler, players will have a lovely pet to accompany you throughout the game.
  • Moreover, the developer will regularly update the game with the latest versions when you use social networks. The graphics are beautiful, vivid, and attractive, helping you experience every detail such as fountains, mysterious mazes … and many more.
  • You can socialize and interact when you join the Gardenscapes community by connecting with friends on Facebook.

Instruction on how to play Gardenscapes

Currently, the game is available on both Android and IOS platforms. Here are details of how to play Gardenscapes.

Gardenscapes has a simple but attractive gameplay

After downloading the game successfully, players can open its interface, click “Play” to play or connect with Facebook to receive rewards from the game. At this point, Austin will appear with full instructions for you. You can press the triangle in the bottom right corner of the screen. Please give your character a cute name.

Next, Austin will reappear to tell you about your mission. You can skip it if you want. To be able to buy and build items to restore your garden, gamers need to play a game to make money. Also, this game is extremely simple. You need to move the fruits up or down, left or right so that at least 3 objects are in the same row or column. Then, you can collect them later for the required amount.

After collecting a sufficient amount of fruit as the requirements, gamers will receive 1 star. Click on the book icon located in the lower-left corner of the screen. Continue to press the button “Do It” to proceed to exchange the number of stars that I have just earned to get an arbitrary item for my garden. Moreover, the game will show you widgets that you can choose from. After selecting, players can click on the blue tick to proceed to place objects in your garden. After using all the stars, you need to continue doing quests to earn more.

The design

Gardenscapes is one of the prominent Casual games on mobile phones. It has intuitive 2D graphics. Players can fully grasp everything that happens while playing it. However, the game is provided with very good and sharp image quality. Also, it has many unique transform and construction effects. They will look like you are casting magic to change things. Moreover, the music in the game also contains joy and love of life. It will truly be a great entertaining and relaxing game for you.

Gardenscapes has a quality design suitable for everyone


Gardenscapes is a great entertainment game, which brings you a wonderful experience in the beautiful garden. With simple gameplay, beautiful graphics, and interesting game idea, Gardenscape is the best game for you. Readers can download the game at the link below. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

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